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I am at the level I can get girls from bars and clubs. This goes for beautiful girls that know what they want. Girls come to visit me but I don't mean this, from your fame or achievements alone. The girl that does not know me and has high value I can get often if I like. When I meet those girls, they become very attracted.

I don't forget talking to anybody!!! I have the right connection anywhere! This is not natural but comes from long training. And studying PUA. I put it in place for 10 years, right. So read from somebody studying PUA 2005.
My tip is, you need any information, that is clear! And that information tells you the right things of course! Go in field!
I had alot of success with that almost starting rightaway! I read expert PUA information alot and watched seminars and training videos. I spent money on books and for travelling going sarging, going to sarging places.

Ok I don't use any crutches only good PUA lifestyle! Clothing, work, being at the right time at the right place and approaching! I can befriend guys and flirt with girls.

So for example I walk in the hot club in your capital and when I see the nr.1 girl I approach her rightaway! When there is a nr.1 girl there, you have a good atmosphere and that means I may say funny things to guys in front of clubs or talk to strangers rightaway!!! This girl will always have sensed or seen or heard me talking to other people before I approach her. The excitement is then in, I am also approaching her of course!

For this I may have a routine on mind from other PUA's or very often one of my one. I develope my own routines in-field. I approach her with the routine and most of the time I have practiced this routine at least 10 times! On hot girls already!

So I say it to her and it runs smooth and it gives her no time to think about how I say things but it is portrayed real! Because I said it to other girls before and it is intruiging, funny, or "real".

Talking about this specific girl keeping the field-report in mind, I approached her: "Your friends are here, you make this place attractive!". So super-hot girl smiled and appreciated "me" because I was a cool guy and I had been working out so she saw this. Then I put this opener thread more interesting with some push&pull "Your friends will show you everything but look at me!". This line put a reframe on her that "we were in a relationship already" and I don't have guy-friends but girls and they are there for me also! But I am the price so she will want to know directly from me. She took this line with surprise and it had her get on energy.
She shit-tested me hard as an answer, responding: "Get a hot girl here!" (in a club, really).
So I replied and said: "Yes, these hot girls will tell you. You know, tell them you are the best." So this is making "her qualify herself". Other girls will look at her and say "who is this guy" and she must qualify herself to them to keep up with me, so she does not get lost to another girl. So there you see Open-MaleFemaleAttraction-FemaleMaleAttraction very quickly. All the time keeping in warm contact with her. Smiling, really smiling, nothing evil about the situation. Open body language, opening up to her but being validated from the surrounding and willing to go away and "having value there" (because I could open other girls and it does not matter how all girls respond because I open girls continously and that is what makes me successful).
So I put the attraction a bit higher, saying "Who do you like" but saying it I already turned to the dancefloor facing another girl and did not look back, but kept her on my mind. I wanted her and these girls want to know you are good with girls. They don't give it to you. Her maybe if you are nice and friendly she will keep me as a friend and give me high-value. So I didn't wait for her answer and this was cocky&funny because she could not get up and sarge girls with me already.
I saw another very hot girl and approached her. I said within the matter of 3s: "This club is cool and knowing you this is the point." This opener fit in. The atmosphere was so. Girls wanted to be validated and are nice then. Guys were shy and so I showed I have confidence and can enter her circle and talk to her. (No girl was in there alone.)
She responded: "Yes, buy me a drink." So I had her attention and this was nice!!! I felt this was working good because she was smiling appreciating the compliment. And this was key. I did not want to neg her and follow me on later then, because my target shb saw it and she should know I can talk to this girl nicely or I may be her friend even! Remember this guys I played this in mind. For my target it was unclear whether I knew this HB or not. And I kept that thread open focusing on it the most. It does not drop and if it does, that is the targets perception changing, nothing bad about that. Approach from the highest frame you know those girls have those girls in communication as an Alpha and it gives you the most value. I went to this club alone and I knew maybe 1 girl in this club I had approached her before! But my target figured "maybe he is in here often and fucks girls already" and "he has his friends here and now I get introduced".
So I replied to the HB question "buy me a drink" and said: "I go to the bar now and get a drink and this girl (SHB) has forbidden me to buy other girls drinks. Talk to her". So I was getting her involved on the target. And I played it friendly so they would communicate each other about me! And that HB would get the deal settled with SHB.
I knew this would not keep her active as a contact so I stayed with her! Smiled at her! And said: "If you go now with me to the bar to get a drink she (shb) will take advantage of you, get you drunk and fuck you." So I made her think I have this super-relationship long-lasting with SHB already and HB would talk to her "get into the deal" because I was the guy with SHB. This is frame control, framing hot relationships that SHB and HB have with a guy and getting HB into it to pull SHB into it.
I smiled at her and waited for her reply! So HB said: "She (SHB) looks beautiful."
This was an IOI. I did not really lie to her here, flirting, well lying, but girls talk to each other like that to have excitement and it fuels energy for relationships they can later control anyways!
When she said this IOI to me I had it and turned to another girl. And went to approach her in the next 3s. This was on a dancefloor so girls were hot and this was another HB (HB2) target for me!
I felt in this place and atmosphere girls validating you gives you the girls and it is fun and there was no other way to get in with the girls really. Because AFC's were around with girls they brought to the club already and I needed like 2 groups of girls to proove higher value than them. I wanted to open 4-5 sets and establish them as my peer group to then proove to 1 or 2 girls that I am Alpha and get her home with me for ONS or LTR.
So I approached another HB (HB2) keeping the tension in 2 sets inside the club alive (I left them and did not get rejected but kept the "contact" alive and kept an eye on them. If a guy had talked to those 2 girls inbetween I would have changed my whole strategy to focus back on me. But now the focus of those 2 hot girls was on me and the AFC's let it be that way! Also because I was talking like friends with the bartender and guys from outside that joined the club so I was ok to talk with the girls.)
So I said to the HB(2): "Do you want to get a drink with me? I will buy you one you are so super-hot!" "Buying a drink is on me but she (HB) has money and she will pay me the drinks if I drink it with a hot girl like you."
This got her replying like: "Wouh, she buys you drinks, you are with girls already. Fun, maybe I am in." This was her body language and what she said. I had her on it and she was willing to get a free drink because I was cool so I pulled her to the bar saying "Yes come on do it, you will get a free drink, a drink with me!"
She said ok and came along and had the drink. This was very quick and it was working because of the 2 sets before. She took the drink because 2 girls had talked to me before, I had talked with 2 girls before.
And I wanted to flirt with her, yes flirting is nice, and build a relationship with her. Being Alpha, framing, thinking a girls meets me, it is good for her and I give her compliments and make her feel beautiful. And I wanted to lay her because she was very beautiful and friendly from the first moment.
I had her at the bar, putting a bubble around the two of us. Putting my arm on the table, touching her at the should so she would turn towards me. Smiling at her and speaking loud Alpha. I said: "You want to have any drink, tell me what you like. Tell me, if you tell him (the bartender) he will not hear it. I get the drink for you." So here I was like a good salesman giving her the "product" deal and flirting. She wanted a drink and I made it easy for her. See, she could have pulled away saying "I do not know this guy" and she had just known me 2 minutes so I had our drink shared secured and in control to force it, it would be shared! The other girls would see it, I wanted it.
She said to me she wanted a beer and this was with IOI in her eyes so I had her. I had this! It had us feel like we were in that relationship "pulling from a club" just much more. She did not turn to the bartender at all, this was a huge IOI. Then I touched her back and getting the bartender look at "us" I shouted for 2 beers so we would both have the same drink. I always have the drink the girl likes, it works for me! Paying, she was standing faced with her body towards me and I faced her with my body the same way, 90° angle from the bar, being with her in "our bubble" and paying quickly so it would not interrupt the two of us.
She smiled and drank so she needed more comfort. If I would not have said anything she would have walked away so she would not look "easy". I engaged her with kino and said: "We have a beer and this girl (SHB) thinks it is good." HB(2) (she was a 9) looked at her and replied to me quick: "Where are you from?". She did kino on me. I said: "I am from your city but she (SHB) will follow me there if I tell you." She smiled, knowing this SHB is the hottest girl from the club and said: "Yes, do you hide from her?" This was an IOI so she wanted to know more about me. I kept the flirting massive: "You cannot come to my house sorry I will show you rightaway." This was C&F giving her an IOI. As if she could not come to my house? I put her in the frame she wanted it, she was going for it. And I give her the IOI she is beautiful and I get weak for her beauty and want her.
She wanted to get out of the set then, smiling and taking validation. So next I used Kino on her and showed her: "See the girl (SHB), having the drink with me give her this opportunity she can have it all!" What would she say? She was up to decide for SHB for some drinks. She was framed "having the drink with me" and made to qualify in front of this other girl. She replied to this with an IOI, facing me straight, smiling, used kino, said: "What is your name?" I said I am fluffnet and asked her for her name. No C&F on this. She said she is Sandra and I kinoed her and said: "Sandra, this girl (SHB) said I must meet you, do you want to give her your name?" So I was framing myself "MLTR" already. Being with SHB already, she liked the girl HB"bardrink".
I was ready to pull the conversation forward, stacking another question on this first one to keep her engaged, seeing if she would respond. Just like she did before, I could use that now too.
She said: "Yes you can tell her my name, I don't know her, but I want to fuck you, too." Ok, so she went along with me having SHB. This was value HB give for guys with SHB and I used this like a picture from a lost receipt to get what I wanted. Again, she wanted to eject, she still had the frame. She could have said: "Yes, you have her, then I want to see it, too." Or: "What do you want, turn me on, still?" And with an ejection in the set that would have been the end. So it was another shit-test. I kept on pushing and said: "Yes tell her she should fake she is drunk so now she can get me and I won't have to go you with you." Again, reframing the situation that both girls want me, framing I am with girls in bed already (SHB) and making her qualify that she wants to go home with me, too.
She became really attracted and asked me for my number! Because I was the guy with girls and I can talk to them and I do not talk to a girl and talk to a guy next! I keep on talking with girls when other guys reject and think for a line to say... I said to her my whole home adress followed by my number and my e-mail adress and that came to my mind just then. Giving her the IOI that I wanted her and she could know it.
She gave me the IOI "Haha, ok yes I know (serious)". I looked her in the eyes as if that was serious, yes too. Then I gave her my number and took hers. I did not want to pull her home on that night, I wanted SHB and I wanted to come back to that set. But I had her and wanted to follow on. I would call her.
I kinoed her and said "Ok thank you, I will see you." I meant it because I knew I would follow up on numbers, no matter what they say on phone. I call them and either stack routines on them (from other pua's also) or think of my own words to say and date them then!
Then I went back to SHB again, following the 3s rule! See, tension was up and not following the 3s rule all attraction would have been broken! I went up to SHB again. I said: "This girl (HB-bardrink) is my girlfriend and she also likes you." Ok again flirting heavily I put this up to her "framing" the situation "as it may turn out ideal" Alpha with a smile. She was impressed because I had talked to 2 girls and gotten 2 positive reactions and I got HB-bardrink's number. And saying she is my girlfriend puts SHB insecure whether "this is all clear to pull her" or whether I am flirting establishing myself Alpha. Safe because she can decide in her own situation whether she likes me. She said: "Oh yes I am here for you if you want to talk about your girlfriend." So another shit-test as if I was an AFC wanting to talk about my girlfriend. I said: "Can you make our night, we want to get that other girl HB?" So I reframed it that I don't want SHB and disqualify but want that first set and she should help us get it because she is SHB. She said: "If you take her, I go with you, too." So that reframing worked. Framing Alpha I have those 3 girls, yes if I have 2 girls she will want me, too! IOI. Girls passing each other comfort and attraction. I said: "Please, when you go with us, you will only come to see we don't have sex." So I frame her as being "a good girl with me" because girls don't want to be bad "naughty night" they want to fulfill their role watching "sex does not happen". She smiled and wanted to eject. Then I kinoed her and said: "Ok we will see nothing happens, we wait until those 2 girls go to sleep." I built sexual tension but I framed her in her good role as if those girls wanted to have sex and we would watch it would not happen.
She said: "Yes, I will just stay here", another shit-test. I said: "Yes, you will ask her for my number, what is your number?" Reframing her shit-test that "she will stay in the club to get my number from HB"bar-drink" who I already gave my number. She said: "Yes I give you my number if you want." So I passed her shit-test and we exchanged numbers!!!
This is how I got the numbers from the set. I ejected and did not get any other numbers (from the second HB I talked to). I will teach you about dates with girls on another post. This was no girl taken out from the club but I pulled those girls. Ok I can tell you how I handle dates with girls! See it later like an archive.

I have many routines I remember from other PUA's also. Talking to many girls (I approached 50 girls before I went to the club) gets me talkative and then I think along the matter of those routines. I keep the PUA principles of c&f, push-pull, MysteryMethod, RSD and so on!

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