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 Post subject: woot wooooot!!
PostPosted: Thu Dec 10, 2015 5:48 am 
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I straight did it son, I forst posted to this forum in july 2014 and got laid just 10 days after doing so. I KeptT A JOURNAL of it look it up everyone can learn.. I was 19 and a virgin. Ive come along way in the last 18 months but i still have a lot to learn. 18 months ago I losty virginity to a 18 yr old redhead 10/10 when ur drunk i picked up at a bar in montreal. 6 months ago, the weirdest fuckig thig ever happened and my buddy hooked me up with a brunette. Fucked that bitch too. And last week, i completed the hattrick.
18 months after discovering puaforums i got 3 lays now and ill share my latest.

Like i said. I completed my hat trick. I fucked a blondeeeeee! Wooot! this is how it goes. So i got this buddy t who is fucking my buddy b's cousin. B's cousin brought 2 friends over. So were 3 guys 3 girls chillig at her house. And these girls like me. Warm approach, gotta love em. Anyways so dana asks me shit about music, then starts cooking up home fries so i go over to her to check out her home fries, and my buddy pushes me into her. So i was like "oooops, srry, but i like it here, think ill stay" kino'd her hard next thing i know shes not leaving. So i go to wheel her (kiss) and she truns her head. I was persistent but she kept turning away for like 15 minutes so i'd rub her pussy through her jeans and she'd still turn her head while smiling and moaning it was so hot. Anyways long story short she wont kiss me but im pleasuring her, then everyone leaves us alone in the kitchen so she leads me to the washroom. She finally starts kissing me guess she was just shy or something then i unbutton her pants and start fucking her. Our friends complain about the noise so i turn the shower on and fuck her in the shower (that was different (; ). Shitty part is i fucked her for over an hour and never busted a nut ):

Ohhhh well, just another lay and meaningless one night stand. Cant believe out of 3 guys and 3 girls im the only one who got laid that night

Gotta love the bittybanger life (;


 Post subject: Re: woot wooooot!!
PostPosted: Fri Feb 26, 2016 9:42 am 
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BittyBanger wrote:
Fucked that bitch too.

Hey Man!,

I'm glad you lost your V Card! Also glad you have some exciting stories to tell! Good job!

I hope you lose some of these thinking processes though. That "bitch" liked you, and wanted to have a sexual experience with you. You also were attracted to that "bitch" enough to fuck her, and I'm sure you had a wonderful time.

Me, personally, I don't give the time of day to bitches or assholes. And I'd definitely never fuck a bitch. A bitch wouldn't make it past two minutes with me.

Good job on those! Keep it up buddy!

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