Another Successful 3some: taking questions

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Re: Another Successful 3some: taking questions

Postby Danatron1987 » Thu Dec 07, 2017 4:31 am

Arch Stanton wrote:Different. I do well with hired guns. The brazen/shocking honesty thing combined with fitness (I'm far from an elite body builder, just have nice arms and shoulders. My mid section could be better).

However, I didn't do much. The bartender has a huge crush on my gf. So I gave my gf complete freedom to hang out and party with the bartender, even hook up without me as long as its at my place. After a second hang out at the local bowling alley, my gf (who now lives with me) brought her home. They shut the door to the second bedroom and were drinking/laughing for 45 minutes, then came out in lingerie and asked me to take photos. the rest is history, lol.

My gf did use the "get to the point" tactic at the bowling alley,and asked the bartender to come home to continue the party and take photos.

So that was always in the back of her mind.

all I had to do was lead, once they started making out. Also, I stayed out of the way, and played the indifferent to a threesome, but fun and chill vibe. Not much talking, and letting the girls do what they want without breathing down their neck. just loose and chill.

Does the missus mind you Jizzing in the other chick?
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Re: Another Successful 3some: taking questions

Postby Arch Stanton » Thu Dec 07, 2017 9:06 am

Danatron1987 wrote:
Does the missus mind you Jizzing in the other chick?

Nope. She gets really excited when I start fucking another woman right next to her. The last time I was kissing my gf while I did it, lol.
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