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Representatives of AFL-CIO and the US Chamber of Commerce, recently released a statement that outlined their goals and the two groups want a visa system that would allow the US employers and business owners to hire low-skilled foreign workers. They say that this visa system must also help the native Americans and see to that their jobs are not taken away from them. They also want the government to establish a federal agency that would create a guest worker program by making use of "real world data about labor markets and demographics".

Their statement describes a new kind of work visa program that would permit the foreign workers to become lawful residents and US citizens. However, this may not apply to all the workers and only certain categories of guest workers would be permitted to obtain lawful status. Moreover, the statement also describes the three goals of the chamber and their first goal is to ensure that the native Americans are given first preference and their second goal is to create a new visa program that would grant work visas to low-skilled foreign workers. The chamber wants to issue visas to low-skilled workers, in order to cope with the changing business needs. Finally, they want a system that would clearly identify the need for temporary foreign workers, in the United States.

Earlier the labor unions did not want the government to implement guest worker programs for the low-skilled workers as they believed that such programs will take the jobs away from the native Americans and this plan was opposed by the chamber. Business owners in the United States look forward to hire low-skilled foreign workers as they need farm workers and agriculturists and they seek to hire foreign workers as most Americans are not willing to do such jobs. However, the draft of President Obama's immigration proposal does not contain provisions related to guest worker programs and the people feel that the White House would approve the proposals suggested by the labor unions and the business leaders

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