Can't get rid of Achne

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 03, 2010 6:04 am 
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Well in the years spent trying to figure out how to clean up my acne, I'm finally getting somewhere. Here's my personal experience with dealing with acne:

Had bad acne. Tried all the creams and products, nothing worked. Guess it just works for mild acne.

Tried Accutane. Dramatically helped, but it's one screwed up thing to put in your body. I got weird side-effects.

Acne started popping again couple of months later, but not as much. Still annoying though. I tried to get a tan during winter and get out as much as possible during summer. Helped a lot, but there were still annoying pimples on the lower parts of my face, and a bit on my forehead from time to time.

Stopped drinking coffee, replaced it with tea and started drinking lots of water every day. Now it's really getting somewhere, I rarely have pimples coming out.

I'd say exercise, go out, quit coffee and coca-cola, drink water and I guess lower your stress? Also, if you're going to stay in your room for a long period of time, at least keep the windows and door opened to let fresh air in.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 13, 2010 5:44 am 
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T-Rex wrote:
i have a problem with pimples ive tried just about everything i was my face everyday. i use ProActiv by the way the shit don't work ive been using it for the past month it hasn't got any better if might actually gotten worst. ive been to the dermitolist but i stoped going after i went to college i thought they would be gone by now but there not im 19 and i still have a fucking red face. please someone give me some suggestions on what they've done

Your solution to Acne, and everyone elses solution to acne; ... etail.aspx

5 years ago, back when I was 14, I read this book, applied some of the stuff, and within 2 weeks my acne was gone. I had to deal w/ whatever scaring was left over for a good while with some raw all natural vitamin e oil, but at least the zits & pimples went away.


Check out a sponsor on his radio show;

My cousin is using a a solution/protocal given to him by biogetica, since the end of last january, and he's having success with it.

Biogetica is a featured sponsor @

They're all companies that Kevin buys from himself.

PostPosted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 8:20 am 
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Hi guys, are you wondering about how to get rid of peeling skin? it makes us become not attractive. No worries, you can try to use some natural materials.

The easiest way that everyone can do is drinking water.

water deprivation is one of the contributing factors to peeling skin. This condition can partly be the result of dehydration and lack of fluids in the body. Water need to be taken in adequate measure. This keeps the system staying hydrated and help flush out the toxins.

Another way is using gelatin peels.

Here is the simple application that you can do at home:

-Add squeezed fruit juice to unflavored gelatin. (In case your skin is oily, try to use lemon or grapefruit; peach or raspberry for dry and normal skin.)
-Put the solution into the fridge for 30 minutes before taking it out as it solidifies
-Place a thin layer on the skin area affected and allow it to dry.
-As it gets dry, peel off and then rinse the skin off with cool and clean water.

Click this link to get more details: ... ling-skin/

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