From a couple of dates to relationship power struggle.

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A Sticking Point or SP is an issue you CONSISTENTLY run into.

It is NOT a point where you get stuck with ONE SPECIFIC GIRL.

A Sticking Point is:
I keep getting LMR whenever I bring girls back to my place. This has happened at least 10 times already! What am I doing wrong?

A Sticking Point is NOT:
I got LMR with this one girl! What do I do?

If you have not already gone out and practiced enough to have a real Sticking Point from meeting an ABUNDANCE of women, YOU DO NOT DESERVE TO POST HERE.

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 04, 2016 8:44 pm 
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Just wanted to write an update.

After some time we got colder and I tried to dump her, but she said she wanted still to date but "I'm busy with work, stuff, ecc", she now said today that "it wasn't working between us".

All in all I have the feeling she had fun with me so she wanted the thing to go on, and was probably too immature to be more honest.

I feel like I was a rebound or anyway just a distraction she didn't want to invest in.

I'm not really upset, but it never feels okay to be dumped.

I got some important lessons tho:

a) I need to seek less validation and be less needy, as I feel she felt it. But I shouldn't do it to not transmit it but for myself.

b) Some red flags should not be overlooked. If somebody gives you the feel that he isn't really that much interested trust the feel and if the relationship is not what you want (regardless of what you want) don't stick to it. If you want A stick to A. You want a fuck buddy, don't fake anything else. You want from that person to see other stuff? If you don't look elsewhere.

c) I should lose a bit more my frame. Being the cool guy is cool, but you need also to be real.

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