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PostPosted: Sun Jul 03, 2016 4:29 am 
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So... Im the guy who posted the "Paying On Dates" post. I was asked on there why 3 or 4 dates a week... what happens to the old girls and what not. I realized I didnt exactly explain myself completely. I was trying to perfect a solid day 2! Today I did just that...
I recently saw the movie Boomerang again!!! Everyone interested in seduction should watch that movie.
So we met in this Starbucks inside of a Marriott Hotel. Which looking back kind of set the mood for the whole interaction. When I walked in she was seated at a bench with cushions on it in front of a table looking super-cute in this tight mini-skirt dress thing but she was a little modest so she had on a shawl.
We went up to buy the coffee and she went up on her own and ordered with her back to me. I think in my more afc-ish days I might have offered to pay but I didnt, I just let her get her own. She asked if I wanted to sit right there in the brightness of the place on a couple stools but I was like no come on over here where you were I like the bench. I had smoked a little herb earlier so I was in a low energy type of state and I think that was good because seduction usually happens in low energy. I hugged her when I first got there and as we were talking I spoke about being in shape which gave me the opportunity to feel her leg which she let me. But I didnt linger too long. Kept talking... I was in a talkative mood telling lots of on the spot type storiest from my past and all. She was very relaxed I could tell. I found out that she didnt have a whole lot going on for the weekend and she gave me the vibe that she wasnt in a rush. So after awhile my coffee was gone I just said "hey what are you doing you wanna get out of here lets get out of here" she said very quickly and simply "OK". We walked a few blocks I put my arm around her a couple times and we were in my car driving down the road before I even told her where we were going and she hadnt asked. So I told her about this little Hispanic bar with a few pool tables (near my place). We had a great time shooting pool. Flirted a little ...gave her some reward hugs when she made a shot. Then after 3 games of which I lost 2 making mistakes on the 8ball. I gave her a hug that lasted a little too long. We pulled away slowly and as our eyes met we just started making out. After the kiss I said "I wanna show you something I recorded. (I play guitar) Again simply "OK". So once in my car headed down the road she says "Are we going to your place?" I said "yes... thats where my studio stuff is" Again simply "OK". Let me back up a little. She's a 19 yr. old r.a. living on campus. Im 39 yrs old. Im handsome and dont look my age. I look a little younger. She never asked my age and I never told her. That was the new cool thing for me about this pickup because it wasnt interview mode at all. One thing I have learned to do pretty well is ask interesting questions. Like what scares you the most? Or what do you really love to do? On the way to play pool I told her about me losing my v-card at 14 to an older girl and at the right time asked her about hers. She jokingly acted like she was thinking and then said 18. So she had just lost her viginity a year earlier. At my place i played her some of the music I've recorded in the past. We talked the whole time... then I said "I know you like r&b" so i played the r&b sex mix I have lol. Then I just said "I cant dance but Im trying to learn come here" and I put out my hand. She grabbed it stood up tossed off her sandles and put her arms around me. We took only a few short sways before I saw all over her face and in her eyes and puckered lips that she wanted to kiss me so I kissed her and we never stopped kissing after that. I layed her back on my bed and kept making out with her. Im really good at turning a girl on by licking her neck in a very erotic way that sends signals to her subconscious mind that I could lick somewhere else really good!! Which I can and absolutely love to do! So it went on from there I think I'll skip the details but lets just say we had an amazing time. She had 2 amazing orgasms the second of which I shared with her and we both came together in a Roaring Mutual Orgasm!!! She was MOTHA FUKN BLOWN AWAY!! You should have seen the fluster on her face!!!! She told me earlier that she liked Chinese food so I took her down the street and we got some General Tso's chicken came back to my place and made some plates... sat down and ate and talked. Then I was driving her home and I started playing with her leg in the car. She kind of opened her legs slightly which I noticed and I think she wanted me to touch her pussy but I didnt because I was driving and high again because I took a couple bong hits after we had finished and she was in the bathroom. Im an affectionate person so I start stroking her arm and holding hands playing with each others fingers. When I let her out we kissed and I told her I'd text her....

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 07, 2016 4:53 am 
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What exactly is your R&B sex mix?

PostPosted: Thu Jul 14, 2016 10:56 am 
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Kss ing wrote:
So we met in this Starbucks inside of a Marriott Hotel. Which looking back kind of set the mood for the whole interaction. When I walked in she was seated at a bench with cushions on it in front of a table looking super-cute in this tight mini-skirt dress thing but she was a little modest so she had on a shawl.
So how did you meet her first?

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