A Rant from a Pick-Up Artist

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 27, 2016 10:50 am 
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I just feel like typing. Hopefully I don't say anything too frightening.

What's the point of being a pick-up artist?

First off let me ask what is an artist?

According to wikipedia:

An artist is a person engaged in one or more of any of a broad spectrum of activities related to creating art, practicing the arts or demonstrating an art.

How can you be an artist of pick-up if there is no demonstration or practicing of arts in what you do?

So I want to break down our society into different groups with the pick-up artist being defined within the group. You can agree or disagree, but I am certain you will find your pattern of behavior in one of these.

Pick-Up Theoretician

This is a man who loves to study pick-up. They read anything they can on the subject and probably often watch infield videos. They feel like they have a grasp of what it is, but they have very little experience themselves.

Pick-Up Bull

They hate pick-up theory and feel like all you need to do is "approach bro". They spend little to no time on preparation or situational awareness. They walk through life approaching every woman they like with a direct intense and transparent style. I came up with this because this guy is like a bull in a chyna shop.

Normal Guy

This is a person who has learned about pick-up but views it as unnecessary beyond the points of improving one's self and then talking normal with a women to see where things go. They aren't approach oriented in their minds like bulls, but rather are naturally living life and simply don't let opportunities pass by them to display their personalities to women, and find out about them.

I call this the normal guy, but he's not like the "average guy" because he has the ability to talk to women freely.

Pick-Up Actor

This is a guy who prepares a bunch of routines beforehand, memorizes them and then acts them out with women.

Pick-Up Artist

This is a guy who studies Pick-up Theory picks what he likes goes out and then goes out and uses it in the field. This is different from the actor who acts out a routine because this person leave room for a flexible natural feeling interaction, and at the same time is practicing the art of pick up/demonstrating the art. You could say that the actor is also an artist, but there is no creativity in what he does. What's an art without creativity?

Pick-Up has such a vast assortment of techniques that the art comes into play of your personal utilization of them. And even the creation of your own after you break down exactly why certain techniques work. You get to paint your own pick-up picture.

Artists are also the guys who follow the systemic advice of a particular guru. Usually because a good guru will offer you a system where you have room for creativity these days.

My own art focuses on the use of a framework that has several checkpoints. Physical, and verbal ones. Along the way to each checkpoint I'm free to act as I please depending on the situation. And, use any techniques I see fit that will increase the speed at which I can hit a checkpoint.

Other's like to use a segregated system where they go like this

open - attraction - comfort - seduction

Then they keep in mind where they are in their mating dance and focus on techniques for that section.

Others add hooking and etc. You get the point. These are the pick-up artists. They work in structures, techniques, and demonstrate the pick-up arts.

If you find yourself in an argument ask yourself who's the guy that you're talking to, and 9/10 you'll realize that you're talking to someone in a different category than you. Having this new ability to understand your fellow members will at least give you some clues as to why they are how they say so even if you don't agree with them, you can understand them.

Picture my quote by the season... "Limits don't exist if you don't give them reason."

This is what I live for.

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