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PostPosted: Wed Jan 18, 2017 8:02 pm 
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Last night I picked up a bartender. I am not new to this but I have put more effort into it lately. Prior to this I took some time off from the pua scene to focus on computer programming and selling my writing. Below I will layout how I picked up this hot chick the other night and some general rules I learned to follow.

First rule: Go out when it's slow! However this rule is not always true but you will stand out more and I find it easier to attract a bartender and hold a conversation with her on the slower nights when there are less people e.g. Tuesday or Wednesday.

Second: Don't get too sloppy! Most of the same rules that apply in normal pick up apply here as well. This rule applies more when hitting on a bartender. Some bartenders don't drink and if they do they still have to deal with drunks on a regular basis. Don't get too sloppy and come off as a loser or be the one screaming and ranting how hot she is at her. Simply don't get too drunk it comes off bad especially in the eyes of a bartender. Show her you can hold your liquor without getting embarrassing after all she is often being watched by her boss and coworkers.

Third: Become a regular to an extent! This doesn't always hold to be true. Some guys can walk in there when it's crowded and pick up a bartender directly while others prefer the slower method of increasing the attraction and communication level over a period of time. However don't become "just a regular" because that will be similar to being in the friend zone. What I mean is that if you fail to increase attraction or are too slow to pick her up you will appear as an average Joe or fall into the friend zone without even realizing it until it's too late.

Fourth: Don't buy her a drink! Many will argue this and of course there are exceptions to the rule. Bartenders are offered more drinks than regular hot chicks you meet on the other side of the counter. Everyone wants to buy the hot bartender a drink. Follow the basic rules that you would with any other chick and be the one that doesn't buy her a drink and can still hold meaningful conversation all while increasing attraction.

Five: 3 second rule. I follow this loosely but don't take too long to make eye contact and approach the counter, show confidence and exchange a few words. I feel the idea is to lack hesitation which will come off as natural confidence even if on the inside you don't have any.

6: Social Proof: Don't hang around the bar too much! Others might argue this but I have found that if you open up other "sets" you become more desirable because you are sociable. This is all part of "social proofing" and you come off as if everyone knows you. Talk with other guys, high-five and hug other women all while the target is watching you. She will want you even more if she witnesses other chicks hugging on you even if you have no desire in picking them up. Don't be the creep that sits there and stares at her tits and ass while she is tending to other customers because you will most likely come off as creepy, needy and desperate. Social proofing can help lure her into chasing you all while making you appear as the man of the hour.

7:Tip her! You should follow this rule in life in general. You should tip bartenders, waiters and waitresses anyhow because it's a kind thing to do. My grandfather used to always tell me "if you have enough to drink you have enough to tip." I have followed this rule my whole life even when I didn't drink liquor.
Tip her something decent. It doesn't have to be extremely large but just something to remember you by. If you have enough to leave her a large tip then do so but don't expect merely cash will win her heart and don't get all butthurt if she rejects you even after you dropped her a $100. Its all a part of the game. Have no expectations and tip her average or slightly more. Most people don't Tip these days so any tip counts. She will remember you as the cool guy who tipped her not some average cheapskate douchebag.

8: Always pay in cash! This is a flexible guideline to follow but if you tip in cash she will get the tip immediately instead when she gets her next check or when they divvy out tips. Plus she gets the entire tip with no fee. In some joints that have a door bouncer you will get carded at the door thus in return she will never know your true name leaving her in mystery and only knowing you as your "pickup alias". After all she loves Raven she could never picture herself marrying Peter Butts.

09: Use Peacocking! At least dress a little nice. You don't have to go overboard but peacocking will make you stand out.

10: Always get her number! Never write your number on a napkin and expect her to call you. 9 out of 10 times she won't call you. The numbers are actually less. I have tested it in the field. I gave my number out to a plethora of women and very few called. So get her number because it displays confidence and character. Even if you get a fake phone number at least you had enough confidence to ask her in the first place. There are all sorts of reasons as to why she might have given you a false number but we will reserve those words for another Post. Now get to texting!

There many other guidelines to follow but I feel I stated enough and now I will tell you about my field report.

Night one: I went sarging on a Tuesday because I was depressed and hadn't seen pussy since August. I noticed two sets of women at a cocktail lounge. There was a couple eating sushi and a few older gentlemen sipping on a negroni and a Martini. 9 to 3 chick to guy ratio looked good to me.

In short I went and opened several sets, high fived the girls got hugs etc. I friended the guys and played my cards right by the end of the night. I made some talk with the bartender whom happened to be a smoking hot female.

Night two: went in on a Monday a few weeks later. There was less people and I could make it more intimate for her.

I did my best to avoid talking about work and put the focus on my snowboarding trip and my weekend in the hot springs. She kept asking me where I lived and worked and I briefly touched on it.
We ended the night with her interested in my trip to the hot springs.

Night three: I went on Friday this time so I could appear to be a regular.. Had a blast chatting with other sets and buying shots but didn't get too sloppy. I caught her attention enough so she noticed I was there but I knew she was slammed and didn't over do it. I left after a few drinks. Before I left she mentioned that it would be nice to go hottubbing or to the hot springs sometime. I agreed but didn't quite get her name or num because the timing didn't feel right.

Final night: after about 6 weeks of going in and out of the bar I was finally ready to take down her number.
So I went in the place with confidence that I was leaving with her phone number. I got some soda water and chit chatted with the other female bartender. Mingled and social proofed winning the favor of the crowd.
She still seemed interested in going to the hot springs sometime. I didn't quite catch what she said and it almost sounded like she said she had a boyfriend. I asked her again and she said she was off work on Monday.

In the end I "number closed" her and can't wait to see her in a bikini in the hot springs soon.

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 Post subject: Re: Bartender Pick Up
PostPosted: Wed Jan 18, 2017 8:09 pm 
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I also got her to buy me a drink without asking for it which I have mixed feelings about in regards to what that means exactly. I will explain if you have any questions about that.

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