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PostPosted: Thu Aug 18, 2016 12:43 pm 
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When you look at the great men of history, the men you admire…
The great conquerors
The great thinkers
The great lovers
The great innovators

Do you immediately think ‘But that’s not me…’?

Or do you push past your doubts and think ‘What do they have that I don’t? What makes them so special?’

See I never quite got this whole jealousy thing that all the cool kids keep talking about.

I remember when I first started out on my journey, I had joined my local Pick Up Artist and modern day Casanova hang out called a ‘lair’ (yes, I’m THAT old).

I was a fresh faced newbie, terrified and anxious — but generally optimistic. I loved (and still do) women passionately and finally felt like I’d be learning how to be myself around them!

There was a guy there who had ‘been in the game’ for 4 years at the time (9 years today) and there was something about him…

You see, when you looked at him you just could NOT see him as a man who ‘gets’ women. He slouched in his chair, got upset at the slightest tease his way, dressed like a homeless person, had yellow teeth, always talked like he knew everything…

And when new guys walked in and they said “I wanna get in shape but I don’t necessarily like lifting weights” he would jump right in and say “Oh I hate the gym, that’s why I don’t go. You don’t need that stuff”. Or a new guy would say he was anxious when in loud high-end clubs, and he would promptly snort “Oh I hate clubs! That’s why I don’t go to them, I usually just hang out at [Shitty Dive Bar/Trailer Trash Hangout], there’s tons of hot girls there!”

These kids wanted advice, and he instead offered an easy way out. They wanted to push past their fears and limitations, and he told them it was okay to be limited, to surrender, to be meek.

5 years later he still hasn’t changed. Tons of these young guys who thankfully ignored his advice long surpassed him, and he always finds a reason “Oh he’s rich… That’s why he’s successful”, or “He’s good looking and in shape, that’s why he’s confident with women”.

I’m not saying you need to be rich, or go to the gym and have a 6-pack… But had he spent 3 months building a business plan, whitening his teeth, updating his wardrobe and going to the gym, he’d have nothing left to hide behind…

And that’s the point I’m getting at: What are you hiding behind?

If you challenge your excuses in an honest fashion, you will find that they simply don’t hold water.
Here’s a challenge: Make a list of every reason you ‘aren’t good enough’. No money? Short? Fat? Handicapped? Good — then do some research and find people who had it worse than you but overcame against all odds. I assure you they’re there.

This was the jealousy thing I was talking about… I look at these guys and I don’t find reasons to take away their success, in fact I only pressure myself… “why not me?”

This isn’t about going to the gym. Nor is it about going to loud clubs. Nor is it even about women!

This is about your life. It’s about creating something absolutely extraordinary and growing beyond anything you ever thought possible.

See 99% of a man’s problems will come from not knowing himself. And you will never know yourself unless you challenge yourself.

Those who know themselves master themselves.

And those who master themselves do great things.

Did you think any of this was meant to be easy?

Get out there and be magnificent - it's what you were BORN to be.

Give. Love. Serve.

Patrick Ananda

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