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hey y'all Jaxin here its, i thought i'd be the first to give you a list of Seduction sites that we all know and love just for you guys.
So here it is:

*Mystery Method-well this is pretty much the ultimate site for pickup its awesome i highly recommend it, you can get the Venutian Arts Handbook there and the DVD collection there too. Best of all don't forget the seminars and the bootcamps there.-

*Real Social Dynamics-Now i know some of you don't like Tyler and his methods but you can't believe everything you believe in "The Game" ya know.Give him a try, for those of you who do like him they have an awsome DVD collection for their super conference and they're coming out with a book so go ahead and see what you can get.-

*Speed Seduction-Pretty self explanatory, its Ross's collection of Books, audio courses and videos. Its also has seminar listings there. Speed Seduction is pretty cool i like it , it works so cehck it out.-

*Juggler method-Juggler and his buddy Johnny are pretty much big names in the community they have a great system. Its got Juggler's books and seminar listings check it out-

*Double your dating-David Deangelo's great book, I loved it. good book all about attracting i find its a essential read for beginners-

*Real World Seduction-awsome awsome book by Swingcat, its all about prizability and Frame control i find it essential for anyone-

*Carlos Xuma-i loved his Alpha male book i'm not sure about the rest of his products though however i have heard good things check it out people-

Well these are the main ones i know there a lot more and if you want you can add them on yourself to this thread but i thought it would be best O told you the ones that were the best or at least in my opinon(and just about everyone else's)
so if you want to add more go ahead.


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