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 Post subject: How to respond to an AI
PostPosted: Thu Dec 28, 2006 1:03 am 
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Have you guys ever had a women try to inicaite a conversation or something?
whenever a woman gives you some sort of indication that she wants to talk for examples:
*stands in proximity line

*trys to get EC with you

*gives you an IOI

*bumping into you(trust me most girls don't just "bump" into someone)

*trys to inciate conversation

These are called AIs(Approach Invitations)

Whenever I get an AI I just go in there and sarge.
but something I didn't realize is that in moments like this I don't have to use a good opener or anything I don't have to use an opinon opener, all I have to do is introduce myself and talk.
Let me give you guys an example.

There was this one time I was taking the skytrian after school to go sarging in Metrotown(biggest mall in city), and I saw this cute 3 set, at the time I wasn't really prepared and I didn't have the vibe going on, but I said to myself "what the hell go in there"
So as soon as I saw they stopped talking and the moment was just right I go in,
Jaxin:"hey could I get a quick opinon--
but just as the words came out they looked the other way(at the window, all at the same time)
I was standing up and everything.
They couldn't hear anything I said, due to the traintracks and shit.
My wing just starting laughing.
I sat back down right in front of them.
Feeling like a failure(though not looking like one)
I just talked to my wing feeling even more miserable and losing all interest or even courage to sarge at that moment.
I was peacocked, had my hair done, so it couldn't have been that I thought to myself.
When my stop came I was moving from the skytrian to the mall(there was like this bridge)
As I walked, I heard a voice behind me
Myserious voice:"hey"
ignoring the voice assuming it was someone directed to someone else.
I felt a tap on my shoulder, it was the same three set.
HB:"my friend thinks you're cute"
Jaxin looking at wing:"oh check that out checkmate some girl thinks you're cute"
HB:"no we're talking to you!!"
Jaxin:"hi my name is Jaxin"
Thats all there is to it as you can see, they would have responded no matter what I had said, when a women wants to talk you don't have to go all crazy opinon opener on them, just introduce yourself and talk.

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