Men have lost Mischievous energy


Men have lost Mischievous energy

Postby pratik jain » Wed Nov 29, 2017 12:04 pm

I always ask myself, Why we men are so neutral, safe and funny but not playful in our conversations with women? Why we men are so Respectful in a way that is not arousing to women? Where is the mischievous energy of a man when he is talking to a woman?

The word Mischievous is more or less taken in literal sense by society at large. We identify the word mischievous with something not respectful and nice, in fact at the cost of being boring men will avoid being mischievous with women.

Do you remember when we have a baby boy in our midst, he does some mischief, we enjoy it and relate to him as mischievous?

As the boy grows he loses that energy because the word mischievous is infuse with being disrespectful and annoying. And as the boy grows into adult, he goes out of his way to be respectful, empathetic (which is nice) but forgets the playfulness of his own soul.

Women like the company of men who are respectful and empathetic, but that’s not enough for them to be caught up. They don’t feel excitedly nervous around men like these, which is essential.

As my mentor Zan Perrion says, women respond to the winking energy of men.

We men should realize that our own lives become spirited and alive by being playful and self amusing without any hesitation and apology.

Why we hesitate to say “So”, when a girl says “I have a boyfriend” in the process of you man flirting with a woman? Why we defend our natural flirtatious behavior?

Being mischievous means acknowledging a woman just by a sly smile and a wink, it means telling a girl given the right time and right place you will make her run away with you. All with respect and grace. Making her aware that she has full right to make her own choice.

How we men should bring this mischievous energy back to our soul?

I am not sure myself, but I think being aware of its importance should be suffice.
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