Classy girl turns out to be very naughty and nice

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 03, 2016 6:53 am 
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After a few minutes approaching women at a wine festival, I decide to take a leak and notice a lot of women standing in line in front of portable toilets. I game them too. One tall blonde exchanges a few words with me before she goes to the loo. I turn around and there are two girls waiting in line as I start a conversation over nothing. One of them looks like a business woman, a very cute brunette so I press questions about the way she dresses, what she is doing at the festival, to pretty much anything that came to mind, I didn't really care. Before you know it, her friend had returned from the toilet while Miss Business continued to talk with me. Classy accent, spoke multiple languages, and was demonstrating lots of 'qualify me' IOIs I cut to the chase and explained I had to go to the toilet and leave abruptly. Free of outcome, I said we should continue our conversation over wine since the festival was about to close, taking out my phone with the intention to get her number. She said she would 'think about it' and that she doesn't give out numbers, when her friend intervenes and says that if she's interested she would text me. Miss Business takes out a notepad and a pen and looks at me, I give her my number.

Half an hour later, she texts me with a message saying:

"Hey Rico, it's me Lisa. I was wondering whether you would be interested to meet up for some dinner on Saturday?"

Night 2:
Dinner is great, she pays for her own meal without approval and we go for a walk at a nearby park. She caught a taxi there so I offer her a lift back home. When we arrive I act as if I need to go home by explaining how tired I am. She offers me to come in for some tea and I accept the offer.

As we talk tea, wine, and work she turns on the television as I put my arms around her and kiss her on the cheek, as if to say, "I really like you but don't want to ruin our wonderful night". Suddenly, I notice her eye contact is zoomed into mine without flinching or looking at any other direction but mine, this goes on as we talk for a few minutes when I put my hands through her hair and move in for a passionate kiss.

She is all over me. The poor girl was starved for sex. I escalate and relocate her to the bedroom where I spend the night. She makes me breakfast the next morning before I drive home with a smile on my face.

PostPosted: Tue May 10, 2016 3:15 pm 
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Starving hahahahah

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