The Gay Pride & Arts Festivals Weekend

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 12, 2017 9:39 am 
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It was the gay pride and the arts festival going on at the same time this weekend. I hit them both up

Friday, June 09, 2017 (Nightgame Session)

Me and my boys (the 6 of us, and they are also puas) went to the arts festival, and bar hopping afterwards. They did pretty well with the sets that they approached, but i was having a particularly rough night. Nothing was really hooking. We eventually split off. I walk back home. On my way back, i'm walking across the bridge..i catch up to this HB6.7 Hispanic Milf walking ahead of me. I talk to her while we walk side by side across the bridge to the north side of town. I verbally escalate..she seems down, we was near my apartment, and she said that she would come up, but she had to go to the store to buy some cigarettes first. She gives me her number, but she flakes. I catch the last quarter of Game 4 of the Golden State Warriors vs the Cleveland Cavaliers. Cleveland Cavs fucking stomped Golden State! LOL :lol: I go back out to a local bar where i picked up and banged an HB7 Blonde Chick before, that lay report is here-----> lay-reports/late-arrival-only-minutes-left-before-the-bar-closes-vt201340.html

I still couldn't hook any sets, so apparently i was carrying that same vibe from earlier in the night (when i was with my 5 wings). One of the sets i approached; a 2 Set at the bar, an HB8.5 Curvy-Thick Brunette & her HB5.5 friend. The HB8.5 Curvy-Thick Brunette said that i had to buy them shots if i wanted to hangout with them. The HB8.5 Curvy-Thick Brunette Chick tells me that, her and her friend have already made over $20 bucks off of a couple of poor gullible chodes tonight. I obviously declined their demands, and told them that "I ain't falling for that shit! I'm not no rookie, and i know your game". So they were like "Whatever", and resumed talking amongst themselves. I continued to the outside section of the bar. No sets really hooked there either. When i was done there, i came back into the bar room. I saw the HB8.5 Curvy-Thick Brunette Chick again (the same one who tried to get me to buy her and her friend shots). She was crying, so i came over to console her, and asked her "What's wrong? Tell me, i'll listen" (i showed her empathy), and used kino (hugged and held her). She was crying because her HB5.5 friend was the DD (Designated Driver) and was still getting wasted. HB8.5 Curvy-Thick Brunette Chick hooked. I acknowledged the HB5.5 friend. The whole set finally hooked now. I walked with HB8.5 Curvy-Thick Brunette, holding her hand on our way to the parking lot. I acknowledged her other friends in the parking lot (2 guys and 1 girl). All of us left the parking lot, and we all went to the river walk together. I held HB8.5 Curvy-Thick Brunette's hand for most of the time on our insta-date at the river walk. After about 10 to 15 minutes or so at the river walk..our group returns to the parking lot. The 2 guys and 1 girl half of our group, split off from us and hopped in their vehicle. When HB8.5 Curvy-Thick Brunette & her HB5.5 friend were about to get into the car, i opened the back passenger car door and was about to hop into the back..HB8.5 Curvy-Thick Brunette said that i couldn't go with them because they were driving too far away and that she has a boyfriend. I tried, but couldn't pass her shit test. I hugged and kissed closed the HB8.5 Curvy-Thick Brunette again (I kissed closed her the 1st time when we was on our insta-date) before i left them, and went home. She did not want to give me her number

The Score: 1 number close, 1 kiss close, 1 insta-date, 2 near pulls

Saturday, June 10, 2017 (Daygame Session)

Saturday was really a wash for some reason. I ran into a couple of my homeless friends (they are homeless, i'm not..just to clear that up), as i was walking across the bridge on this afternoon. They both were trying to collect money during the flow of the Pittsburgh Pirates fans coming to the ballpark for the game. I approached a young 2 set sitting on the bridge (1 Asian-American, 1 Red Head - Both about 20 yrs of age). That set didn't really go anywhere. I made my way to the gay pride festival. Today security and staff didn't really let anybody in the street section of the festival, only on the sidewalks. But on Sunday they will! I approached a 3-Set on the outside of Tammy's Bar (not its actual name). Most of these girls were 8s, they were cute and friendly. I started off asking them alot of logical questions like; "Where are you all from? When did you get here? What cool things did you all do today?", because i was kinda in my head and didn't really have much to say. I tease, joke with them, and give them a couple of group hugs (my group kino routine) and they hook. They eventually go into Tammy's Bar, and all 3 of them go into the bathroom. I obviously can't follow them into the girls bathroom, so i leave. On my way out..i meet again with a former older stripper chick (HB7.8 Blonde Milf) that i recognize. I never forget a face! lol She was with her fiancee, and happy to see me. I remember kiss closing her about 2 or 3 years ago, one time at the strip club where she used to work at. I hugged her a couple times, and she kissed me on my neck both times while embraced in my hugs. I number closed her while her fiancee was watching me do it. I smacked her on the ass before they walked out of Tammy's Bar. 8) The fiancee didn't really seem to mind, or at least he acted like he didn't. lol

I approached a HB8.6 Blonde Chick as she was walking toward me, and stopped her. I gave her a direct compliment with what she was wearing, and walked-with her on a mini insta-date. I find out that she is a cocktail waitress at another strip club. A group of ignorant black girls saw me do this and kinda heckled at us from behind. And this is a prime example of why i hardly want to pick up black girls. LOL She runs into a friend, says the dreaded phrase "It was nice talking to you", and leaves with her friend. I approach another blonde girl walking alone, skinnier and wearing a dress (HB8.5). I used the "London Stop" to stop her. I then walk with her, and she's headed to her car in the garage. I decide not to follow her across the street to the garage. But it's not until like a minute later, after she was gone and it was too late..that i find out how much of a big mistake that this was. When i realized that i could've plowed, walked with her to her car, and tried to go for the pull. Needless to say, i kicked myself for not realizing this in the moment.

I approached another 3-Set of girls (1 HB7.8 Curly Red Head, 1 HB8.7 Brunette, and 1 HB9.5 Blonde) sitting on the base of a light post. All 3 of them were 18 years old. The blonde and the red head was a lesbian couple. I was actually in my head with this group too..similarly to the previous 3-Set group of girls. While i was trying to game them up..some random guy dressed up in a Dalmatian dog costume was crawling on all fours, pretending like he was peeing on the fire hydrant that was near us. They were taking selfies with him. Lol I attempted to number close these girls, just to do it..even though i knew that there weren't much attraction there. They weren't having any of it. The last girl, was a HB8.7 Brunette at the market square that i number closed just before her friends came to meet up with her. This one i effectively followed-up with that didn't flake initially. And we were texting each other back and forth until about 1:00am. But i think that she did eventually flake, because i was plowing hard through text for the Day-2 with her on Sunday. She kept coming up with excuses why she couldn't meet with me (friends, work, etc), and i think she just got annoyed at some point and stop texting me back. LOl

The Score:
2 number closes, 2 mini-insta dates, 1 possible pull opportunity missed (I could've plowed further)

Sunday, June 11, 2017 (Daygame Session)

I played this 14 year old kid in 1 on 1 basketball at a park nearby where i live. Let it be known that i haven't played a game of basketball in over 2 years. Lol He beat me 11 to 7. He actually plays for a team in a local summer league, so that makes me feel a little bit better about the loss to the kid. Lol I walk down to the pro baseball park, where there are busy crowds of people down there (because the Pittsburgh Pirates were playing)..and i see this HB8.9 light-skin chick walking down the sidewalk. It was the first set of the day. I had approach anxiety, but i ended up jogging back up to her side at the crosswalk to open her anyway. I opened indirectly with "If you get hit, i'll save you". She responded by saying; "How are you going to save me if i get hit? Lol" I stacked forward, and went on a mini-insta-date with her. I walked with her to the hospital (mostly telling her DHV stories), and number closed her when we got inside of the hospital. She proceeded to go meet with her boyfriend who was working at this hospital.

I went to check out the gay pride festival in downtown again. I approached some girls there, some by themselves, some in groups. But not much to talk about in terms of results. I leave there, and i approach a few more girls. I go physical right away on this tall dressed-down (in a t-shirt and pants) brunette chick that i approached who was in front of me walking in the same direction that i was walking in (she was about an 8.3). I stopped her, hugged her, and held her hand as we walked. I was trying to be more assertive with my approaches now, at that particular time of this daygame session, because i really wasn't that assertive with the girls at the gay pride festival. She did ask me "Am i always this forward? LOL" I responded with "Just for today i am! LOL". At some point..she breaks away from me, and went to meet with her guy friend, who was across the street. At the market square, i see a chick that i approached earlier at the gay pride festival. She was about a 7.9 and had a body that i really like, so i re-approached her. She seemed DTF for a hot minute (i swore that i could see it in her eyes), but then she declined my come-on attempt. She said that she was waiting for some guy to meet her (the guy was a trans-gender), that she met on facebook through mutual friends. He showed up, and then i left. :( lol I ended up mini-insta-dating this 55 year old biker chick that was trying to get to her bus stop, but she really didn't know where it was. I walked with her as she was looking for it. She was about an 8.2 in looks. She wasn't going for the number close though. At the "glass castle" area..I sat down at a table that an HB8.6 Blonde college student was sitting at alone. She was jotting down studying notes. She told me that she had a boyfriend (rejection). I plowed forward and kept talking..acting as if her boyfriend objection didn't bother me that much. I still number closed her before we both left the table separately. I also got this HB8.5 brunette punk rocker chick's number who was sitting outside, posted against the wall of a bar. She was outside smoking and texting on her work break. She works at Starbucks.

I was near the area of the arts festival now, but that was across the street from where i was. I looked to my right, and i saw this tall HB8.8 Blonde chick walking in sandals crossing the street to the sidewalk that i was standing on. She gave me some initial approach anxiety, but i approached her anyway. I did the "London Stop" on her with the assuming familiarity approach. I complemented her on her shirt, which was a direct opener. She said that she really likes it too, and that she got it at the arts festival for only 5 dollars. She hooked! I walk with her on a mini-insta date. I walk with her on a very long trek to her car, that is parked on the south side of town. While we're's mostly just filler self-amusing fluff talk (joking, teasing, disqualifying her, qualifying her, and small talk inter-weaved into each other) that is coming out of my mouth right now, just so that i don't run out of shit to say during this time period with her. Me and her are vibing with each other. We end up going inside of this taco place together (on an official insta-date). She orders food to go, and i just buy a bottle of fruit punch. I got her to feed me a couple spoons of her taco. lol We walk to her car. I forgot to mention that i seeded the pull earlier when we were walking together (on the mini-insta date) and again in her car. I verbally and physically escalate on her a little bit in the car. She pings me back with iois. We were flirting and role playing with each other during the ride back to my apartment. One of the things she said to me while we were talking in the car was; "I can kidnap you, and take you into the woods". I replied by saying; "Take me into the woods? You would like that huh? I think that we both might enjoy that" I put my hand on her leg and rub it as she was driving, telling her that "I'm a leg man by the way. And you have really nice legs.". She's smiling. She parked her car near my apartment. I'm holding her hand while we're walking to my apartment. I opened the front door, and let her into my apartment for the pull. We just watched the Penguins Game on my tv screen in my apartment (Which the Pittsburgh Penguins just won the Stanley Cup again btw!). I grabbed both of her legs and put them on my lap, and massaged her feet and legs for a while. I also massaged her back & shoulders (her clothes are still on, she only took off her sandals). We smoke a bowl of weed (that she had), and drink some shots of vodka (that i had). I escalate on her physically, going for the win. She suddenly has buyers remorse/LMR, telling me that she just wants a friendship and not anything else from me..and that she doesn't even know me. I was able to kiss close her a few times, but i couldn't get her to stay. She called me out on me trying to persuade her too. I probably was too aggressive with my escalation (too outcome dependent), and i probably should've drawn out my escalation at a much slower and a less aggressive pace.

The Score:
4 number closes, 3 mini-insta dates, 1 insta-date, 1 kiss close, 1 pull but no lay (due to buyers remorse/LMR)

Takeaways: Even though i didn't get any lays this weekend..i got 2 near pulls, and 1 actual pull. My game has definitely improved from 2016. Never in any year before 2017..have i put myself, in this many situations to get laid. It's all about the small victories, putting yourself in position to succeed (even if you fail, at least you went for it and didn't hesitate), and enjoying and trusting in the process, regardless of the result or lack there of. My primary focus for this weekend, was to go back to basics with plowing (to further stretch out my comfort zones while in set), and putting myself in position with girls, to go for the pulls. As far as i'm concerned..mission accomplished!!


LEARNING GAME IS LAME!..Right up until the point when you will eventually see a hot girl standing or sitting right in front of you. In that will wish that you had learned game!

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