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PostPosted: Sun Mar 06, 2016 7:19 pm 
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Hey guys, its me H0lmes after some time. Yeah its been some time since iv posted, but no to worry brothers, Im here for you, with some very juicy treats, that OTHER Mpuas and such may have forgotten to mention to you.
Once upon a time, I am awesome and i was Aplhaing(new word bros,copyright dips) like a boss.
Simple stuff actually, throw your shoulders back, tilt your head back, wider and slower walking style blah blah blah. Keep in mind im only 5`6`` and weigh only around 47kg(you want pounds? Lazy ass convert it then)
So yes im not your average alpha build. But hell I am the captain of the ship.
So i was rocking out my inner alpha, UNTIL i met my cousin.
This guy is younger than me, more muscle and gets into wayyyyy more fights than i do. He wasnt always alpha, I WAS, so now hes alpahing me out, so i decided to take a break and analyze how hes doing it. I was doing some light reading on marketing psychology at the time and i came across one of the writers offhandedly mentioning about SPEECH DOMINANCE. Did some digging around and boy did i find GOLD. So im sharing it with the community who helped me get here.

*some of these methods, i share are common knowledge so you can find them anywhere.*


1. Using "Um" and "Ahh"
>Dont use these, makes you seem less alpha and more indecisive.

2. Ending sentences with questions
>this ones a little tricky, The theory behind this is that when you ask questions a lot, to seem polite and or just fill an awkward conversation pause, you sound less superior. Dont get this confused with natural curiosity though, theres nothing wrong with that but people can tell if you are asking questions just to seem polite or fill an awkward phase and not genuinely honestly curious.
This is honestly too complicated for me to explain, so just forget about this for now, ill do a more detailed post on this later.

3. Ending all your sentences with an uplifting tonality.
>Do not al-fucking-ways do this. This can seriously hurt your status as alpha.
Alternate you tonality accordingly. Down-lift when necessary and uplift when necessary. Dont stick to one, makes you sound like a fucking programmed robot.
Always ending your sentences in a uplifting tonality makes you sound like you are eager to please and always ending you sentences in a down-lifting tonality makes you sound like an overall jackass and an overly depressed walking zombie.
Iv seen too many people ending their sentences in a uplifting tonality and its usually a common mistake people make to show other people they are friendly and mean no harm, Remember "theres always a time and place for everything" like Prof oak says in pokemon when you try to ride your bike inside a house.(or was it Prof Birch?)

4. Less is more.
>Dont go ahead pour your life story onto some unlucky bastard, chances are 98% hes not fucking interested.
Make them talk about themselves, give out as little as info on yourself as you can, this helps you make up a mysterious demeanor and the ladies find it very very sexy. That doesnt mean you cant spill the beans about the time you went skydiving and saved your friend and the world from a fucking alien invasion.
NOTE: This isnt for some rookie coming out of his shell, so use this carefully.

5. Make a mysterious shroud
>As i mentioned earlier, make them keep talking about them and try to change the subject, answer sparingly when questions are directed towards you, doesnt mean you have to go on them batman, but used correctly this techniques make you the sexy and mysterious stranger.
NOTE: This isnt for some rookie coming out of his shell, so use this carefully.

6. Group addressing.
>When doing a group activity, use the word "WE" very sparingly.
Ex. "We will get this project done" BAD
"I will get this project done with my homies/friends/bros/whores etc etc etc GOOD
Using the term "we" when in a group makes you seem like a pussy, because you are afraid to take the responsibility onto your own shoulders and lead the group like the alpha your are.
Basically what this says to someone else is that, you wont take responsibility so that IF something goes wrong you can easily place the blame on someone else on the team/group. Be a leader, take the responsibility on every fault your team/group makes.
When taking credit, dont take all the credit, be modest, give more credit to the people who helped.
NOTE: This isnt for some rookie coming out of his shell, so use this carefully.

Theres more Bros, but im sleepy and tired.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________Rock on bros. cheers

PostPosted: Thu Dec 22, 2016 7:02 pm 
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I'd like to expand on #6. I was also reading a business book or two, and it has been said that using "we" is a quality of a leader because you're giving credit, you're a team player, and including others makes others want to be around you.

So I'm seeing a couple different perspectives. You've got the hardworking guy that everyone loves and the more he says "we" the more you know he did it all himself. Then you've got the "I" guy that stands out about as much as everyone else out there, often seen as selfish, narcissistic, and probably makes you do everything when he says "we". Clear case for business ethics, but some of that applies to women; if you seem selfish, she's going to expect you to do things she doesn't like and won't get near you, even IF it adds a little bit of dominance by always being in control and always in charge of everything.

My personal opinion is that being g the "I" guy is trying too hard. Stand out. Much harder to force people to do things they don't want than to convince them it's their own idea, you know?

PostPosted: Sun Dec 25, 2016 12:40 am 
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h0lmes wrote:

1. Using "Um" and "Ahh"
>Dont use these, makes you seem less alpha and more indecisive.

You can use these without a problem, as long as you feel confident about it, I tend to "Um" a lot as long as there is no awkward silence associated with it it's perfectly fine.

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