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PostPosted: Thu May 26, 2016 7:55 pm 
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hey guys, I'm new to this forum, so I'll give you a short introduction ;-) I'm a PUA who lives in Paris.I got massively into self development and game when I first discovered RSD (Real Social Dynamics), and ever since I've been gaming hard non-stop.

I want to give you my field report from last week, because this is probably one of the interactions that has impacted me the most in my experience in the game.

I was planning to game with my wing Dimitri; he's older than me, has just started game, but has so much potential to become extremely good. He managed to get his first lay within a week of doing game. I love surrounding myself with wings that are charismatic and have a thirst for learning like him. We planNED on gaming at the parc of tuileries, which is a park in front of the Louvre museum filled with beautiful girls from all over the world.

As I arrive on the field i get a text from Dimitri:

''Hey sorry man, I'm going to be 40 minutes late, something popped up, but I'll be there for sure bro....''

I use this as an opportunity to warm up before he arrives and do some solo game.

I open two sets: two french girls. Since it was my first sets I wasn't ''in the zone'': so as I'm opening these sets, I have no outcome in mind, and focus on my own fun and self amusement so I can warm up. i don't even try to get their numbers, I just leave the sets and walk off.

After walking for 5 minutes after the two sets, I see a girl who catches my eye: She has brown hair, a long coat, and some elegant boots that match her whole outfit. She is wearing jeans with rips on them, which I thought was pretty intriguing because her outfit was so classy. As I'm looking at her, she is getting out of the park and seems to heading towards the metro at Concorde. Even though i didn't feel like i was in my zone yet, I knew I had to take immediate action.

I run up to her to catch up with her, because she is pretty far away from me. As I get closer to her, I stop her at her side and tell her ''excuse me...''

Suddenly she stops, and gazes at my face; I hadn't seen it before because she was far away, but she had beautiful blue eyes, and definitely looked eastern European. She seems stunned and amazed, she had ''the Bambi eyes'' as they like to say. From this point i already knew it was on.

Me: ''I know this is completely random, But I had to tell you that I adored your elegant look, and had to come say hi''
Her: ''Really? but my clothes aren't very expensive...''
Me: ''It's okay. A lot of people spend ridiculous amounts of money on expensive clothing brands just to look like shit afterwards. So I appreciate the fact hat even though your clothes aren't expensive, you have a good sense of style, and you know what looks good with what''
Her: ''Oh thank you so much!''

I introduce myself to her and shake my hand with her. As we're shaking hands, I hold her hand and don't let go to see how she reacts. She holds my hand back, there is no resistance even though we just met, within seconds of meeting her she is comfortable with me touching her. It was very clear to me: This is ON.

me: ''One of the first things I've noticed about you is that you're clearly not french...you must be from eastern Europe, I want to say Russia but I know it might be a mistake..''
Her: ''Haha, no. I'm from poland''

Soon as she said Poland, I thought about all of the polish girls I had met before, and how amazing they were. Polish women I've met seemed to all embrace sex as a gift and were so open minded. This explained why this set was going so well.

Me: ''Poland? AWESOME. Hug me!''

She hugs me back and then I grab her and spin her around. She is laughing her ass off, she has no idea what is going on. I then take her hand and start dancing with her on the street. She continues to laugh her ass off and enjoy the moment.

I then grab her hand like she's my girlfriend and tell her: ''Let's go for cofee..NOW''

Her: ''But I can't! I have to get back home!''
Me: ''NO! fuck that! Coffee! 10 minutes! Adventure''
Her: ''But-''
her: ''But I can't -''
Her: ''But i have to-''

Some guys might think that this is ''aggressive'' and ''creepy''; but when I was saying these things to her, she couldn't laughing. She was impressed by how much I wanted to lead, by how much I was alpha.

Her: '' I'm really sorry.....you're fucking awesome...But I have to go back home....but you know what? I can give you my number and we can go for a coffee another day''
Me: ''FUCK THAT!!!! Do you know what's better than numbers?''
Her: 'What?''
Her *laughing* : ''What is an instant date?''
Me: ''It's when two people meet on the street and go on a random date.''
Her: ''Oh my god, that sounds like so much fun! But I can't right now....''

I continue to persist. As I persist, she then says something golden, something I have never heard a girl from daygame EVER say to me:

Her: ''Ok look, I'm going to eat dinner at my house, do you want to join me?''


I was talking to this girl for 5 MINUTES on this street.....and now she wants me to go back AT HER PLACE.....this was fucking ridiculous. I couldn't believe it.

Me: ''Where do you live?''
Her: ''Pont de Neuilly'
Me: ''Line 1 on the metro?''
Her: ''Yeah''
Me: ''OK LET'S GO''

I grab her hand and we go in the metro. As we're in the metro I'm talking about all types of shit that I'm into: Tony Robbins, Anime, ect. i'm amazed by the fact that this girl is totally comfortable with some random guy on the street going back to her place.

Now, i was realistic. I knew that once i got to her place we weren't just going to fuck straight away.

When we got to her place I played it chill; she put on some music and cooked dinner for me. As she was cooking dinner I was doing just a tiny bit of physical escalation on her: kisses on her check, hugging, but nothing more.

She lived with an Ukrainian model but she wasn't there that day, so it was perfect for me and her.

As we ate dinner, I started to build a lot of comfort. She talked to me about her life in Poland, her business studies, her biggest dreams, her childhood, ect. I talked to her about the books that I'm reading, the travel I've done, what I think of my life in France.

as I'm at her place my wing Dimitri sends me that he's here; I told him I was with a girl but I gave him the number of another wing who's motivated to go out.

After having spent an hour at her place, we start dancing together. I do some push/ pull: I escalate, then go back, escalate, then go back.

Then I'm starting to grab her ass and her tits. She giggles. She is perfectly fine with.

I put her hand on my dick (with my pants on) and she is perfectly comfortable with it.

I take off her shirt, kiss her neck....She gets closer to me, takes my shirt off.....

and then......Bang with an awesome girl from Poland :-)

Lessons I got out of this:
-If your wing is going to be late, don't just wait for him and not take action. Just take action to warm yourself up and you never know what might happen
-Remember that in daygame, you don't always need to settle for numbers ......things can go very very very fast sometimes.....


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PostPosted: Sun May 29, 2016 10:12 pm 
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That's fucking epic dude. Very inspiring. I'll have to try a similar approach.

In order to get something you've never had, you have to do something you've never done.

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