LR: Girl Picked Up Off Random NYC Street and Fucked

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 13, 2016 10:39 pm 
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Audio file of meet to sex is available on blog here:


This girl was picked up before arriving on a date with her boyfriend and her pussy was smashed hard. She was leaving a bar where she had met a few friends for cocktails and headed towards lower manhattan to meet a date for drinks (she told me in conversation in our first few minutes talking).

This particular day was also the day that I was experimenting with a new pheromone product I had just received in the mail. Pheromones are naturally released chemical signals that affect human behaviors. In the animal and insect world, pheromones produce very tangible effects, but in humans, they produce subtle effects. In order to discern these, you must be decent at detecting sub-communications like body language cues, eye contact, proximity signals from girls, etc. I already know all that shit since I’ve been an aggressive player and pheromone user for a while now, so I was able to see prodigious results.

Where we met and how: 8 PM-ish. Took the C Train down to grab my car for street game. Got out of the subway, spotted her. Skipped up to her directly with a huge smile on my face and put my checker-colored sunglasses on her. Had my backpack on me so it might have looked like I was a student. My car was parked on 15th near 7th ave. Met her on 8th ave near 16th st. Bounced her towards my car with premise of a party where all my gay friends are hanging out.

When I approached her, I ran my usual street SNL stack but my verbals were very slow paced and I was throwing some improv game (natural in the moment) at her too. I start teaching her the LA Handshake (something I made up) and she kisses my thumb when I tell her to kiss her thumb–this is the first sign that tells me she’s a bad girl. So, I tease her that she just gave me cooties. She giggles and laughs. I’m very carefree in my mood, and I happen to notice that she keeps twitching her body and arms like she’s either really shy or really horny. I assume the latter. She is literally twitching her arms and shoulders back and forth as if she can’t control herself. I immediately took the hint and grabbed the back of her head dominantly with my left hand and moved my lips to hers and we start heavy making out. We french kiss for around 20 to 30 seconds. I then continue talking to her casually in a very slow sexual way with bedroom eyes. We engage in mostly natural conversation but theres still some routines on the basis of my LA stack. Before making out, I also smelled alcohol on her breath and asked her where she’s coming from. She said she just had cocktails with friends. Cool, so she’s ready to suck my dick (I think inside my head).

There was a split second in my head where I was actually considering just exchanging numbers instead of bouncing her to my place, but my flight or fight instinct always goes towards fight, so I dominantly put her arm in my arm and said “Let’s go on an adventure!!”

I had also mentioned a gay party that I’m headed to in Hell’s Kitchen. When I mentioned the gay party she asked if I’m gay. I said No, and teased her about having a fantasy of converting a gay guy straight.

We walk to my car which is around the block luckily. There were two parking tickets on my windshield (I always place tickets on my windshield so that people will feel sorry for me and not damage my car in some way). I paid no attention to it so she may have thought that I’m well off financially or somethin.

I skip to the passenger side, open the door for her, she gets in. I hop around to my side like a lunatic and get in. Turn on da car and put on Martin Garrix Animals. She starts shaking her ass like a basic instinct. In the car I talk to her for a few seconds more, then makeout some more. This time with my left hand I go to play with her pussy. I rub a bit down there and she seems shy and giving token resistance. So I ease out. Mission accomplished, I just wanted to show her I’m not a pussy. I’m the sex guy. She’s relaxed and doing most of the legwork in keeping the conversation going.

She asks me if I have a phone charger. I usually do, but I lost it apparently. (This is good because you don’t want a girl to receive a call from a friend and kill the seduction)

I talk to her for 5 minutes or so and then bring up the Strawberry Fields Test. She plays and I frame her as a sexually aggressive girl and that she doesn’t care what society thinks, if she wants to have sex, she does it and that she’s bad like that but that its good that she don’t let anyone tell her what to do. I tell her cars like Las Vegas, whatever happens here stays here. I let her know I’m completely non-judgmental about a woman’s sexuality via stories and small talk. There was a lot of talk about sexual shit like if she likes it rough with handcuffs and that she wants to feel safe before she gets into that kinda kinky shit. Most of the silence was filled by me talking retarded shit like “Last week, there was a gypsy that stole my tooth and I found it under my pillow this morning and it had a dollar bill under it that was stained with jizz”. Whatever sick shit comes into my mind, I just say it. I’m assuming this natural ability to communicate was aided by the pheromone I was using.

Seed I planted for the transition to my place while driving: Wine collection (different types of sangria that I have stashed away) *never mentioned my place or home etc*

While we’re parking the car, I tell her let’s pregame with sangria then meet my friends at this bar. (Usually I pretend to have received a text from a friend and that they said they’ll be 30 minutes late, let’s swing by my castle and pregame) – note once again that I do not mention my place, I call it a castle LolOL

Once we park, we get outta da car. I appoint her as my bodyguard and tell her to protect me from ninjas. We had to park a few blocks away from my place because of the shitty parking situation on Friday evenings in midtown.

At traffic light while we are walking to my crib, I lift her up and my hard dick touches her pussy. It feels wet warm and exposed. She says she is 110 pounds. I whisper to her some dirty shit about her pale crotch. (She was talking to me earlier about her she’s very pale all over her body and I teased her sexually asking her if she’s pale “down there” )

Once she entered, asked her to take shoes off or get carpet dirty. She wanted to use bathroom, they always do. It must always be spotless. I pour drinks for us, but realize drinking is not necessary. I lift her up playfully and throw her on the bed and commence my escalation ladder.

Here it is:

(Pro tip: Making out = release of sexual tension, don’t do it until she’s massively horny and there is mad sexual tension built up, especially while escalating to sex)

Throw her on bed.
Jump on top of her.
Start licking her neck while pulling her hair down dominantly.
Meanwhile, use thighs to stimulate her crotch.
Also, expose the nipples by pulling the dress down and lick them and rub them.
After a bit of this she should be more horny.
Use the “I do this better under the covers” line to get us both under the bed covers.
Now play with her pussy, rub clit, then start fingering with come hither strokes.
Whisper dirty shit to her like: “You want my mouth down there licking you don’t ya?”
Once she’s begging for it, go down on her.
Start eating her out after first examining for any strange bumps/ stds etc.
Once done, get back to fingering.
………………………………………………….. (-_-)

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This happened two years ago.

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