A 7 Year Friend Zone With My Ex-Girlfriend Ended - Part 1

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 19, 2016 8:45 am 
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Obviously this is a lay report involving my ex-girlfriend and myself, but i will first start off with our back story. And btw..this is my 1st ever lay report posted on this forum. It is also a 2-Part lay report, because the seduction spanned over 2 meetings a couple of months apart from each other. Part 1 sets up the lay in Part 2.

Me and my ex broke up in 2009. From 2009 to 2016 she would often visit me off and on..as we have always been very cool with each other, all the way up to the present day. But i'm afraid there hasn't been any sexual activity at all between me and her for 7 YEARS! I know right!..Harsh :cry:. The most sexual activity that me and her has engaged in during that 7 year period were long hugs and kisses. The kisses weren't even makeouts..they were just mainly multiple pecks on the lips.


Now fast-forward 7 years later (2016). I have Game in my arsenal now, and i'm about 3 years deep into pickup. My ex arrived into town on Friday around 12:00 pm July 15, 2016. My ex is a 42 year old milf, but looks way younger than her age suggests. She is about 5' 4", Caucasian, has long curly goldish-blonde hair (which is why i always call her goldie-lox), real C-cup size boobs, a light tan, and a little curvy. She usually dresses down in a t-shirt, sweat pants, and tennis shoes, with her hair in a pony tail. So unassumingly..if you saw her on the streets, she looks like a HB7.6. I let her in the apartment. Since i work from home..we're in my room talking and joking around as i work on my laptop computer. Nothing sexual happens basically. After i'm about finished with work around 6:00 pm, she goes out and does her thing (running errands and then playing pool afterwards at the bar..which she is very good at pool play), and i go out to meet up with my boys (2 guys). At 10:31 pm, she texts me (exactly as it was written in real time, typos and everything LOL);

My Ex: "Should b home n an hour. Will you b awake?"

Me: "Yes bebe :D "

My Ex: "Ty. Did you have fun tonight?"

Me: "Oh Yeah, You?"

My Ex: "Sorta but no."

Me: "What happened?"

My Ex: "Coach started being a jerk"

Me: "What else is new. Lol"

My Ex: "I know. I knew better"

My Ex: "We fought over u too. I was pissed. I'll tell ya about it when o get home"

Me: "Are you hungry babe?"

My Ex: "I am not. But thx for askin"

(Ironically before i started texting my ex, i was just walking back from hanging out with the 2 guys. Earlier with the 2 guys, i was leading a non-official impromptu bootcamp session with them (my wing and my new albino friend named Joe). Joe whom i met on Wednesday night, July 13, 2016 at a downtown local bar..he came into Pittsburgh from Texas to attend an albino awareness, meet & greet conference. I had mentioned to him that Wednesday night at the bar..the picking up girls thing that i do as a hobby, and that i was going to show him the ropes when we meet up again on Friday. He was intrigued. And said that i could probably help him with his shyness with girls. It just so happened that the pickle festival was going on that Friday. So the sheer number of girls at that festival was going to be in abundance! With my wing and him, i shoved them both into the fire. My wing was rusty, he hadn't been gaming in a while. Me on the other hand..i've been out gaming like an animal this summer (4 days a week). I showed Joe everything that i knew about volume cold approach pickup. After the session we all left energized! The final set was with two HB8s (1 blonde, 1 brunette) that we walked and talked with for about a whole block. He told me that, what he learned during that session (over 2 hours +), was that it is possible to meet pretty girls who are total strangers, casually during the day, which sorta blew his mind.

The time is now 11:28 pm, and i just got home. I am now flirting with my ex in my texts to her.

Me: "I'm home babe."

Me: "kiss emojii"

My Ex: "Walkin from downtown. Should b there n bout 15-20. Battery is dying"

Me: "Ok"

My Ex: "Home. Can you buzz me in plz"

Now in my apartment, she's looking somewhat distressed, but is very talkative and animated. She tells me about her butt-hurt orbiter pool coach (whom i had a run-in with in front of my apartment several years back. Because i saw him making moves on my ex as i was looking down watching them interact from my apartment balcony..back when i was a chode. LOL), and how he was behaving strangely, and very possessive of my ex at the bar. He also kept bringing me up in every other sentence that came out of his mouth. He's butt-hurt because she keeps coming to see me every time she comes into town, and he cannot get at her, even when he's physically around my ex. I knew that i could use her riled-up emotional state to my advantage. You can use all of a female's pissed-off energy, and transform that same negative energy, into high sexual energy if you know how to take advantage of it (i did the same exact thing in a lay with an HB9 Brunette that i met off of OkCupid, which i will post in a future lay report). I mentioned giving her a massage to relax her since she was stressed, and my ex was down! As soon as i had her laying on my bed on her stomach (she only had a bra, and shorts on at this point), i started massaging her with some lotion. I used the kino escalation technique..starting with back, shoulders & arms>then neck, face, & legs>then hands, feet & stomach>then chest, breast & inner thighs (close to and around her pussy). She was getting turned on to say the least. She was moaning a little bit and did not want me to stop. She wouldn't let me touch her pussy because she was on her period. But then things escalated further from there. She started touching me now, and we were making out at this point. We both took off whatever clothes that we still had on. It was her turn to massage me now, and she escalated on me similarly to how i did on her. She then moved to massage around my crotch area, and started giving me a bit of a tug job. At some point she titty fucked me, and then into a full-on epic tug job/blowjob. My ex also has a tongue ring too by the way, which to me is super hot! I got her to suck on my balls as i jacked off an epic load porn style!

We didn't do anything else sexually after that during her visit, and she left on Sunday afternoon.


LEARNING GAME IS LAME!..Right up until the point when you will eventually see a hot girl standing or sitting right in front of you. In that moment..you will wish that you had learned game!

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