Determination was my key to success!

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Ever since I was 14 I wanted one thing and one thing only: a girlfriend. So I started hitting on girls and got rejected one after another. I tell you man I felt lonely, sad and played a lot of games back in the day. I was a nerd with a passion. I couldn't get why other guys didn't seem to care that much about their game, how they did not share my obsession. But I refused to give up on my game. I got to where I'm by determination only. No matter how many times I got rejected, I analysed what I did wrong and started applying these things to the next girls. I kept trying, even though my success rate was only about 1/15. I started seeing patterns, things I could hook into, how to make girls like me, even how other guys hit on girls. I actually succeeded in kissing 5 girls till I was 18, but nothing serious came out of it.

Then I came across 'Simple pickup', which improved my game significantly. I found the magic place where there were people who shared my obsession, they posted their experiences, giving tips. A real bro forum where everyone wants the visiting person to improve his game.So I started off as any other off you: Got up to random girls, started talking to them, getting rejected, having a hard time being motivated.

But I refused to give up, I got a huge self motivation for this thing. Nobody else could do this for me, this is something I needed to do on my own. After some time passed (like 2 months) I started noticing how I could apply Simple pick up in my game. Then summer began and shit just went crazy. At night I would go out, having fun. Actually having the balls to go up to girls and flirt with them, kiss with them, dance with them having a great time. I went to a bar with a friend whose girlfriend was there, so I was kind of by myself. No problem I just bashed into the GF's friends and had a serious good laugh with them, and number closed one of them. Shit they were with 5 girls and I could entertain them al by myself. Girls are now starting to really like me for the way I'm, flirting at me.

Applying my game to this one girl, a hot blonde chick HB8 imo. Gave her the best shit I had, and she number closed me. Got on a couple of dates. And that's ladies and gentlemen how I got my dream girl, lost my virginity and succeeded to my goal: getting a GF.

Determination got me to where I'm right now, I made it one of my personal attributes.

I want to thank all the guys on the forum which helped my improve my game, the Simple pickup guys as well. But most of all I want to thank myself, for not giving up until I got what I wanted.

So next time you go out hitting on chicks, think about me. How a nerd changed himself in 5 years never giving up. So what is your excuse for not approaching? I never had one.


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