F closed 2nd date. Dumped me twice after 1 month. What to do

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2017 12:06 pm 
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She's my cousin's friend. We were introduced to each other. Instantly there was passion. Next day we went out on a date. Extremely good. Made out passionately for hours! The night after that another date and fuk closed.

Fucked her real good with multiple orgasms 2 to 3 nights a week for a month. Although a week into this she gave me the ljbf speech over a text after I acted a little needy. I fixed that and fucked her again.

Until a week ago. We fucked again. Went to sleep. Next morning out for breakfast. On the way she tells me she's supposed to see her guy friend. I play it cool and say it's ok. She then says she doesnt want to see him and he keeps texting him. She asks me what excuse to give him to get rid of him. Instead of beimg a man and leading her I try to play it cool and say that it's up to her and it's ok for her to go see him.

She exchanges a few texts then doesn't talk to me for the next hour or so. Cold and distant. We go back to my place and she's still distant. Lays on the bed and seems crying. Doesn't talk to me doesn't answer to me trying to find out what's wrong. Doesn't let me touch her. Nothing!

Tells me to leave her alone several times. I'm still trying to talk and touch. Finally she gets up and says we have to break up. I'm stunned. So I leave her. She calls me in half an hour crying. So I go back. We talk and everything seems ok. We have sex and cuddle and everything is good. At night after she plays with her phone, she tells me that we're done and breaks up with me again!!!

I say it's ok and then when she tries to leave, I tell her that I'm not ok with the break up and that I really like her and other shit.

She tries to leave but I refuse to let her go (terrible move I know...)

So finally when she's leaving I call her a skank and she leaves.

After 5 days or so I texted her "hey im sorry for what I said to you, i was drunk" (and i was drunk that night) no response from her.

Before I sent this apology text someone had told me to wait 10 days before contacting her but I didn't.

Anyway I'm super confused as to how the whole thing happened. Before thia she would always want to see me and was happy when I asked her to hang out. Sex was awesome and we had fun.

Anyway, I know I fucked up by being needy and I know it's a bad case of oneitis but is there anything I can do at this point? Should I ever contact her again? What if she responds to my apology text later? Or if she ever contacts me again? What would be the best thing to do in any of those situations?

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