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PostPosted: Fri Apr 29, 2016 8:05 pm 
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supp everyone!

excuse me for my english i am learning.

i am a 22year old male with a mild form of asperger and i come from a very hard case newbie that was really clueless and had no friends and was really social awkward..
but when i was 21 i was tired of being a virgin and so to live.
So I started to read about pickup and start going out more times in a week.
but approaching was in the beginning for me a hell, I dared not even speak to an old woman.

so first i have a time followed one person, he is dutch and comes from where i live in Belgium.
and he gives pick up advice and by applying his techniques, I am not anymore a virgin and had i past year here en there some succes. i think past year 80 kiss closes and sex with 3 girls and an open relationship.
But he is very hard to use based on mystery method and
solid scripts and techniques.
so not really natural,and this does not really give me more satisfaction and what a nasty feeling after a time.
but maybe with my asperger and bad past i can maybe not become like a naturel or game like a naturel?
also because i have not that social awareness etc..
because richard la ruina on my age he also used techniques and scripts i thought so?

And then i begin to follow RSD in September last year but from there of, my game has become nothing anymore. I did it because almost everyone did it because they are the most famous pick up company in the world i think.
and rsd tyler have also a mild form of asperger.

but what i well have now is what more guys that i know and have now a friend that very good is in game he has self now 90 lays but what i notice is that he almost Always going out 3 times in a week.
and i mostly maybe one or two times.
in the beginning when i started i going hard i had many kiss closes and was going consistent going out 3or 4 times in the week.
but now its like i forget everything. i can also not see where my stickypoints are or where to best focus on first.. because they say that you have also to focus on one thing at a time.
but i see not the line anymore.

and my friend say also that i had to read models from mark manson but i found it not so good because it is more naturel and see not really the line how to do it..
So now i feel my a little frustrated and sit at home with my mother i hate it.
she don't understand it and i want not her life but she try Always to live for her values.
maybe also because I 'm really spoiled have nothing to do at home , I do not pay room and board .
but I also feel that I 'm a little lost. I do not know what to do with my life and had Always a lack of confidence and low self esteem i can also not doing a crap job doing because i am then the whole day thinking and thinking. and now i feel my alone happy as i go out, but well always sober i drink no alcohol anymore.

but i know that it's not the real world of life.
in the past i had a secure job and has doing this for one year and had well what money but then i stopped because my body resisted always.
everytime as i do a job my body say no no no it's really hard. in my head there is a voice that always says this is not your pad... but i had then money but for i know it was also al the money gone because I did not know what to do with it .
I felt like crap and then tried to buy things to make me feel better and gain more confidence.

so yeah in the past i have going to many psychologists but it did not work..
i have no graduate from school because i have stopped with it cause in the past i am very hard bullied.
and now i have regrets that i have stopped with it but that comes always to late he as you know..
my sister go to the university she has a room right in the city...
I 'm a bit jealous because she 's really where I want to be right in the city where there is so much to do.
and i sit at home and have no job now for almost 9 months.
3 weeks ago i had a stage somewhere but again my body say no.

My mother actually want me out of the house and me too. but by all these stupid decisions in the past and now to have no money , I 'm stuck. i can not really doing hobbies that i like. like yoga or something.

they even think to do me just somewhere to some kind of institution yeah right fuck that.
but it's just the thought of just going to work forever and lead the normal life that i not want.

just the thought alone al to do a stupid job, come home, you are tired and look what tv and then go to bed and sleep and that each day again and again.and on the end of your life you think' was this it have i lived the life that i really want, have i really lived...' but yeah. i am no a little bit clueless in the past i want taking coaching but my mother don't want it and yeah maybe as i had taking the coaching that i now lived not so. who know it..
and i know you need money because with no money no life..

i hope for what advice from people and get some good views from you and some good advice what i can do now.
because yeah i know it's not to late but it's now like nothing can me anymore care
and yeah i know that guy that give now pick up advice in his past he had 10 000k in debt and now is he millionaire lol.
but the weird thing is he has a lot in common with me...

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