Reintroducing myself

New to pick-up and seduction? Stop by and introduce yourself. We were all new once!

Reintroducing myself

Postby JP5000 » Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:51 am

Hey guys!

When I joined here to start, I didn't know my arse from my face and generally sucked...

After joining, I read a lot and a lot and get a drift of concepts of game and went out and just gamed and gamed. Body count was maybe 4. Now my count is 64, which for me is a vast improvement.

So to reintroduce:

I'm Josh, and I can actually game now. Thanks to you guys here.

2018 is looking like a good year to make it better.

Just from learning small parts here, I've come a long way for me!
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Re: Reintroducing myself

Postby GFRESH2DEF » Fri Feb 16, 2018 9:00 pm

That is amazing Josh! Good shit man. Congrats and Much props!

I feel you on that sentiment. Before the game (about 4 years ago)..i've only had sex with about 5 or 6 women. Now the number is in the 40s range.

Last month (January of 2018) i fucked the 2nd hottest girl that i've ever banged from the game. She was a HB8.9 Brunette Nepali chick (she looked like she was more Indian than anything else), that i pulled from an after hours Cambodian restaurant and take-out spot on a Saturday night, after all the bars & clubs closed for the night (i may write a lay report about it). She was by herself (meaning there was other people at the restaurant, but noone was with her) just sitting on the floor against the wall, inside of the Cambodian restaurant charging her phone. I usually stay out in the streets a little bit longer to see if i can catch any of the leftovers lingering around lol, after i wasn't able to get anywhere with any of the girls at the bars & clubs that night. In my circle of guy friends who also do pickup, we call it "street sweeping".

If it wasn't for me learning game (and i am still learning game), me picking up that girl wouldn't have been possible. That girl looked like she could be an instagram model.

I truly feel bad for the dudes who never get into pickup, or the guys who quit this shit because they only focus on the rejections. They don't look at the big picture, they don't view the negative experiences as just learning experiences.

Happy Hunting, Cheers!

LEARNING GAME IS LAME!..Right up until the point when you will eventually see a hot girl standing or sitting right in front of you. In that will wish that you had learned game!
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