Woman setting me up for a rejection from her friend?


Woman setting me up for a rejection from her friend?

Postby Johnny Utah » Sun Apr 08, 2018 8:32 pm

This situation is complicated so I will try to summarize best I can.

A woman that I teach English to privately rejected me for sex after treating me to a fancy dinner date that she insisted on paying for (her idea). So a week later, she asks if her friend can study English with us and I agree.

Of course, her friend and her gossip about me. Her friend said I'm handome the very first time I met her. The woman who rejected me will often steer the lessons off topic, making me the topic. For example, today I said let's ask each other questions using WH questions then she asked "What kind of woman do you like?" Then she giggled and said something like I'm not her type. I regret hitting on her and asking her out before knowing her well enough. Anyway, she is being too obvious with pushing me toward asking out her friend. It feels like a set up.

Her friend asked to take photos and videos of me teaching. Tonight was my second night teaching her and her friend and she started wearing a black leather jacket...just like I always wear? Is she trying to hint to me that she likes me by wearing similar clothing? The leather looked new as if she bought it just to wear around me? These woman are rich, so money isn't ever a problem. I agreed to take photos with her after the lesson that she wanted to show her friend...whoever that is.

The weird thing is the woman that rejected me said she was married but I later found out from her friend that she is actually divorced and that her husband was a terrible man so she "hates" all men now? She just seems afraid of getting burned again. She even said today that she is a weak woman.

Her friend might genuinely be attracted to me, but it is more likely that they are waiting for me to ask her out, so they can call me a player to my face and reject me because maybe they are playing mind games.

What makes this situation even more ridiculous is the divorced woman that rejected me is possibly trying to hook me up...with her married friend?

The married friend mentioned that her Japanese husband is an honest but stupid man when I asked her to describe him...so she might be married just for a spouse visa to live in Japan legally.

I'm going to just ignore their shenanigans and keep teaching them English for the good money. I live in Japan but these two women are Chinese. What do you guys think about this situation?
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