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 Post subject: Where I'm at this point?
PostPosted: Tue Feb 14, 2017 4:41 am 
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Hey guys!

So I have been to a few dates (3 in total) with this girl. 2 breakfast and once in a pastry shop where we had some sweets, we have'nt kissed I have just managed to do some kino (hand holding, emphazing a point to touching her leg, things like that). 2 weeks ago I had invited her to a dinner at some friends house for last weekend, so at our breakfast thursday I asked her if she had finally decided if she was coming and she told that she had to broke up with her boyfriend before going to an event like that with me. Today at work in a middle of a conversation with her I asked her if she had talked with her boyfriend she told me that her boyfriend had texted her saying what was happening between them. She answered by saying ``You know that it's over between us``, so I asked her what that meant, meaning if she was finally single. She told me that she did'nt make a man of her and did'nt do what had to be done. I guess what she meant is that she did'nt clearly told him, I broke up, come and get your stuff out of my house and put herself as single on Facebook. Tomorow is Valentine's Day, so I was wondering if giving her a little gift would'nt be seen as too much?

PostPosted: Wed Feb 15, 2017 4:58 am 
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this does not seem like a field report, maybe a mod is going to change your post at their discretion to the right section...anyway....I think you are in the right track seems the girl like you give it time to see if she really breaks with her boyfriend, but do you really like the girl or you only want to have some fun? if you want the second thing, you don't need to wait just keep having fun with the girl and don't put any pressure on her about breaking up. and the little gift for san valentin well is a little late for advise at this point but I would say don't give her anything, Im not a gift guy myself. plus maybe the girl don't want anything serious with you and giving her a gift may scare her a little because she can get the idea you want something serious with her and she does not. wait for the presents/gifts

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