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PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2012 4:56 pm 
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Right, here's a nice snippet right out of my doodle diary...this one happened in Sandton city a while ago....
A nice example from my doodle diary in which
I use for my motivation to approach girls (and just generally write down
random stuff inside), this one should give you an idea.

If you still have some anxiety of what do or say to a girl before making
an approach here's motivation.


Keep in mind I had no intention of approaching just minutes before an
important event but I had to sneak it in.

I was doing a fashion photography event in an upmarket mall a few weeks ago
and I had my camera around my neck at the time (Nikon haha) and I
was on my way to the event when I passed this girl promoter wearing
an awesome dress. Needless to say I ended up talking to her and
taking her picture but the point is that this is one key element to
use and look out for when approaching women: Take notice of
what their wearing. They might get compliments like this
on occasion you may never know, so don't be suprised
if they ask you to validate WHY you like their outfit.

By the way, if anyone knew about Fashion Circus at
Sandton...this was that event.

Here was the open:

Me: Hey, I'm sorry to bother you and I can only stay a minute
because I need to get going, but I just wanted to say I really
like your dress You look fantastic!

(Add a time constraint, very important)

Girl: Oh my god really? Thank you!

Me: No problem, you look awesome dude! How come
you weren't in the fashion show??

(genuine compliment)

Girl: I dunno ... I wasn't invited haha?

Me: That's a shame haha. I'm in
photography college right and we're currently
studying fashion photography and I recently had
a fashion shoot...and I cant get it out of my head!

Girl: Oh wow that's so cool, thank you so much

Me: Hey, before I go can I take your picture?

Girl: Really? Uhm, wow I dunno how to pose for this !

Me: It's cool, you'll look great eitherway. (another compliment)


Me: (Above photo)

Girl: Let me see! Let me see!!

(showed girl the photo, she loved it haha)

Me: Told you so Listen I really gotta go but it was
awesome meeting you though!

Girl: Cool thank you

And I left because I was genuinely running late for the event.

Directly after the approach i took out my doodle diary and drew
a rectangle in a blank page with the text you see around in the
photo, I knew that if I printed out the photo and had some easy
access to it I would then in the future be able to re-affirm myself
of just how easy opening can be. After my event I got the photo
developed and now I can refer to it whenever I have some doubt
or not (because I know what it's like to be inside my head...alot.)

So yeah guys that's how a simple direct opener goes down. You can
do it like me and use a pro camera to make it seem more sincere about
going to an event

I even wrote down in my doodle that says "They don't bite! Opening is easy!
Back to basics!" to remind that opening, really is EASY and even if it's not
for a number close and just for fun you can still learn something valuable.

It's all in your head.

I hope this helped in some way, thanks for reading.

- Chai

'Bitches aint shit' - Chai

PostPosted: Thu Jan 17, 2013 10:39 am 
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I’m Fucking amped to check more and more SA dudes getting involved in this beautiful soul stealing, Mind consuming little game we all play. Face it, whether you have been doing this for a week or years, it has in some form or another CHANGED your life.
Okay, that’s enough about you :)

ME – I’m 26 years old , Gaming for 4 years and have had Great success. 2012 I decided I need to reach some alternate life goals and so I focused very little on The Game but still actively went out and well … picked up women. This year I wanna get back into it solidly in field and online…


I have to operate this site via mobile ... and it’s not user friendly at all. Which got me thinking – we NEED a mobile App! Now I’m no ‘app-ologist’ (yeah, I totally made that word up) but what I have done is created a BBM group, where we can Discuss, Give/Get advice, Chat, let each other know about parties in JHB, Meet up to sarge .. Or whatever the hell you want ... point is, it’s instant and at your fingertips.
I realize some dudes might be rocking other phones instead of blackberries – so if any of you are App-ologist (Yeah I used it again) then get off your damn asses make us a mobile Lair (... um .. please. :) ) or if anyone knows of an app let us know. I know Whatsapp works on pretty much all phones, but that involves handing out your number – Suggestions ?? (and no … these do not count as a number close :))
for now : here is the bbm Barcode , send me a PM with your pins and I can invite you to the group that way too. New sarges and wings !


The%20Game%20barcode.png [ 10.51 KiB | Viewed 1960 times ]
PostPosted: Tue Mar 25, 2014 2:29 pm 
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Hey guys. I'm pretty aggressive with my regimen. I go infield at lunch and each evening.

I'm looking for wings that are deadset on not just hooking up but also just crafting their game down to mastery.

My number is 071 898 3150. Contact me if you want to connect and make plans to hit it.

PostPosted: Thu May 01, 2014 6:20 pm 
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Hey Guys I'm new to the forum, in the Gauteng area. What's happening in Joburg? All seems much too quite here... or is everybody out sarging?? :lol:

Johnny Sparks
South Africa

PostPosted: Tue May 13, 2014 6:48 pm 
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Posts: 2 much is happening in south africa and its making me excited.
Yea so awe gents im puaTeejay from JHB,gauteng im an aspiring pick up artist started to sarge last year after 3years of theory and social now trying to develop my own method(technique,Style) its just idears really.
Im 18 (im dark,like dark dark like really dark,im so dark im almost navy blue ) and im still planning to establish a liar soon because i know a few perfait fishing spots.if possible myt take awhile.
......... ...............................................
Im influenced by vin dicarlo and juggler. Im in the city gents if anyone wants to sarge and share idears, im game but i will only be able to sarge in daygame. Anyone who wants to sarge in (CaltonCentre,Braamfontein,rosebank,hillbrow,berea, e.t.c) or in the city hala at me invite me on whatsapp 0719494728 (TeeJay) lets sarge. "lets fail together like true bros." and "remember that the strong dosent win,the winner is strong".

PostPosted: Mon May 26, 2014 7:17 am 
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I just moved to Jhb and left a few of my friends in Durban, who were pretty good and a bunch of natural game behind.
Is this thread still active? Really looking for a few PUA's to meet up and sarge with.
Seems like everyone has moved on to a new forum, but I can't find a legit SA forum on a site that looks half decent.

 Post subject: South Africa (SA) JHB
PostPosted: Thu Sep 25, 2014 9:36 pm 
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Hi guys!

Im brand new to the PUA community. I was hooked after reading The Game and glancing through Mystery Method and Speed Seduction. Im also busy on the rules of the game 30 day challenge. Are there any PUA hubs in Cape Town? It'll be awesome to get more involved in the community(also so I can learn as much as I can from experienced PUA)

Thanks! :D

PostPosted: Thu Jun 16, 2016 6:26 am 
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Hi All.

Seems like it's been years since anyone posted. I've started a new Whatsapp group for men in Joburg only. Reply to this post or inbox me if you wanna join.

PostPosted: Sat Aug 06, 2016 8:40 pm 
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Hey dude.

Could you add me to the watsapp group, is it still going?

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