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First off, sorry if this is the wrong place to post.

After having a crappy time when I was young I managed to get to a point where everything in my life was going great and I was really happy. Then within the space of about 5 months my life just fell to bits (I lost my job, 7 year relationship ended, a friend committed suicide, dog died and so on). I didn't handle any of it well and I ended up really depressed, having panic attacks all the time and it was just really shit.

I've been trying to work on myself, getting fit and getting in a better place mentally. I think I've made a lot of progress but because of everything that happened I now I have literally no social life, no friends, nothing. So I'm trying to build a social life from scratch with very rusty social skills and social anxiety.

From what I've read a lot of pick up stuff is about self improvement so I was wondering if anyone here has any ideas or suggestions on how to go from where I am? If you were in my position what would you do?

I've been looking into taking an improv class (terrified but going to sign up and hope for the best, won't be for a couple of months though) and yoga classes which if nothing else would at least get me out the house. Kind of struggling with what else to do though. Not sure if it makes a difference but I'm 27.

Thanks for any help!

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Found this one:

- Get rejected once every day link removed
- Eye contact, smile and say hi to every girl you pass on the street.
- Small-talk at least once every day with a stranger.
- Practice good listening: eye contact, presence, open follow-up questions. Rate your performance every day.
- Try to make X new friends, that you meet at least once every two weeks. (need to be broken down into actions).
- Go on one new date per week.

Use that as a warm up kind of thing.

for actual building of social circles

You can refer to Love Systems - Social Circle Mastery. You can find a torrent of this in thepiratebay. They teach it very clearly.

There's also High Status Seduction by Richard La Ruina teaches you how to have a high status social circle. This one's next level, you need to learn game before you can apply this.

Hope it helps.

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