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PostPosted: Fri Jan 16, 2015 7:25 pm 
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Greetings gentlemen (I doubt the presence of any women here lol), I'm Sohaib (TheGame)[no relation to the book, that's just been my nickname for years], 18yo and pretty much an AFC.

I spent my whole life running after girls and being needy, a couple of years ago, I asked 5 girls out from the same class, I got 6 rejections (mindfuck huh), yeah after asking the last girl out, both her and her friend rejected me, even tho I never asked her friend haha. The outcome was a frustrated socially awkward dude that's ready to do anything for a light female touch.

So I started working out, getting in shape, reading self help books (The Tao of Badass, The Manual: what do women want, The Sex God Method, The Art Of Seduction, The Game by Neil Strauss, and just started reading The Mystery Method)
I started to climb the ladder of confidence, looking both good and happy, I feel like I can talk to girls with neither stress nor fear, yet I don't know what the heck to say! I think that problem will be solved here.

I also learned a few card magic tricks, that got me a little kiss that lead to making out with a beautiful brunette my age, MY FIRST KISS! (had no game tho, just a couple of magic tricks and some confidence, eye contact, and boom!)

I live in Algeria, a conservative community that's slowly starting to open, so The Game will be played in expert mode, 'cause any mistake might frame me as a sexual harasser, and I'll be in deep shit if that happens. But I'm willing to put my ass on risk for the sake of beautiful ladies.

That was me, my life, I'm looking forward to the future, I know out there, there are some legs willing to spread for me, and hell yeah I'm gonna spread the shit out of em!

Thank you for reading, I appreciate ANY advice, criticism or guidance.
Have a nice day

PostPosted: Wed Jan 21, 2015 1:59 am 
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You've certainly taken some of the right steps man and read some good material.

Now that you have a good foundation it's time to build the tower. It's all down to practice man practice practice practice. Just by reading you seem to be pretty outgoing with a good energy, don't become a robot around woman ticking off a list of routines that you need to get through. Just be mindful of them and the basics. When your talking to a girl just aim to create a connection find something you have in common, have a passionate conversation, have a laugh just don't be or ask the same boring thing everyone else does. Once you've got that connection start building attraction run a cool routine that makes her happy and values you. Compliment her on her style or her energy. Remember to use Kino, touch her arm when your both laughing at something (it releases a love chemical) kino will allow her to feel good and comfortable around you and make escalating more natural.

Apart from that man there's so much advice on here if there's something you're struggling with just search or ask away!

All the best!

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 09, 2017 9:05 pm 
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salam wa3likom
I should also add you are pretty perfect at English too

PostPosted: Wed Jan 11, 2017 8:12 pm 
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Welcome to the forum:

Heres a few solid links to get you started:




Let me know if you have any questions.

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