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PostPosted: Sat Feb 08, 2014 5:02 pm 
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I normally dont do this lay report thing but this story is just hilarious

to be honest each girl i have sex with gets me more and more convinced that im not the one gaming the girl, but its the girl that gamed me.

i was in cusco, peru, traveling by my self, as i wanted to go to machu picchu to do some soul searching, like finding myself and all.

everywere i went i was lucky enough to meet people and go out with them, so i didnt really spend much time by my self in the end.
the only night i went out alone, i was sitting in this table, in a bar that as the night developed became kinda like a mini club, so there was a dude, 40 year old dude alone too, that sat in the same table as me, and that kinda pissed me off cuz i thought if i had any chance of anyone approaching me, he had taken it.

so i asked the waiter for a few drinks, he saw me drinking and tried to start conversations with me multiple times, i was polite but annoyed he would make me look gay and fuck my game. so i finish my drinks and after a while he's like why are you not drinking? i said im out of cash actually, he was like oh dont worry i'll buy you a drink!.
i was thinking FUCK NO, you wierd fuck... and said no politely, he bought it anyway and i didnt even touch it.

i know it sounds like an over reaction but i was alone and peru has a bad reputation as far as security goes.
so im about to leave the table, it was one of this small round bar tables with high chairs.. and out of the crowd comes this fucking amazinly hot chick, and she's like
HER: voce fala portugese?
ME: no
HER: speak english?
ME: yes
HER: kiss?
ME: are you sure?
HER: yeah

and we made out, then she left after a little bit and i was confused as fuck, nothing like that had ever happened to me... so now im not even giving a fuck about this dude that's drunk already still seating right across the little table, and i take the drink he bought, move the chair so im giving my back to him and drink that shit while thinking fuck it, now he knows in not gay
hahaha after a little bit the girl comes back, and english is my second language, and given that i was high with super high grade peruvian weed and drunk from the drinks i had taken, and confused as fuck for how hot this girl was and the whole situation, i couldnt speak a single word of english, so we tried to communicate me speaking spanish and her speaking portugese, which normally works but i was fucked up so i would just kiss her cuz i didnt know what else to do, and then the magic words come to me:

ME: hey do you wanna go to my hostel? i have a room all to myself
HER: yeah ok :)

i was so surpriced for how easy that was that i took like 5 minutes of dancing and making out for me to finally get out of the club with her and take a cab to my hostel. i of course took all her clouths off as soon as we were alone in my room, and this girl had this massive incredible fake boobs you dont even know... my first fake boobs actually.

of course we fucked each other's brains out and she left the next morning, i had her add me on facebook and today she just texted me she's coming to buenos aires soon and wants to see me...

hope you likes this! haha the moral of the story is to stop thinking that you are the gamer and the girls are the ones gamed, fuck that, its all about situations, places people are at at different times in their lives and fun!


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PostPosted: Tue Feb 18, 2014 9:53 pm 
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Great man!

When you are traveling the craziest things can happen and you can meet the most adventurous girls during your travels. I definitely have to visit South America next year.

I had some kind of the same experience in Bangkok with two english teachers (which ended almost in a threesome but that's another story).

I personally don't lie fake boobs but I definitely want to have some brazilian booty in my hands ;-)

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 18, 2014 10:37 pm 
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It's a good story and it does happen. When it does you just gotta go with the flow and know where it's leading to.

Keep in mind most women aren't as up for it so readily as she was. When that happens it's more luck unless you're in the kind of place where these kind of women frequent(The local watering hole). Every city has these places and they're worth visiting if you're just passing through if only to get an easy taste of the localities. Heh.

Also, I find latin women are totally different to western women(Ireland, England, US, Canada). Their culture is very forward and physical. They like to be grabbed, told up front you're interested in them and not afraid to make a move otherwise they'll move on. These women don't play many games.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 06, 2016 7:17 pm 
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Haha what a fun experience! Brazilian girls doesn't have any patience on playing games. If you don't kiss her on the first date she will think you are not into her, for example. Some Brazilians will sleep with you on the first night, others not, but all Brazilian women will expect something to happen on the first date.

Meet brazilian girls

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