FIELD REPORT: French-Algerian Girl Instant Date from April

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 29, 2013 7:53 am 
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This one is long overdue. But here it is:

So one Friday afternoon, i stop & chat to this girl who barely speaks English. She's from Algiers (capital of Algeria), but speaks mostly French. We get along really well, we chat for about 15 minutes.

She's here on holiday, so i take her facebook. We agree to meet before she goes to Paris in 3 days time. However, when i text her on FB, she doesnt reply.

I felt bad, because it was my best set so far.

Fast forward 2 days. I'm walking down Market St (aka Manchester Daygame Dojo), and i see this beautiful Mediterranean-looking blonde girl walking towards me. Its the same girl i spoke to.

So i stop her, "Hey, its you!" She comes to hug me, giving me the usual two French kisses on the cheek, then we hold hands for a bit as she says, "Salut, comment ça va." I dnt speak french, but we talk for a bit in English. Then she says she's shopping for something, and i take her hand, put it on my arm Promenade-style and say, "Lets go." She follows. Always be leading, guys. Seriously.

So as we walk into H&M, she goes to look for something, i tell her that i'm going to look for a pair of jeans. This is a classic from David DeAngelo: don't follow her round the shop, let her look for you. So anyways, after awhile, i see her & tell her i'm waiting at the entrance.

As i'm waiting, i call Dec & Jonny to hurry & buy me a condom. hahaha. She comes out, and we walk down Market St. I see Dec & Jonny walking towards me and we stop to greet them. Dec then goes to shake my hand, and in doing so passes me the condom. Awesome. haha.

So i take her to the smallest bar in Europe, walking hand in hand. There, we drink. Yes guys, i drank. A beer. And guess what? i got drunk. hahaha. And i dnt remember much of what we spoke about, but we walk out and we walk back to her hotel. Hand-in-hand. It was a fun time. I was, however, always concious of constantly LEADING THE INTERACTION in the direction i wanted it to go. Despite her telling me that she was in Manchester to see her boyfriend.

As we near her hotel, she says, "You wanna come up?" I say, "Yeah, you need help packing." Then right at the hotel she says, "My boyfriend is coming at 7."

At this point, i'm like, "WHAT THE F*CK." but, i dnt show it.

"Be unreactive." - Tyler Durden.

So, i said, yeah cool, lets go. Then she says, "Whats the time? I really can't" I look at my watch. Its 7.30.

I dnt wanna get trashed by an angry boyfriend, so i leave it. I try going for the make-out, but half-heartedly since i was still abit taken aback. haha.

She says we should keep in touch, but i know we wouldn't. True enough, days later she blocked me on facebook. Buyers remorse, how it has reared its ugly head.

But anyways, here's my lesson learned from this.

1. Attraction is real, it cannot be faked. When attraction is there, girls can't help be with you, stay talking to you, carry on investing, go on instant dates or even sometimes OFFER you her number. (the next few reports will show this further)

2. Leading the interaction is key, be it physically or otherwise. As a biologist, i can confidently say that its true: women are genetically hardwired to be attracted to men who take charge.

3. Escalation must be done whole-heartedly and seen right through to the end. If not, it will almost certainly cause buyers remorse, and she will not want to see you again.

Shane, Executive Instructor for Social Zen.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 09, 2017 9:19 pm 
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Dude i am Algerian and i tell you most of the girls here don't deserve a gram of respect , but i guess it was a good experience for you

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