Was supposed to be a d2 but took different way

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 12, 2016 8:08 am 
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So ive met this girl in a club. She is a waitress and we exchanged numbers, then we exchanged some messages and eventually we should meet the fryday a week ago. It must have been at 21:00.
I have prepared in case i take her at home. So i have bought some alcohol to have at home, i clean the house like never and washed bedwashes. So i was prepared in case of.. =)
At 20:30 she sent me a sms saying she had an event at her work and she couldnt come and maybe later but who knows. ( hated her for about 20 minutes , im guilty i know) Then i went out alone.
I called her on next day to ask wtf has happened on friday but she didnt took. So on monday she sent an sms saying she had a mess all the weekend blabla.. Actually i dont care that much. (apart o those 20 min after her saying that desnt come )
So we arranged another meet. Same time same place. Cool, this must have been yesterday at 21:00.
At 20:00 she sent a sms saying me to take some friend with me because she come with her friend (girl).
Well, at this point i didnt know what was the correct thing to do. Came in mind to go alone and just have a good time. My objective with this d2 was actually to escalate faster on a d2. Because i had some dates and problem i found out was that i didnt pulled the trigger when i should have. So i was excited about kclose her the quikier the better and then to invite her at home.
But with her coming with her friend i couldnt do what on my mind was. So i called a friend so he could help me with her friend so i can isolate and do all things i had planned.
A friend couldnt , but another that could have come was introverted and doesnt speak the language of this country. So finally i told girls to meet at a club-bar after i pick up my friend.

Well we met up. Actually her friend were better looking. We got inside , we took some non alcoholic drinks and started to talk. I was leading the conversation, my friend didnt say a word so i told them to talk in english so he could understand more. They werent very confortable to talk in english but i must to say they had tryed.
So i was teasing almost all the time, one then another girl. Waitres told me then that her friend finds me funny. ( in my head boomed Alarm , Warning Dancing monkey )
I said: yes im funny but its your turn now. Say something funny so i promise i will lough.
WaitressFriend: said smthing blabla
I: its hard but like promised "Hahah"
So BS like this for about 2 hours. with one than another. I started to kino more.. both. Talking dirty to both (i found out that im not confortable talking like this and i use to lough after saying it, so they know im "jokeing", i suppose i should stay serious, not sure)At this momment i just had a good time, and didnt follow any scripts. That probably was a problem because now, they dont know i wanted Waitres or her friend. I dont know it nither.
What i know was that i had a good time, they both were funny girls, we loughed a lot, they understood sarcasm and jokes.
But thats all, now i dont know what to do next. Eventhough Waitres is not ugly and she is funny im not that atracted sexually to her. I think i would friendzone her. Another one was more sexual but she smoke and i dont like it at all. And i didnt take her number nither.
Waitres had to work next day so they left at 1:00
Me and my friend made a round in that bar and i´ve met a coworker ( girl) she was with her friend girl . She was hot. A little drunk but not that much that we couldnt have a convo. So they say lets take a drink.
I said i didnt drink because i had to drive. We got to the bar and while waiting that friend girl to buy a drink, i was talking to my coworker. And she said they were there to find a man for her friend =)
I said ok im prepared to meet her. Her friend had bought me a beer even i told her i didnt drink.
And at this moment came a man ( i suppose they had flirted before during the night) and they started to talk at the bar table . And i didnt know if i could make some moves there ( mostly because she seemed to enjoy the convo) So i talked to my coworker a half an hour and then left.

So thats the night. I had a good time but didnt close anythyng and i feel like im a cool funny guy with whom is easy to get confortable and have a good time. But i really would like to watch me from the side. To see any sign of dancing monkey , becaue i use to lough out loud a lot and maybe its not that sexy and whatever but it makes me feel good and have a good time without drinking alcohol.
Also i have to lead more like a man.
So thank you for reading and if you have some advices some points to remark it would be aprecieted.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 16, 2016 8:25 am 
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 07, 2017 8:00 am 
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coeywong88 wrote:

thx for sharing

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