Leave it, or give it one last shot?

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Leave it, or give it one last shot?

Postby J5 » Tue Jan 16, 2007 11:53 pm

Alright guys, I need your help. I fucking blew it with this amazing 10hb and I have to get another try. So here’s the deal. I’m at the strip club and see this mind blowing hot blonde stripper, which looks some what familiar to me. The hunt was on, I had to have her. I starting talking to her, making fun of the people she has to deal with for money, making her laugh. I find out I have seen her before. She was at the same club I was for Halloween and I danced with her for a short period of time but was really wasted and didn’t remember her. I asked her why she wasn’t wearing her hula outfit, she looked at me weird then smiled and said “Oh hey!!! You were there too, I knew you looked familiar” Happy my friend leaned over and introduced himself because I didn’t remember her name. I started teasing her and making her laugh, she loved it. For example “You didn’t dance with him over there did you? “ahah that huge guy? no I didn’t why?’ “Good, if you did I would be disappointed because the only way I would get a lap dance from you after that would be if you took a shower with bleach.” She punched me in the arm and asked me for a lap dance, I kept saying things like “But why you? There are so many girls.. I don’t know if I made my mind up yet” or “I like you but I want to see some skills on the stage first, then will talk” She ended up staying and sitting with me the whole time. She even got yelled at by the bouncer for sitting on my lap and not dancing or trying to get lap dances. I ended up getting a lap dance from her at the end of the night and it was amazing. She talked about school and her twin sister. I asked her where she lived she told me, then she asked how far away I lived from her. I told her about 25 minutes. She snapped back “That’s all? Good then that won’t be a problem then.” I took that as a big IOI and pretended I didn’t hear it or care. At the end of the dance I made a big mistake, I said something about hanging out, she said I don’t have a cell phone but let me get your number and ill call you. So I wrote down my number and gave it to her. I didn’t ask for her home phone for some stupid reason. Needless to say I was so fucking happy when I left that place. Turns out my friend knows one of the strippers that work there. He starting talking about how the stripper ask for my number and if she knows her.. And she starts flipping out saying oh my god is that who she was talking about!!! Turns out she lost my phone number after I left and she was in the back room very upset telling the girls how there was this cute guy that left and didn’t give him her phone number. And when she was trading in her money, she lost the piece of paper. So the next weekend it was my friend’s birthday so went there and I saw her. She was very happy to see me but I told her I had to leave shortly, she instantly gave me her phone number and explained she lost mine and was upset about it. So far so good right? I end up talking to her on the phone, everything goes well and then I fuck up. I couldn’t get over the fact I was talking to one of the hottest girls I have ever seen and she wants me.. So I start calling her more, she’s hardly ever home and has no cell phone so it sucks. I find out her sister lives with her and hate guys that try to date her sister, specially some one she meets at work. She has never been in a real relationship (she just turned 20) and said that for the most part she can’t stand guys because their assholes but that I was different. I started calling more and more, her sister would answer and say she’s not here and hang up real quick. When on the phone her sister would be in the background saying she needed help with something or to get off the phone. She has not been calling me. The last few times I talked to her I know I gave off the feeling I was hooked and need to have her. I fucked up. As soon as I talked to her on the phone for the first time I was so excided I didn’t use my brain and acted like a home sick puppy dog waiting for her to take me in. I stopped calling her for about 2 weeks and haven’t seen her in a month. I’m thinking of going back to the club in a few weeks or month and play the game the right way insure in her that I don’t need anyone. That people fight to be around me. Just got to make sure I stick to it. Do you think I have a chance to rescue it? This girl is soooo god damn hot it blows my mind. I must have another chance.
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Postby Element » Wed Jan 17, 2007 12:02 am

Damage control sucks.
I won't lie.

It will take so much more effort to fix damage than to start anew.
But, if you insist on continuing.....

I don't have anything to tell you, really.
You already named off your mistakes.
You already know what to do.

Just be the same guy that she liked from the club.
Not the puppy-eyed-bitch-fist she heard on the phone.

And another key to remember:
aka: her sister.

If you get the chance, talk to her sister.
Hopefully not over the phone.. :P
If you do eventually end up working this out, if you end up at the house,
and her sister is there, focus on her.
Same routine as disarming groups.

Best of luck to ya, bra.
You can learn and learn and learn all you want... but until you go out and use it, it doesn't mean a thing.
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Postby jacked » Wed Jan 17, 2007 4:47 am

Bring a date to a strip club. Sounds fucked up, but it won't make you look needy like you said, and plus you can joke around with your date, and the stripper and already make yourself look cool like "naked females" is a normal thing for you. Well just a weird input here, but if you can make this stripper as excited as you said, than she would like you a whole lot more once you bring in a broad. Make your broad even get a lap-dance with the chick you want. Make it as friendly as possible, while they are having a lap-dance they will get to know each other better, and you are a shoe-in for a possible 3-some, or sex with your date because the stripper will talk about how a great guy you are.
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Postby J5 » Wed Jan 17, 2007 6:01 am

Awesome idea, bringing another girl with me will definitely help achieve the look that I’m not needy and well liked. On that note I’ll have as many girls as I can meet me there. I know some girls that get turned on and love the strip club. Thanks for the advice.
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