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PostPosted: Wed Nov 16, 2016 1:56 pm 
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A soon to be collection of some lay and field reports of mine.

I'm an MBA student in Brussels. Besides that I also work at a few clubs in my hometown [Not Brussels]. One is a very classy and expensive club with pretty fine women while the other is a techno club with par women and sometimes a fine specimen. The last one is a beach club where I only work during the summer, so that's on hold for now.

Most of my reports will be situated in Brussels.
They are supposed to be more entertaining than educative.

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 Post subject: Re: Special K's Lays
PostPosted: Wed Nov 16, 2016 5:25 pm 
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The Asian Chick
14th of november 2016

>Drinks at a mate's dorm in Brussels (approx. 30 people)
>Did 2 girls a few weeks ago who are also living in that dorm
>obvious awkwardness incoming
>60/40-girls/guys, however 90% of them were subpar unfortunately
>First some boozing and talking with friends
>Checking the current offer
>a final batch of people arrives around 23.00
>One hnng Asian and her semi-hnng girlfriend
>Some talking with friends still
>Chick 1 who I had done several weeks ago is clearly looking for attention and eyeballing me.
>She approaches
>unwanted kino incoming
>Wants to have a sip of my drink (vodka-appeljuice)
>"nope, that chit aint happening"
>escape to some friends
>she pretty much kept following me all the time after this
>Some dreadlock chick is making eyecontact
>ooh wait I remember her, a mate of mine kissed her a few weeks ago [same day as I did the other 2]
>she's with a friend and they both approach and open me:
<She goes: "hey, we're doing an experiment, would you like to participate?"
>"oh yea? Go on."
<"We think there are actually poles and anti-poles in personality. When 2 people are the same poles, they will repel, but if they're anti-poles they'll be attracted to each other. I can test this by holding my lips very close to yours and see what happens."
>srsly impressed with this opening
>"Ye sure we could test this, but let's do 3 people" (+her girlfriend)
>the inevitable happens, first 3-way kiss and after that solely her
>"My conclusion: I'm not really feeling it"
<"Oh but I AM, she says"
>The Asian chick was talking to some friends of mine nearby and saw this happening
>"Perhaps you could try this with a friend of mine?" I said, while I'm pointing at a mate of mine not close to the Asian chick.
<"Nah" and she left to talk to some girls
>went to say hello to my buddies talking to the asian chick
>She asks my name
>I introduce myself and we have some small talk
>Suddenly my friends are gone so we're alone
>Talking about her studies & where her dorm is
>Fortunately not that far (a 15 min walk)
>her semi-hnng friend was also picked up by a guy
>Asian chick tells me her girlfriend is sleeping at her place
>the girlfriend asks Asian chick if the guy can sleep over,too
<"hmm ok, on the couch"
>After this she tells me she has a king size bed
>Up to this point there hasn't been any kino between us whatsoever
>now we're sitting on the couch together
>My left arm is around her while we're talking
>her friend tries to block & asks us if we have kissed yet
>Intimate kiss while her friend is watching
>"Now we have"
>Around 2.00 we depart to her dorm
>15 min walk & a chat with the guy her friend brought
>he's telling me he's gonna try to lay the friend
>ok derp
>we arrive
>it's a big studio and a big ass bed, NICE
>Getting undressed and getting in her bed while she's at the bathroom with her friend
>When she comes back she's wearing one of them hnng pyjama shorts
>These 2 infants (her friend and the dude) still wanna roll one
>waiting till they're finished
>they're both sleeping 2 meters away on the couch
>finally the lights go out
>Kissing and fingerblasting
>She clearly left her bra in the bathroom
>meh, B.
>taking off her pyjama short and laying her on her side
>prepared for penetration
>dat ass doe
>getting the protection out of my pocket, I came prepared
>the infants are already snoring
>1.5uur sesh
>spoon, missionary, cowgirl, shoulder holder, downward dog
>aw she's biting my lip too hard
>aw she's putting her nails in my back
>little hair pulling
>semi choke
>tired so break time
>some cuddling and semi-sleeping
>can't sleep so we try again
>45min sesh
>tired so we call it a night
>laying down for a bit
>after trying to sleep and not being able to, I tell her I'm leaving
>"ye, I have class tomorrow so I better sleep at my place"
>getting her number

Didn't cum

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