A 7 Year Friend Zone With My Ex-Girlfriend Ended - Part 2

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 19, 2016 8:59 am 
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This is the 2nd part of my 1st ever lay report posted on this forum. If you read Part 1 already..that sets up the frame for the lay in this Part 2. At this point, the 7 year friend zone period that i was in with my ex, has already ended from the events that took place in Part 1. I guess you can also consider this 2-Part field report, sort of as an instructional manual of how to get out of the "friend zone" with your ex-girlfriend..just as long as she is down for the massage. If she is not, just go back to conversation with her (rapport) and go for the massage again a few minutes later. Otherwise..use her emotions to your advantage, and suggest that you will massage her to relieve her stress. Start with the lowest compliance possible - a shoulder massage, while she still has all of her clothes on. And then incrementally escalate, just like i detailed in Part 1.

It could take minutes or hours. I know it's a pain in the ass, but incremental escalation could be the difference between you getting laid or ending up with blue balls and having to jack yourself off in the bathroom while the girl is asleep in the bedroom. Trust me..i know! :( She may not be ready for full on sex right away. For us men, being turned on is like a switch, but for women..it's more like a dial. You have to slowly turn their dial. Of course she may want to go right to the sex without any foreplay, but aiming to get straight to sex with her that way every time..will decrease your chances of having any sex with her at all. Another way is "planting the sex seed" in the girl's mind. Leading her to expect that when you two meet again..sex will happen! If you haven't had sex with her already, or if you haven't built up enough attraction with the girl..then you will need to "plant the sex seed" subtlely. If you've ever heard of "seeding the pull".."planting the sex seed" works in exactly the same way as "seeding the pull" does. I just have a different name for it. LOl

So before i start Part 2..i will show you a portion of our text exchanges, and how i "planted the sex seed" in my ex's mind..Flirting & Sexual Teasing basically.

A Few Text Exchanges, 3 Weeks Before Her 2nd Visit, & Before Part 2 Begins:

Me: "If i can't go to the game (the Pittsburgh Pirates game with my ex and her daughter) you want to go to the strip club with me? Lol"

My Ex: "Sure"

Me: "Hell Yeah. :)"

My Ex: "Fun fun fun"

Me: "And i can give you a nice massage afterwards. :wink:"

My Ex: "O goodness. Plz and i will pay you. My body hurts so bad wit this new job"

Me: "Just pay me with love bebe. lol"


The time & date when she arrives at my apartment door is; Thursday, September 29, 2016 at 1:07 pm. Now nothing sexual really happens on Thursday. Primarily because that's the day when she went to the baseball game with her teenage daughter (around 6:30 pm), and chilled with her most of the day and night. I didn't really see my ex at all that night after she left my apartment to go to the game with her daughter. However earlier that day..she did tell me that she has nothing planned for Friday. So she can chill with me all day long. And she had to leave on Saturday. So i knew that Friday would be my only chance to fuck her. So i proposed that we go on a date on Friday. She agreed! She also mentioned 2 crucial facts. #1 - She was not on her period (which she was the last time), and #2 - she said "I brought the heels and something cute to wear" with a mischievous wink and chuckle. She was planning on dressing sexy for me..and not actually for our date :P. These 2 facts let me know that IT WAS ON! All i had to do was be chill and cool, and let it happen! Use cool and chill game..which is just being myself. No try-hard gamey pickup shit.

So on Friday night we go on our date. She's dressed down, nothing special - t-shirt, sweat pants, tennis shoes, and her hair in a pony tail..just like i mentioned in Part 1..how she looks like when she dresses down. She looks like a HB7.6 at this point. We just walk to "The Point" (near a huge water fountain in the park, that shoots tons of pressurized water up into the air). We talk, laugh, and embrace each other. About 20 minutes later..we walk back to the apartment. We also go half on a pizza. When we finished eating the pizza together, i mentioned the massage a couple of times. She is down, but says she needs to take a shower first. She comes back into my room from the shower and her hair is down, wet, and curly. She puts on a stripped tank top, thong, and white high-heels. She gets on the bed, and i touch her body a bit (not really a massage). Unlike before..this time i hardly needed to escalate. I start taking off her thong, tank top, and bra within a couple minutes of her getting onto the bed. She did not look like the dressed down HB7.6 anymore..At this point she looked like a HB8.7 porn star, tanned-blond bombshell. I felt up her pussy a bit. It was still a bit dry, so i rubbed some lotion on my dick (i didn't have any lube, so don't judge me. Lol). It went in soooo smoothly. The Sex Was AMAZING!! I hit that ass, in like 3 or 4 different positions: from the back (with her standing up and her hands spread on the wall), me laying on my side while she's laying on her back with her legs up in the air, missionary, and doggy style. We were literally fucking like porn stars! And i finished the same way that i did in Part 1, except without the blowjob. She didn't feel like doing that this time. LOl

Ironically the next day (Saturday), she got on her period. So i literally got lucky that i was able to fuck her at all..missing her period by mere hours. She would leave town to return back home that Saturday afternoon.


LEARNING GAME IS LAME!..Right up until the point when you will eventually see a hot girl standing or sitting right in front of you. In that moment..you will wish that you had learned game!

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