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Just what the hell happened to us men? Answering this question was the reason I started this movement – it is my service to move towards and eventually reclaim authentic masculinity!

You see, men no longer show up!

Sure, plenty of us are well and fun, charming, handsome and somewhat interesting, but there is a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that is lacking!

Women like these men, but they don’t go home fantasizing about them. They don’t go to sleep yearning for these men.

Men today are too top-heavy!

We’ve lost touch with our connection to the sacred. We’re disconnected from our roots and no longer feel grounded or rooted in our own depth.

Basically put: You lack confidence because you’ve lost sight of who you are as a man. You’ve foregone your authentic masculinity and your truth and instead, opted to fit in and conform.

This is a call to action.

What Is Authentic Masculinity?
I want you to feel your body.

Here, now. Feel it.

Just sit, breathe and feel your feet on the floor, feel your arms at your side and your back against your chair as you read this.

We’ve grown too top-heavy because we’ve grown accustomed to remaining trapped at the level of the mind.

There is a story taking place in between our ears and that story constantly and repeatedly sabotages us. It reinforces a sense of identity and dictates to us what we should and should not do, what we do and do not deserve.

Essentially, we’ve become slaves to that story and the Tormentor is the slave master.

Every time you try to step out of line, the Tormentor cracks the whip and shakes the chains.

The chains?

Crippling. Fucking. Anxiety.

How To Connect With Your Authentic Masculinity
There is hope brother. There always is.

Where there’s a will there’s a way.

To reconnect with your authentic masculinity, you must spend time alone.

The Buddha walked away from his kingdom.

Jesus spent 40 days in the desert.

You need a pilgrimage of Self.

You don’t actually have to go off to a forest and wrestle bears to find your Self, what you should do instead is disconnect from the distractions.

Take a month: Turn off Game of Thrones, disconnect from Facebook, turn off your cell phone, cancel all your dates and delete the phone numbers of the people you cling to for safety.

Then ask yourself the following question;

What do I truly want to say?

At first, it’ll feel weird.

“I don’t want to say anything…” your mind will retort. But you will sit in it, you will stay with it and you will ask it again.

Then, something strange will begin to happen…

You will notice your back will instinctively straighten.

You will begin to feel the rush of courage of the thousands of men who have stood strong over hundreds of thousands of years.

You will feel a sense of unparalleled power course through your veins.

You will feel like you’ve come to life again and then, you will hear it…

The voice that was once faint and barely audible…

Now a profound roar that you know comes from the depths of who you really are.

“What do I truly want to say?”

And it will answer:

I do not give a FUCK what others think of me.

I do not have TIME to waste on self-loathing and self-defeating thoughts.

I have the makings of greatness within me and there is NO reason I can’t have what I want.

I am greater than I let myself believe I am.

I am what I am and I accept that.

I am free.

How To Practice Authentic Masculinity
“I’m the opposite of moderate, immaculately polished with the spirit of a hustler and the swagger of a college kid” – T.I

Accepting yourself is HUGE.

Accepting yourself means knowing that in this moment, here and now, you have everything you need, and at the same time, you are a work in progress.

You are both the Michelangelo and the David of your own life.

Accepting yourself means that your hindrances are not weaknesses, and that your vulnerability is your greatest strength.

Accepting yourself means you own your desires.

“I find that girl stunningly beautiful and I don’t give a shit who knows. I am a man, she is a beautiful woman, I’m going to go over there and do my duty and make her feel special. Let onlookers look on, let criticizers criticize. I am the master of my life and they can look on in envy. Get out of my way.”

When that shift happens, you will come back from your self-imposed exile stronger than ever.

All that is really left is to go forth and conquer.

The world needs a return towards authentic masculinity. This is the roadmap to being a man.

Allow yourself to explore your own depth… You’ll be amazed at what you find.

This is a call to action. The bells are ringing, the people are calling – will you answer?

Your fan,
Pat Ananda

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