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PostPosted: Tue Sep 10, 2013 7:19 am 
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First, i will tell a little bit about myself.

Just call me Jing, i'm 24, an asia. My family doesn't too much rich, but since i'm the youngest child ( i have sis and bro). Also, follow the Physiognomy, when i'm born, my family will be rich. It happen and you can image how much my family treasure me, have people take me school and home ,my clothes are bought by my mom, cook, take care me, not let me do anything :? . It is good but it also make me incapability to do anything. As a result, i'm very weak at social skill and become a introverted person. A pathetic loser who hang out with his laptop everyday.

Secondly, why am i come here ?

Well, you know, i'm the type of tradition people who believe in true love, as long you love someone with your whole heart, your love can be return or sth like that blah blah. As result, until now, i'm only like 2 girls and serious hitting on them. First one when i'm around 20, approach but no result, chase skirt for 2 years (chat, meet at school) so i give up, even without confession, such a loser. That time, i just think, maybe she doesn't cut out for me, first love maybe just an illusion, it is never permanent, so i will forget her soon and move on.

Later, around summer this year, i meet another girl i really love. Ask her to hang out, confession, playful and in the end, she just straight out: I'm like you, but I'm only saw you like my friend, i don't have any feeling for you.
I don't fucking know why, i love her with my entire heart, what i am doing wrong. I'm not perfect man, but i don't go to bar, no smoke, no beer, no gamble, take care and stay with her in the time she needs. Clueless, i run, run away with smoke and wine, to forget. Now look around my life, a pathetic guy who already 24, no job, no gf, no social, only laptop is friend. I have enough of this shit so i'm move on and try to find answer,

What i am learn:

1) "Basically, giving her gift, make sure that she know you like her blah blah. That will create pressure on her to be nice back and it didn't create attraction, a chance to develop because ... attraction is develop in free pressure environment.

Attraction isn't conscious thing she decides on. It just happen, after that she will notice it and call it attraction.

If she feel she need to be nice to you--> powerful social mechanism happen (somebody nice to you, you automatically nice back to them or you will feel the pressure to be nice back to them). That's explain pretty much why nice guy never can create attraction and falling for girl like bad boy, jerk."

2)From the game by Neil Strauss, even Lisa love him now, but if he didn't know PUA, she still choose him or at least he had his chance with her --> true love don't exit in first place, just interesting, curious, you build "true love".

3) PUA is not just about hit on girl, it is also improve yourself ( i mean i can talk,confident ,attractive, social with any people, not only girl)

Practice for the journey :

- Confession to the first girl and let her reject. After read 3 article from Chief :“We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons.” From now on, i don't want regret anything. So any regret in my heat should be clear
- Do the newbie mission from chief

Specially thank Chief for this quote : “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” Maybe now, i'm just a chump, wim , a pussy cat, but i believe that someday in the future, through leave the comfortable zone, i will become a lion, not the physical but mentally 8) . Now i try to not think about result, just act

Some question linger on my mind

You must be a jerk in order to get a girl? That lead me to this forum, find out the answer and complete change myself.

Should you say hi even people don't look at you? In my country, people, especially girl, don't like to look at stranger eye so thier eye mostly toward the earth or someplace else around.

If you have some tips or advices, I'm all ears.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 11, 2013 4:50 am 
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Day 2:
- Confession to the first girl : Through my friend, i have her facebook again (in order to forget her, i delete everything about her, phone etc..). Found out that she already study in Australia, can't meet her face to face so I write a confess messenger for her. She write a messenger about how i like she back there, sometimes still miss her and i don't want leave any regret, want she reject me to move on and blah blah.
She answer : she know i have feeling for her but i'm cut all contact to her so she think maybe she mistake. Also tell her feeling, that she feel i'm still a boy, a good guy, LIKE me, WANT TO BE FRIEND WITH ME ( I don't fucking know why all girl have talk the same thing above, exactly in world -_- ), but you as my boy friend, never think about it. After that, she gave advices about girl like strong man, talk and do, mature, also i should confess next time, even they reject, doesn't mean you don't like her any more, just chase skirt blah blah.
Well, she still talk like that after she know that i'm chasing her after 2 years -_-
Never mind, since we are know each other for long time, running way wasn't choice, i will prove that i can forget her and move on. I have an appointment with her, around December, when she return hometown for vacation, maybe this will be the last meet before i go to Jap to study.

Newbie mission:
Walking out side, around my home, just like exercise, for 2h. Try to say "Hi" to girl, feel really awkward. So first couple girl: can't do
Second couple: Think i say hi and should ask sth to feel least awkward. I ask them about whether have any convenience store near by. One girl just shake her head so i thank and move on
3 : Say hi, ask her the same question, she look at me, a little bit suspicious and smile at same time. She ask next to her. Well, really shame, i cover by ask i mean 24h convenience store. She shake her head and i move on.
4) This time i'm change by asking if she know the way to get out the road, she show me the way, i'm thank and move on
5) Couple of hot girl: Feel stun, can move, and let them pass through me without say anything
6) This time i'm asking about book store. Funny, the girl this time is really friendly, show me the way, also recommend me where to go, i feel like i can make conversation with her longer. But i don't know what to say so i move on
7) Come inside mall, meet the girl, don't know what to ask. She ready to leave, i'm think about 3 second rules, come up and ask about WC. "Go up turn right", never should ask about where is WC again
8 ) Buy random, come to recipient girl, say hi, compliment on her necklace, don't know what i do wrong but she smile awkward and just weak respond, like i'm piss her off or sth like that.
Well, that's all for today
What i miss:
- My eye have tend to look down, so sometime some girl will pass through me, until i notice her, due to not ready, i'm just letting her pass
- Can't hold strong eye contract
- Talk without confident, some girl require me to repeat
-Don't talk to anyone, just only girl
- I'm still stiff, not feel comfortable and feel natural, instead, AA still here. :cry:
What i'm learn:
Nothing, i shall improve to solve those problems above to see any different. So i still stick around with newbie mission

PostPosted: Thu Sep 19, 2013 12:40 pm 
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Sr for late update, i'm a little busy laterly. In addition, i got no result, so i'm not sure if i should write a report. I change my mission recently. I don't use excuse such as ask people for road, house, those thing i already fucking know. The mission is suppose to get me out of comfortable zone, so if i'm approach them by just excuse, i feel like i run away from the real mission, i can't learn anything from this. So three days ago, i have practice look at people, smile and just say hi. No more questions to excuse like last time and i'm feel extremely pressure. :(
Day 1: go around for 2 hour and can't approach anyone
Day 2: not give up, i'm wake up around 5 am, come to Public garden, where people exercise in morning. Easy to say good morning to people you see. Well, I can't muster up the courage.
Day 3: i'm really some really courage song to boot my courage up. As result, i look at people, wait for them look, smile, nod and say hi. The fucking problem is my voice is super small, to exactly, mumble. After muster all courage and approach say hi, i only mumble so people just pass through me with no respond.

Look like i'm have a serious AA. Now i'm out of ideas and don't know what i should do next to fix this problem :cry: . Any ideas, please :|

PostPosted: Sun Jan 15, 2017 8:37 pm 
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How can i learn physiognomy

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