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PostPosted: Sun Feb 05, 2017 1:13 pm 
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How do you stop from turning your conversations into interview modes? I've noticed some girls do get talkative without me having to ask a question to keep the conversation going but there are some that don't. I get that you need to make a statement and a question to keep the conversation going. I don't want to overthink it and assume the girl is not interesting just because of a few short worded responses but I find it difficult to keep the conversation going. I feel getting short replies and them not asking about me often makes it hard to engage in the girl.

Like I could tell the girl what she likes doing and she mentions a few interests and then I say what my interests are and even praise some of her interests and then end the message with a question but sometimes I get replies like 'oh nice' and then she just answers my question to keep the messages short. haha unfortunately most of these conversations lead to interview mode where the girl is just answering my questions and not replying much to the statements I am making. Any advice on what to do? Do I think of more witty replies or just move on to the next girl?

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 06, 2017 6:34 pm 
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You need to look at how many interactions are going like this. Internet game is kinda just like that. When you are face to face you have most of the girls attention, when your texting her or messaging on a site, you get her attention when she chooses to give it to you. The girl might not be interested at all and is just giving short answers rather than just ignoring you.

If it's a few girls, maybe just move on and focus on girls giving you good reactions and conversing, or try some outrageous crap that gets the girls full attention and just see what works.

In general if I feel like she's on autoreply mode giving short replies I'll say something like "wow we wouldn't get along very well, I like girls that talk more. Otherwise I'll never shut up. Oh well, thats too bad, you are a cutie :("

Sometimes that lets the girl know that I expect more of her and it helps her along to being more involved, sometimes it ends the conversation, lol.

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