The Gym

How to approach, which openers, time constraints, disqualification.

The Gym

Postby Takeher » Tue Apr 17, 2018 1:19 am

So Im always attracted to these fitness instructors. And lots of the time they are not busy and just being social with everyone or their coworkers. Or sometimes they ate working out themselves or giving a working to someone.

Im really not that confident when i see theyre perfect bodies and the guys they talk to are mad fit and attractive so I just feel like I have no chance.

There are some that i always see looking at me and we lock eyes like 5 times every session that were both in the gym. It happens too many times for it to be a coinsidence. Whats a bunch of ways I could ask them to hang out sometime? Without the whole fitness questions and leading them to think i could be a potential client of theirs.
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