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PostPosted: Wed May 04, 2011 3:52 pm 
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I can't remember exactly how I came up with this opener. I'm not sure if I tweeked it from another opener, or I made it up. I always like to give credit where credit is due, so if this is a play on another opener, let it be known. *edit* It seems that I'm not as original as I thought I was. I believe this opener came from "The Game". I believe it is also known as the Ricky Lake Opener. Obviously Ricky Lake is no longer being aired, so adapt and overcome right? I don't want to take credit for something that isn't mine, or isn't an original, so I'm giving credit to whomever came up with this opener. Thank you!

For all my fellow mates that aren't in the United States, Maury Povich is the host of a daytime tv talk show. It usually deals in things like paternity testing, lie detector testing, sex addicts, men who become women and vice versa, you get the point. I'm sure you guys have some type of show that is similar so just change the name if needed.

Me: Hey.. Let me get your opinion on something
Set: Ok
Me: you guys have heard of the Maury Show right? Yanno.. "You are NOT the father!" *this usually gets a smile or laugh*
Set: Yeah, why?
Me: Well, my friend got a call from the producer of the show earlier this week asking him to fly out and be part of the show. Now here's the tricky part. They won't tell him why. You know how crazy that show can be. It could be anything like a gay friend has a crush on him or.... *I pause here and they usually throw out another idea*
Set: Or some baby momma drama
Me: Right! Anyway, he calls me up and tells me this, and is like "Dude, should I go or what?" I've never been in a situation like this, so I have no idea what to tell him. The curious side of me is thinking he should go, but the logical side of me is like, no way! What do you guys think? Would you send your friend on a show knowing that it could end in disaster?
Set: blah blah blah blah

Now, I've tested this many times, and what I've found is that it is a really good opener. There is a lot of back and forth between me and the set. It's fun and I can usually play off the one that says they would tell him to go.

I've also seen that the high dies quickly and I have to follow up with something else. I usually do an intro at this point.

Let me know what you guys think...

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PostPosted: Wed May 04, 2011 9:38 pm 
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Haha that sounds like you can have a lot of fun with it, like put the frame on the girls to be on the show.

I would say after that go in to DHV story and then ask "how do u all know each other"

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