Pull College Freshmen as High School junior. Happy New Year!

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 01, 2017 9:20 pm 
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The first date with this amazing girl was a casual date in downtown center city in Philadelphia. Our initial meet-up was a nerby mall. But it turned out to be empty and dry, so I asked her to come in my car to go downtown (Random girl comes into stranger car to drive off 40 minute away from initial location). She heistated at first, but when i dropped "It's going to be fun. We'll go on an adventure and be spontantous", she complied. We get something to eat and have deep conversations with eachother about our passion, life, etc. Ontop of that, I made sure to be fun and bantering. But I'm still having trouble with qualifying, disqualifying, push/pull... Our date lasted 4ish hours and I ended it with a brief makeout. Sooo short because i was nervous and in shock this is actually happening.

A few days later I invite her to a rave i was attending. I was told by some friends this was a bad idea because she can literally be pulled by other guys (happened to my wing). The only reason why i did what i did, was because she told me she wanted to attend a rave. The rave is downtown and my house was 20 minutes away. She drives to my house for a "parking spot". FIrst half of the night, I'm unsure what got to me but I was in my head and couldn't do shit. My Rsd wings came and i used them as comfort net to loosen up. A few guys approached her but she straight off the bat rejects them and tells me she's being hit on. I challenged her when she tried to kiss me/dance on me by stopping the second she initiates. It's 3AM and i drove her back to my place for her car. She told me she had to "piss". Funny thing was that my family was home and asleep, whilst I had a tab of "RSD MAX pulling" on my computer open. I'm certain that she checks it out but im uncertain if she understood what it was haha. She goes on a website that tests how kinky you are and the results were great (Shes submissive and im Dominate). I slowly start making out with her and told me there was "pizza" ontop of my loft bed. She gives a little resistance in bed by saying "no" (serious tone). I'm so confused as to how I would know if she was being serious or it's a shit test. When that occurs, I go back to kissing her. And then straight back to trying to get into her panties. The rest is history haha.

She found out i was 17 and seemed to be a little shocked of it because im a junior in Highschool and shes a freshmen in college. I'm not sure what to do now, after the pull. Do i text her to ask about the status?

Thanks for reading guys

PostPosted: Thu Jan 19, 2017 10:38 pm 
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Great job !

Was she your first one ? You're quite confident for a 17 yo mate.

Keep up the good work.

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