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PostPosted: Fri Aug 26, 2016 7:24 pm 
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Hey fellow puas!

Just returned to Copenhagen after 7 weeks of travel in central america and have to share this one story.

The night began with me and my friend having a nice dinner on a Tuesday night in San José, the capital of Costa Rica. We asked the waiter where we needed to go on a Tuesday night and she gave us directions to the place and told us that it was the place to be!

When we walked into the club it was only 10PM but there was already packed with lain american girls who looked stunning. Without bragging to much, I am a 6ft2 tall blond guy, so I kind of stood out in the place and got a lot of looks from the girls at the club.

Then suddenly out of my eye, I see this fucking hot girl. Thight shorts, dark eyes, perfect body and a face like Emily Ratajkowski (not joking!!) I have never seen anything like her before, and I say to my friend that I just need to get with her. He laughs and says good luck... game on :) BTW my friend is also pretty decent looking and I guess we are at the same level when it comes to looks, so perfect match!

We go dancing on the floor and we are suddently sourounded by a group of very attractive girls, including the girl from earlier. We start to dance and she starts to grind my cock and I just grap her and we start to dance the sexy dance ;) ... These girls know's have to dance and it is on! While I am dancing with my girl, another of the girls from the group, which has sent me eyes throughout, shows me her phone, where it says "I want to fuck you, but please don't tell my friend". I cannot believe this is happening, but I stick to my favorite girl :P

After dancing we get pulled behind stage as the only two boys, around 15-20 amazing looking girls (after the fucking bouncers finally caved, when the girls said that we HAD to get in :D )

We go back out dancing again a little while later and then one of the girls who hasn't got a guy yet and therefore left earlier, suddenly comes up with a guy who looks danish! Of course he is fucking Danish (what are the odds, we are like 4 mill people). The three of us, each with a hot costarican girl get's out of the club quickly and into a cap. Of we go to the hostel.

Everything is ready, we just need to buy two more private rooms!! But no they won't let us in with the girls, and won't let us get two more rooms FUCK. Luckily our cap driver is there and he says "I know a place" with a huge disgusting smile... anyway what the fuck. When we arrive it is a place where you have to pay by the hour :D :) :D . I get up to my room with my girl and she is just ready to FUCK! there is mirrors all over the fucking place and a disguting bed with black plastic sheets hahaha - perfect!

We start fucking and she screams load and is fucking wild! Her body is just perfect and we are having a great time! My friend's girl goes nuts too, so we are fucking them up against the mirrors with only a thin wall inbetween us. SO much fun and the girls are absolutely mint! After that we lay for a short while and then we drop the girls of at university and flies out to Los Angeles. What a last night in Central America :D

Funny part is that we are now facebook friends and the girl I was with, is a costarican model and she was indeed a HB10.. studies medicine, is an athlete...great girl, maybe I should go back ;)

PostPosted: Tue Aug 30, 2016 2:46 am 
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Good for you buddy. But keep your stories shorter ;)

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