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PostPosted: Sun Dec 18, 2016 12:25 am 
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Hey OP, not trying to put you down here. Respect man I just finished my last year of D1 Rugby, college sports are great fun.

That being said, it is pretty off putting when you go on a site called "pickupartist forum.com" saying "pickupartists are losers". Even if some of us don't take PUA as part of our identity.

What if I walked up to your baseball practice and said "college baseball players are pussies, that's it, I said it, come play rugby and see what a real man's sport is like not swinging sticks around, wearing gloves and leggings".

You'll probably say on here for sake of saving face "I wouldn't give a fuck man I'm all the way up I am super cool". But in reality, that would be pretty offensive, and not very socially calibrated.

6 years of experience in the field has shown me that this is the type of beta over-compensation that girls typically roll their eyes at. It's not funny. It's not cool. You're probably 19 years old, and being on this path is fucking fantastic you'll do well if you start this early.

There's a difference between blind arrogance, and giving value with confidence. Takes time to learn.

Keep up the good work.


PostPosted: Fri Jan 06, 2017 12:13 pm 
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Definitely one of the most interesting trolls I've ever seen.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 06, 2017 12:47 pm 
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OP's like a mad ex boyfriend. Thinks he's the one while other guys are fucking his girl. Then, he tries to insult his way back in: calling her a bitch, whore and expecting her to return to him because of his charm.

That's not improvement of any kind, it's a disease and you feel like an underachiever that's why you have this need to lash on innocent guys here that have nothing to do with you and they provide and have provided much more to the community than you ever will.

How can we help you?

Uncertainty is the root of all progress and all growth.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 10, 2017 5:37 am 
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#1. I personally see alot of value in the pua techniques. In the beginning you learn and use the pick-up artist techniques as a guide in the interaction between you and the girl that you approach. Once it becomes ingrained into your natural personality (kinda like muscle memory) that's when the "pick up techniques" become more "natural".

#2. Dogging pickup is stupid, because what the fuck are you going to say to a girl at the bar or at a nightclub? "Hi, what's up? How are you doing?" Good Luck With That! That's probably the most un-pickup line that i can think of. And all it will get you is maybe a look in your direction and a "I'm okay" response, and BAM! BLOWOUT! She turns her back on you, and that'll be the end of that conversation. Without what us un-cool pick-up nerds call "follow-up conversation starters" or "multi-conversational threading", or even "plowing"..you will not get anywhere with these girls. TRUST ME!! You're actually misleading the very guys that you claim that you are trying to help by sending them in the field unprepared. Your pupils will be traumatized dude! Because their instructor is unprepared and has no gameplan for his students when he shoves them into sets. And then you'll be surpized when they eject from the sets telling you that "I don't know what to say!" That's what pickup is for..to help guys fill in the gray areas of not knowing what to say to girls while in set.

Movie actors who's been in Hollywood for decades that get paid millions of dollars to star in the movies that you have in your dvd or blueray collections..they all have scripts that they recite until they memorize them and no longer need the script anymore. Pickup artist do the same fucking thing. We study and recite pick up lines and routines, until they become muscle memory (ie natural).

#3. Most of us do believe in having an awesome lifestyle outside of the game, same as you do. Personally when i'm out in the field i do see pussy..so of course i'm going to want pussy. But i'm also trying to enjoy myself and develop my social skills overall in general. Not just with girls, but with everyone!

#4. Lastly, if picking up girls is what you do, then i got news for you bro..you are a "pick-up artist"! That's what you are by definition..i'm sorry to tell you bro. No matter how bad you want to disenfranchise yourself from the community..you're just using a more natural style but you're still doing the same shit that the rest of us are doing.

If what you do is fix cars, you are a mechanic. If you bake cakes you're a baker..you wouldn't call yourself a candlestick maker would you? Exactly!

Your whole argument has been picked apart by everyone in this thread. If you don't want to be here, then leave. Otherwise..If you're going to stay on this forum..humble yourself, be respectful to everyone who actually does want to be here, and shut the fuck up.

I have a very low tolerance for bullying, bullshit, and ignorance..so when i see it (ignorance in grand fashion, in HARDBALLPLAYER's case), i had to say something. And believe me..i'm not afraid to say what's on my mind or hit you with a comeback. Jsyk


LEARNING GAME IS LAME!..Right up until the point when you will eventually see a hot girl standing or sitting right in front of you. In that moment..you will wish that you had learned game!

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