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• Game-On | Use tekkers like the YAD stop to approach, stop, and open conversation with those you wish to approach. Very direct: "are you approachable?"

• Observations | Communicating that you have genuinely had your interest sparked and noticed something about someone is a great way to kick off

• Compliments | Incorporating a compliment (ideally subtle) in your opening comment(s) can be a good way to communicate attraction and confidence

• Assumptions | Developing the notion of your initial impression through the use of assumption stacking is a good way to get conversation flowing

• Statements | Avoid asking too many questions, particularly closed ones - this can feel like an interrogation/come across keeno; instead, make statements

• Hook Switch | Once they've hooked (cross legs, play with hair, ask questions etc) it's best to dial down energy/intensity/body language and be more chill

• Open Questions | "How/What/Why is this/that, do you like/love" + parroting (repeat what you've been told, varying tone which they take as their cue)

• Push-Pull | Once the person is investing/qualifying, provided they're not too uptight, you can relax and have fun with cocky/teasing/random banter

• Deep Rapport | Take opportunities to foster a sense of familiarity/commonality e.g. through verbal (e.g. experiential) and non-verbal communication

• Future Projection | Paint a picture of aspiration and future antics, ideally semi-seriously (not OTT), and you may have their mind in a giddy/dreamy spin

• Closing | When you feel the interaction has run its course you have several options. Whichever you chose, be sure to suggest, rather than ask:

• Social Media Close | The weakest option of all but equally low-pressure e.g. "I've got to go now but it was nice meeting you. Are you on [social media]?"

• Number Close | Pretty strong, but not every person likes to hand their number out to a random they've just met (unless they're hammered, of course)!

• Instant Date | Absolutely ideal when you've established strong rapport and there's a mutual desire to continue the conversation

• Bounce Back | Not everyone's cup of tea, and I personally do not advocate using daygame for pick-up/NSA sex (unless it's all perfectly transparent)

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