Woman insists on having her husband watch the AV shoot?

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 21, 2016 8:36 am 
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Ok, I realize this isn't really PUA, but I believe PUA and being a suave, confident individual goes into the AV business.

I have been in contact with this guy who is starting up an AV business here in Japan. I told him I would be interested and mentioned my experience making home videos with multiple women in the past. He expressed great interest but lately he has just fallen off the radar.

So I'm just about to give up on any kind of future business with this guy. So I'm going to try starting up my own AV business with a good Japanese friend of mine. Anyway, I posted an ad looking for female talent and a few women replied. Two of them flaked, but this one seemed serious at first...then asked if her hubby can watch?

I realize that her husband there will make her feel safe and comfortable, but that doesn't make me feel safe and comfortable at all. What if midway through the shoot, he decides he doesn't like what he is seeing and attacks me? By the way, he is a huge African American dude and I'm a smaller white dude.

I explained that to her that husbands usually don't just get to stand there and jerk off while an AV is being filmed and that trust and her seriousness about getting into this business would help her along with building trust with me, yet she still insists in the husband being there to watch.

At first she asked if he could watch and film, which I told her is completely out of the question. The strange thing is she said she was serious about being in a video with me...so why the husband? I assume she just wants to make sure this isn't some rape date thing...but I would be having her sign a contract.

She has never been in an AV before so I told her we could record it and not put it on the internet or do anything with it until she gives the ok. I mentioned that her husband could come if I'm able to have a friend of mine that also shoots AV to come along. I mentioned that if my friends are busy and I have to go alone, I would prefer to record the video with her alone or at least have her husband just outside of the room.

Anyway, a lot of guys on here seem to do pretty well with women and while I'm not terrible, I'm far from the best. I thought maybe some guys on here might have some great advice on how to find more serious women or talk semi-interested women into doing shots with me without the hubby around?

She hasn't replied since, which means she obviously wasn't really serious about doing AV at all. How serious could she be if having him tag along is a requirement? lol

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