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PostPosted: Wed Jan 11, 2017 11:06 am 
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Hi guys,

I am going to be as brief as possible here so you have a better understanding of what I think worked for me.

Everything I put here are things I have read from articles, watch videos all over youtube and then gave them a test run to see if it worked, and worked for me almost 100%. By no means I am contradicting what has been posted here, just things that I found pretty easy to make a change, so if you can throw me some feedback on how to better myself, better.

Fashion: Many people say that fashion is an important part of this shit, of getting laid, and that the peacock theory actually works... it gave me no results whatsoever. I used to dress perfectly, and very expensive clothing with fucking shoes, which I hate as hell. One day I said, eeehh, screw it, I'm going to the club in t-shirt, jeans and tennis (i use converse or vans). That day, girls looked as me as a complete different person (not a wanna be). I felt so much better on my own skin, because I like to wear that. Girls didn't even care about what I was wearing. I got 3 phone numbers and 2 kisses that night. (yes.... wearing t-shirt and blue vans tennis shoes).

UPDATED: Many people have been commenting opposite to this, which gave me the idea that maybe I was not explaining myself right or that i'm wrong. Either way, I will give you the point: When you dress just for others to see you, and you don't feel good dressing that way -- you are going to project some sense of insecurity. Basically if you like to dress in tuxedos to go out because you fell good wearing that, go ahead and do it. I felt good going out en T-shirts because I like dressing that way (i'm a surfer and skier guy).

Approach: Mystery's approach, guidelines, indirect openers, scripts.... holy shit... this gets your mind so twisted that you become a ROBOT. DID NOT WORK FOR ME. When you say what others tell you to say to girls, you automatically become non genuine. When you are not genuine, approaches are so damn hard because you ARE NOT YOU. If successful, now what? Pretend to be a different person from there on with that girl?

So... how about a simple "hi"... I bet so many of you get the idea that a simple HI doesn't work. Try it... it works miracle. After that simple "hi" is so damn easy to say, "i think you are pretty" "I think you are cute".. whatever pops into your head. BUT BELIEVE ME, from now on, try only saying HI... THAT'S IT... It removes all the pressure, all the routines, everything... and you are being genuine. After that, do what SP tells you about not asking questions.... bla bla bla. Or better so, don't do it. Do whatever you want, so you begin losing fear. After you have accomplished approaches... try tweaking things.

Summary: you see a girl.... dont think... o my god... im going to tell her she is pretty, then i will smile, then do this, then do that... NOOO!... Just say Hi, with a sexy smile (not a freak). See how easy? no biggie.

Smiling: Smiling means you are harmless. I smile when I find something funny. Sometimes, when you are trying to be sexy with a girl, you are not going to smile all the way, making yourself look like a horse, instead a gentle smile. I always try to be as if the girl is completely in love with me, even if she is not. This makes you look so sexy.

Closing: Well, now how the fuck do i ask for her phone number? If you meet some guy who is going to lend you a computer game or a music CD or porn... how do you ask for his phone number? "Dude.. before you go, whats your cellphone number?" right??? How is this any different?

Lines I use: "well, I gotta get going, but it was really nice talking to you and wish to continue this conversation some other time, whats ur cell phone" -- I dont ask, I tell them to give it to me... And right after finishing, I hand them my cellphone so she types it.

Don't use my line, use whatever pops into your head that moment.

Texting: We guys think girls love for us to be poetic and romantic and full of shit being a nice guy... It doesn't work that way. Believe me when I say this, women hate needy guys you are available emotionally for her every time. Have you ever wondered why BAD BOYS always win? I will tell you why:

1. Bad boys don't chase women. They really don't give a fuck if they like them or not. WHY? because they have tons more. So what happens is that girls say: "holy shit, this guy is not into me? why?"
2. They don't text them to know about their lives. They just make it clear, they want to hang with them.
3. They say whatever is to be said? why? because if she rejects him... he has other girls.

Girls see guys who invest little on them, as a turn on. why? they are used to pussy guys always being there for them, as shoulders to cry on, as gay friends... But what happens when suddenly, a mysterious guy who does everything opposite to the other guys come along?

This is yours to prove on your own.

How to be with her?: Have you ever wanted something, and when you know you cannot have it, you become obsessed with he idea of having it? then you ask yourself if you really like it and you don't know. You just need to have it? Well guess what? every time you do this with a girl, you are no longer a CATCH for her. Everytime you become more emotional with her, the more she finds about you, and the less she is intrigued on knowing you.

So... you know the answer to this one. Think of the girls that drive you crazy? why do they drive you crazy? how are their attitude towards you? INDIFFERENT right? Does she give a shit if you are alive or not?

And now... How much time have you invested on her? Plenty I guess. So what happens if now, you are the catch?


Body Language??

Well, for starters, body language is the main thing here. Many people say that girls are attracted by vocal stimulation. How many times have you talked and talked and talked and you see no results at all? Telling her beautiful things such as poems and lyrics.. because somehow you understood girls will automatically throw themselves in your arms.

In fact, body language speaks louder than real words. You can be nervous as fuck and displaying awful body language... but your words are fantastic. Guess what? you are probably fucked.

Another scenario: you are chill as fuck, as she were a guy friend of yours, displaying confident body language (stand straight, calm, no need to rush anything, having moments of silence while looking at her, looking at her 90% if the interaction... etc), and you can be talking non sense.

which is better? #2 right?

Don't think too much about displaying everything perfect because you are going to get nervous as fuck. Be natural.


In the process of talking to her... you want to know things that she has that separates her from other girls... AND MAKES HER FEEL UNIQUE -- this is called qualification. If you like what you hear, it is important that you tell her something as simple as "awesome, i like that"... or whatever thing that you approve that quality. Remember: You are qualifying her, because she must meet your standards. (with your confidence, she is going to pick this up very quick and she will try to be as honest as possible)

Don't think about the process when you are on the interaction... it will automatically pop up.

Is she into me?

So how the hell can you tell if she is into you? well there is no exact science for this question, but as you know, she is going to show it using body language. That's right, body language. Before posting this one, I had a list of indicator which I read in different websites, youtube and ebooks. I will give you an advice, when you are new, stick to a few indicator of interest or else you will spend the whole conversation looking and remembering for everyone of them, making yourself nervous / displaying negative body language.I know there are a lot, so don't tell me I missed a few... cause I know. I am only going to give you the ones easiest to remember and probably the ones most displayed (ITS NOT AN EXACT SCIENCE):

1) She is going to face you completely with her body (in case you perpendicular to one another)
2) She will smile and twist her hair... or even begin to play with her purse, or phone or shirt while looking at you and looking to the floor.
3) She will look you at your eyes constantly
4) She will lean in
5) Initiates touch (pushes you playfully, smacks you gently... etc)

today, I approached around 8 girls and tried to look for indicators, just for this post... the ones more common are #1 and #2. I normally do not look for indicators, I just see if what they are saying matches their body language -- and how her body responds to mine trying to be close, touching, etc...

My Ending Notes:

This is not a computer based software that you can automatically download into your brain and do it step by step. This is real life and hitting on girls should not be something you have to study. You study it because you want to convince yourself that you will have less chance on failing. Yes you heard it, you read because you are scared to FAIL. Some are scared as fuck that only read and read again and hope SOMEDAY a new pair of testicles will grow on.

Some facts that will help you:

-Girls like to be approached. Yes they do. Girls dress up and buy shit for her to make guys like them. If you approach a girl that is not even dressed up, her thoughts will be "fuck, this guy likes the real me".

-The interactions I most failed on (did not know what to talk about, my voice sound like I was yodeling, etc) were the most successful.

-The one time I really fucked up and blew out my interaction completely -- and then told her I was trying to pick her up because she was pretty and kindda messed it up / became my girlfriend.

-My most flawless, James Bond style conversation, got her to be non genuine. Most of the times these girls didn't want anything to do with this "Player Perfect Guy". One of them actually told me: "How I'd love to know the natural you having no clue on what to say or clever comebacks".

-4 out 5 girls in which the conversation went mildly well wanted to know me more and hang out with me. I guess they felt I was human.

Remember, just talk to girls randomly and you wont need to read anything. This is not rocket science mates, their are no guides... just be yourself (even if you fuck up). The reason that people continue reading are excuses to not do it. Yes.. Excuses. Theory: 30% / Practice: 70% -- I guess those numbers described me.

Good Luck guys

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