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PostPosted: Sun Oct 16, 2016 3:09 pm 
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This was one of those nights. Moon is full and I turned into a werewolf.

Well kinda.

Getting ready at my place, listening to Catfish and the Bottlemen and Pretty Vicious just to get my self into the zone from 80% to 120%. I was ready. Boy was I ready.

Just running around town to meet my wing with a huge smile on my face, jumping to the meeting point, screaming out lyrics while people are pointing at me like "who is this retarded fuck and what drugs is he on?". I had a plan. I had a plan that tonight since it's the full moon me and my boy go crazy. Go ruin the town. Cause havoc and mayhem. I knew shit would go down tonight. And it did.

Back to the story. I meet my wing, Jacob - pure AFC that has gotten into game 3 months ago that is determined to fuck either a hottie or a complete warpig (and I was the same few months ago). He is one of those people who will not approach, but BE approached, not something I would do, but hey, works for him.

We roll up in the worst shithole ever (the only place that had tourists) called Charlie's and I went crazy. I went absolutely crazy. Approaching left and right, talking to literally everybody. Winning over crowds was always a thing I knew how to do since I was made for the society. I was born to be a star. I was born to be talked about and being worshipped at the same time. I looked at people with such a glow in my eyes and people reflected it back at me with positive energy whilst being consumed by my lightness of higher vibrations. I had the purest artistic aura around me which drew people towards me. I was born to be a star.

Anyways, back the the technical parts. I was having fun, radiated good energy and good vibes. After few minutes I think to myself "Hey, I might start doing longer sets, it's the time". I chat this HB8, push/pulls left and right, and she comes up to me saying "I just love the fact you are so mysterious". I didn't get it at that point, but I rolled with it. I start doing some heavy kino and isolate her by saying I need some fresh air and that we'll continue our "dance off" there. We walk outside and start brutally making out. As I'm about to go down on her (finger mode) her friend literally grabs her and takes her back into the hostel right next to the bar. My wing comes out as well and he tells me she's in a relationship with a guy for 8 years. I feel a little shitty, but hey, this was one of those nights that all hell breaks loose. My wing keeps telling me "dude, you're going waaaaay too hardcore, you have to relax a little bit". I told him this is my night and that nothing is stopping me. Since we were outside we saw two girl promoters that we knew and we chat them up a little bit, just to keep us in the game and next thing you know, two girls that I chatted up in the bar start screaming "OH MY GOD HERE THEY ARE, WE LOVE YOU GUYS". They go on a rant how we're so different from the other guys in the bar and how everybody is so creepy in there. I interrupt her with some random nonsense bullshit that I can't even remember anymore and they burst into laughter. My wing talks to his girl and me and my girl just start mocking them saying "MIMIMIMIMI" to whatever they say to us. As I talk to her I keep using pressure on/off and at one point we just start doing an eskimo kiss and I pull her closer to my chest and one funny thing that my spiritual mentor told me once came to my mind. It was "the thing that gets on your nose, well, you're gonna eat it at one point". I just went berserk. We start making out, I slide my hand downwards and so does she, on the street. While people are walking by. I gave zero fucks. My wing starts a rant how we should go to the next club, how the music is so perfect and how everybody is going crazy over there. He wasn't feeling the night like I did. Both him and the girl kept telling us to join them, poking us and pulling us to go, so eventually we did. As we're walking we keep making out and we get really close to the club I see my friend stopping and I tell him "Yo dude, let's all get in there so I can do my bathroom pull thing I always do". I stop for a second and chat my girl up and look back at Jacob and there he is, making out with her and groping her tits and I'm just like "You forced me into getting to the club, now it's my turn to force you there as well". He's like "ahh okay :c" and we finally get to the club. I start dancing with my girl and start grinding again and I'm just like, yo come here, follow me. We get into the vip lounge (it was a sunday so everybody can get in there for free) and I literally get on me and we continue making out and next thing you know a bartender throws a glass at me and screams "stop fucking doing that in here, get the fuck out if you're gonna fuck". I apologise and get her on the dance floor again, but we just keep randomly dancing and I'm like "let's go outside for a smoke". We light our ciggies and her drops from the balcony and I'm just like "go get it", take her hand and we go down, she picks it up, I sit on a bench, get her on me and we start kissing again, heavy kino from both of us and I tell her "we can't do it here, there are way too many people here". She agrees and I say my line that I'm famous for in my group of friends. It's this:"Do you feel adventurous". She says "if it's with you, you know I am". I take her hand and we go up the beach to this little children playground in the little house. I just sit and tell her to get on me. She was buying everything I said. Needless to say, we had sex there. It was definitely number one lay I've had in a while. She was one of those crazy girls that goes on for hours. And I am the kind of guy that does too.

I walk her up to her car, meet with all her girl-friends and we continued chatting for an hour after that and at around 6 I'm like "well I have to go, sun's already out". I give a high five to all her friends and kiss my girl goodbye and she tells me this "This was my best out night ever. I hope you make it out there so I can worship you" (I told her I am a singer and I did sing for her). I just smiled and said I'll do that. Went home, laid in my bed and said to myself this.

"I love my life. I will make it. I was born to be a star. And I'll be one. Maybe not right now, but soon. My time will come."

Love yourself guys. Life is beautiful if you find joy in everything. I found my life purpose. And I hope you'll find yours too.

-Johnny McP.

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