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PostPosted: Mon May 22, 2017 2:12 am 
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You should write down some small and achievable goals. You can write big ones too. However, to avoid burnout, you want to take action using the small goals. I recommend finding how many hours you can sleep on and function optimally on. Do not sacrifice your sleep. I am telling you from experience that everything you do that day will suffer.

For example. If I get anything less than 6 and a half hour of sleep, my focus and my productivity go down. I use an app called Sleep Cycle that tracks my sleep and rates the quality of sleep as well. If I get under 65% of sleep, I know I will have a bad day because I have been using it for months now and figured it out.

You sound like me. I am going to save you half a year of figuring shit out. Make a list every day. DO NOT put too many big things on the list for the day because you will find that you really don't have that much time to finish it. For example, I once put a doctor's appointment and a bank appointment in one day. I had to work that afternoon too. I didn't have time to do anything else and I felt like shit. Prioritize.

Remember you have 7 days out of the week. On Mondays, you can play guitar. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays you can go to the gym, etc. Catch my drift? Over time you will find a schedule that best fits your life.

In a funk? Read this


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PostPosted: Thu May 25, 2017 1:28 pm 
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Thank you for your considerate response Mr Assertive, I'm sure I'll have things to PM you about every now and then ;) and thanks for taking interest in me and my posts. I'll make sure I take interest in other people on this forum too, sooner or later.

I however do not burn out because I am superhuman :P

Wednesday 24/5

Met up with an older woman, mid 40s. She's not the most physically attractive but god does her sexuality intrigue me, teach me and attract me. We sat in my car by the beach, went for a short walk then to mine. She was speaking sexually quite early, which is a refreshing feeling for me. I was also a little impressed by her ease in sexual expression. I've improved so much myself, and feeling and listening to the way other people express themselves sexually is a great great teacher.

She was telling me to tease, heck confidently showing me how to tease and be patient. Also how to show a woman you worship her, she gave me some good mind sets. She is also in dom/sub stuff so I was definitely learning heaps in the few hours we were together. She's also pretty nutty lol.

She was telling me to turn on her mind and getting me to do it. That you should turn on a woman's mind and tease her and tease her, and then when she is ready, she will do anything you wish. She was telling me that so and so she did earlier was a "test" and that I passed it and she was giving me kudos. She was also reading me about how I am looking for a beautiful twin (or some shit like that I didn't hear in the moment) and suggested I should move overseas to live wildly. Haha.

She told me about the highly trusting dom/sub nature. She also seemed to have a good level of self esteem.

We didn't actually have sex yet but we were very sexual. She mentioned how it was "very sexual, having sex without penetration" or in some similar words. I could definitely feel it. I woke up today reflecting back on the experience and feeling how new and invigorating it felt. Bitch asked me for permission to get off tonight when I dropped her off. "Not with any tools, just my fingers" LMAO

Thursday 25/5

Approached one girl in the hall way. She said she had to go to class. What did I do well? I say "can't you be late 2 minutes for class?"

Went to a friends show and bumped into a girl I campus date with last week (who didn't reply to my text this week). I asked her about the bday party she went to and she said she bumped into this person I knew that I mentioned last week.

Her: "She said you go up to lots of girls and try act all cute. She said it seems to boost your ego"
Me : "It's not really an ego thing. Maybe? I haven't really thought about it. What do you think"
Her: " I don't know. You must have quite a reputation though"
Me: " I know I do. I don't give a shit."
*Proceed to talk about my powerlifting before the show resumes*

Now that I reflect on it, most of my approaches have been out of desire. The gist and the main purpose of picking up, sex, approaching is desire. That's why I do this, that's why I am like this. I was also thinking, even though I may have a reputation, I have always endeavored to be respectful, genuine and understanding. If I'm portrayed negatively by some (or more than some lol) I am OK with that, because I know my desire is stemming from an innate beauty and I KNOW where I am going I WILL end up with pure ABUNDANCE. Following my desire brings me PEACE :)

But I notice I do fall in and out of periods where it's validating and egotistical. I must completely let go of this behaviour and replace it, permanently.

After the show I asked her to go out again. I asked when. She said she's busy over the next few weeks.
I could hear the old me ringing in the back of the head "busy for a few weeks, probably not interested or too difficult to convince her" . That thought flashed through me for a second.

Before I knew the REAL ME was speaking "This saturday? Or are you already going out then? Let's 8pm. I can pick you up or we can meet at XX"

And in the moment I felt a flash thought/feeling in my head saying "be fearless [Salsifter]. Everyone is always fucking busy. You'll make fucking time for me. You can spare 2 fucking hours" -- yeah that's actually how I think when I'm pinging to train, I can think and feel with an aggressive undertone.

i didn't develop all that persistence to let it go when it mattered.

The one thing I did wrong was I didn't shut up. I said "or are you already going out then". Do not bail out. Do not be weak. I was weak in that instant.

I'm looking forward to catching her on Saturday. Notice I no longer say "hoping to see" I said "looking forward to"... Hoping is weak. I'm past the point of hoping and wanting. I am now knowing and expecting.

ie after reflecting on that, Today a girl I met yesterday on campus walked me to my car. I gave her a little hug and told her she was kinda cute. She said she wasn't interested.

I paused for a while

me: "I didn't even realise giving someone a hug was a sign of interest:
her: "no but saying they're cute is"
me: "oh that's right haha. I wasn't even thinking"

Good thing was this is all natural, I don't think a thing as I do this. OTOH I wasn't genuinely attracted to this girl, I've just been behaving needy and frustrated recently, so I've been telling and making myself feel more attraction for lower quality girls to help me pull in the short term. THAT does feel a little egotistical, but ah, the product of frustration.

Let go of the desire to get laid. Work on the desire to maximally enjoy each minute you spend with the woman. At least for the time being. Let go of the yearning to get laid and I will be able to let go of a lot of rage and frustration I have been feeling recently.

QUOTE that has been really RINGING recently

Do not ask your self how. Ask yourself, what?

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PostPosted: Sun May 28, 2017 1:41 pm 
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26/5 -- Friday

Was leaving the central library at 830 pm when some chicks goes to the wrong door to exit. I say "nah its this one" and point. She says some random crap then I guess her accent
Turns out she also lifts and is studying for massage therapy

She was pretty hot and the fact she lifts (and a fucking double bodyweight squat) turned me on heaps.

I asked her to go for a drink but she left me her business card and thus number.

What I did well:
I started the conversation without hitting on her which is nice to be situational rather than direct all the time. I showed some sexuality when she said something about massages and I said "I don't need messages... Actually maybe I do" with a sexual undertone. And I actually kinda would like a massage, so I'm twice as invested in pulling this chick... just kidding haha

27/5 -- Saturday

Girl I was gonna go on a date bailed me. I went to the 40-something y.o milf's place at 8PM for a few hours and it'd oddly relaxing,fun and crazy. We still haven't fucked, she's testing my patience. I told her we would make love next time. Her psychic ways really put me in a trance like state while I'm there.
The way she makes me take control of her, initially I'm kinda like "damn do I really do this?" and then my dominant nature tells me to shut up and takes care of her. It's all new af.

I do feel quite different being this dominant man, it just seems to never have been released in a directly sexual manner :D though it is all within me.

Went out around 11pm and met up with a buddy. Went into a bar, I was a little timid in my first approach. We decided to open sets on the street. We weren't really 100% in our focus and passed a few hot girls without talking to them. At one point there was these 2 stunners dressed up very modestly, in heels and coats, not in singlets with cleavage and shorts like most of the other girls out. No these were 2 classy girls but we missed our chance as they walked passed and he reinforced "we're not chasing".

I dunno I'm on the board with this, I was pretty frustrated for a few minutes, why does it really matter? Are we expected to have 2 second reactions? I don't think it's a big deal if we had turned around quicker and followed them. MUST BE ABSOLUTELY SHARP FAST AUTOMATIC REACTIONS ALWAYS

I opened a girl at the bus stop and it was gonna be a shit set cause she told me she wasn't physically or sexually interested. She also ripped into me a little about picking up "easy targets at bus stops sitting alone" and I was like fuck it I don't really enjoy this too much, but it was absolutely critical I get myself opening and staying in set for a few minutes. After that I felt I had a bit more momentum in my approaches.

Went to a club and approached a few girls with waaay more ease than what I've been used to in night clubs. I was more focused on having fun tonight than actually pulling. I felt like I had done much work growing my pulling skills in recent days/week, that I just wanted to take it easy and see what happens. It felt way more natural tonight.

Anyway funny thing, and I don't regret this, but I would not do it again:

* I put my phone out to ask some girl her name. She write something down and her friend came at the same time and she said "What makes you think you have the right to talk to this beautiful lady" or something along the lines of that. I couldn't believe my ears and it was pretty loud so I got her to repeat. Then I said "Cause I'm beautiful?" and she started going on a rant about it being her bday party and how I wasn't allowed to talk to her so I put my fingers over my lips for her to be quiet but then went all out and put my fingers on her lips. It was so fucking funny and she was pissed off and then some dude came closer to me and looked at me disapprovingly like "Dude..." and I turned around and left. *

-- Wouldn't put my fingers over the girls lips next time. It was funny I did it this time though. It could add more tension to my night then necessary IF someone was to react cause of it --

Start isolating this girl, she wouldn't let me touch her so I gestured her to go to the other side of the club with me. She started coming and she followed my hand lead. Yes. About 10 metres into our traverse (saying nothing in the mean time) some dude comes up and gets her to come back. Cock block.

I left the club and then decided to go home around 1ish. However at that point I noticed ... I was UNABLE TO GO HOME. My unconscious desire to pull was so strong that I just kept walking into bars/clubs and opening sets and staying for 10-20ish minutes in each place. I was continually going, I was being fearless and wasn't bitching out of anything, I was pretty sharp.

Got to this one bar and I danced in the corner. Approached this older lady (probably 7-10 years older than me) even though she was in an oldie group. Fuark this has become so effortless and fun in recent weeks/months dem groups. Anyway I re-opened like 5 minutes later as she moved away then her older friend lifted her arm. Afterwards she showed me her ring and I was like "Oh shit I didn't realise you were trying to tell me that". Hahahaha. Next time check. I kinda stopped checking cause I could never remember if it was the left or the right side haha. It's the left. But not for every ethnicity / culture...

Went to another club and went direct to this one chick with her 2 friends. Yeah, so easy. I left not feeling it. So it was now almost 3am and I decided I was now going home and not stopping anywhere else. I wanted an easy night and was only anticipating 2-3 hours out vs 4-6 hours (even though I really should be, bad Salsifter, behave yourself and make sure you DO stay out)

Bumped into a PT friend of mine and a mate of his. We went to the only open bar on the other party street (we have 2 party streets) and I was feeling it would be a waste of time, be he assured me it would be open.

Got there and the bouncer didn't wanna let us in cause they were stopping the drink sales. I told him we can come in and just dance and he let us in. Churrr. I was proud of myself that I didn't take no for an answer on the first sign of resistance from the bouncer (and in general)

After maybe 5 minutes I spotted this beautiful girl and I approached her. I complimented her and shook her hand. I didn't let go. NEITHER DID SHE!! Haha held it there for a minute or two, didn't let go; so I put my other arm around her back. Introduced myself to her friend. I was feeling pretty happy. PT mate and his friend left and said bye so I waved.

Hung around and I was like "you two really are best friends, look at the ways you look at each other" and they were like "yeah we are best friends, we end up being attracted to the same guy and both fucking him" and were making some light sexual statements so I asked "well have you 2 girls had a threesome together with a guy yet?" and we all just laughed and I pull them in for a group hug.

They were going to a party they had been to earlier in the night and I asked if I could tag along (He who asks may receive, he who does not does not receive). A year ago I probably wouldn't even asked and justified it as "they didn't ask me therefore I'm not invited"; no I'm fucking proud of myself that I ask for what I want unapologetic - ally now.

So we left like 20 minutes later (them being slow af, but at least I'm a much more patient man these days) and I offered to drive them to the party. She just said she was parked right there, but that I needed to drive since I was sober (My mind was a little blown that she let a pretty much stranger drive her car, it was quite nice too. Actually the nicest car I've driven personally, but I can count the number of cars I've drive on one hand tbh. It wasn't actually THAT flash, just better than mine haha)

I hung around at the party, she wandered off to talk to other people; so I was resourceful and talked to a few people at the party. Tbh I wasn't really feeling it I just wanted to talk to her. I start to be a little anxious and needy, but maybe 30-60 minutes most of that wore off which was good. I was telling myself to chill out.

I'm glad there was a little poster/quote thing in the room I noticed that said "good things come to those who wait" and I reminded myself what the MILF was telling me about being patient and it just felt intuitively right. I reminded myself it wasn't all about me and that these people were here to have fun and socialise and party and she probably wanted to spend more time with her friends (empathy)... Proud of myself for exercising continual patience and being present and putting my best foot forward to enjoy the moment.

We got to the main room and we danced a little and embraced each other. Sat down and talked. I told her she had a good energy, it was kinda funny in that moment a quote from "MODELS by Mark Manson" popped in my head and I was thinking "don't just say you like something. Add some emotion to it" and I added some shit like "you seem kind and very alive.... like you're very alive" and she looked at me funny so I added some humour "well you are alive, aren't you?" haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, talk about fumbling on my words!

* I'm gonna undertake that exercise and add more emotion to more of my opinions. *

At 6am I was pretty exhausted, I wanted to make sure I stayed there til I got a chance to talk and be with her and I did. I isolated her into the hall way and asked her to go some place quiet to continue the night and talk. She said she was going with her friend (the original girlfriend from the bar)

Should I have persisted? Yes, no, maybe; I DON'T KNOW.
I just asked for her number to keep in touch and nothing else, gave her a cheek kiss and a kiss on the hand. I already made a (cheesy) attempt to kiss her earlier in the night unsuccessfully and felt it wasn't necessary again. I'll text her in a few days and ask her out.

I really wanted to talk to her more, I was really only next to her for 30-40 minutes maybe, and most of the time we were just kinda bobbing our heads, listening to the people sing / rap / have fun. She was very kind in her manner, physically attractive, emotionally attractive and sexual enough. I'm taking note, GF sort of material.

Also I took note of the girl-girl communication. Her friend chucked up an OK sign with her fingers as I was holding her and she lifted her hand up like OK as well. I went all soft and gooey, I respect chicks that are looking out for their girlfriends, but not being straight up cockblocks. I also smiled when the girl chucked here fingers back up.

I had a makeout with a girl I approached in a supermarket a few months ago. Shoulda pulled her after immediately with in the first minute. I also had heaps of fun on the dance floor this night and even got a little lap dance by some chick haha

Sunday 28/5
Well bed at 730am, slept for 6 hours and spent the rest of the day at home resting. Went to the gym and chucked up 95 5x5 kg on the bench, best I've done in like 6 months. 100 5x5 will be a new pr SOON as I never managed to get 100 for 5 straight sets of 5. This time I feel way stronger too, so I should be smashing 105-110 5x5 very soon.

2200 words...

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 1:54 pm 
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29,5 30,5 31,5 1,6

Approached girls at campus library. Got two numbers, never heard back from them
How I could've improved : the next day when I messaged the first girl, I should've just called her immediately. I didn't really solidify my interest in the plans...
Quick meet up with a Brazilian girl. She told me over the phone we could only go out as friends.
I wasn't super up for it but soul said yes so I met up with her.

Another 2 phone numbers. What I did well:
1) When the girl wanted to go to class I told her to be 2 minutes late. When she didn't wanna give me her number or meet up; I could she was rationalising and not being congruent with herself. So I pushed "why? Is it cause I wear glasses? Is it cause I don't tinder" and eventually she gave me her number. We flicked a few texts back and I called her the next day but nothing of it. +1 for persistence, congruence and confidence

2) Girl. I saw her didn't approach, randomly saw her an hour later and opened her. We crossed the road together and she needed to go but I told her I was getting her number. She asked me "are you" and for a moment I started to answer the question logically like "can I" but I cut myself off and said "yes" and pulled out my phone. ALMOST PERFECT. Next time will be mastered.

Back in the day I would've been like "yeah?" no I am subcommunicating "fuck yeah you know it" regardless of what I say.

Malay girl from Library from Friday. Met up with her. She was rather quiet and not super exciting, but she was pretty chill. Took her for a drink, a drive and then back to mine for 10 minutes before taking her home. No physicality. Probably gonna see her again.

What I did well : trust my intuition
To improve: maybe I could've gone for more and more smaller escalations. No actually I have something better. Make it happen. Make her desire me more. Make her touch me more. Create it.

Today I decided I would amp myself a little more for my date. (Western) Chinese girl. I decided to amp up cause for a while I had just been going through the motions yeah go here and there and there, so now I took the time to consciously go through them to think about them to affirm what I wanted to do, how the date would go, how awesome and successful it would be etc. I really took an extra step. I made a quick checklist "posture,sexy vibe,voice,eye contact,audible,listening,sexual" even though I know all this shit like the back of my hand; I don't wanna be taking it for granted.

I walked past a bar and took a quick 2 minute look inside. Yes, let's go to a new bar this time. It was quite nice. Early physical escalation when we sat down; I couldn't really relate to her and uni drinking lifestyle and her ideal of socialising and clique; but I did find that I appreciated her bubbliness, her ditziness, her 'gullibleness' and general care-free appearance.

Took her to the gardens afterwards and we went for a walk in the dark. I rest my lips against her neck. I invited her over and asked once or twice more after she made some excuses. So finally I drove her home kissed briefly and said goodbye.

What I did well: teasing, being cool, being fucking awesome, being sexy

What I could've improved: I've been working on being more mysterious recently. I noticed I sold myself at the end a little after she first made some reasons not to come over; then I tried to hook her by mentioning "songs I've been learning on guitar" anyway I felt like I may have shared a little too much of my skills/talents at that point. Perhaps not. She already established that I like to train and dance and I'm "wholesome" lmao so spiritual/organised/pure or whatever you wanna say. Anyway I feel like just stopping at the point of interest and attraction and letting the rest come as surprise.

Next time I could withhold more information than necessary.

Met the older lady at a hotel. I started questioning myself why I was there -- I am not physically attracted nor even mentally. But she has this way of understanding me and speaking to my soul. It's fucking crazy I swear. We fucked for a few minutes and I came in her mouth. She's imparting me with lots of wisdom simultaneously, so I feel despite some discomfort, spending some time with her may be educational and an important step forward. Learning to connect physically,emotionally and finally on a more soulful level with the feminine and with women so I can make myself ultimately a better man and a more abundant man.
She commented how she could release my sexual tension ("already", without sex)

Now I feel I am ready to sync all those 3 aspects and use them to make myself a legend in my own reality, and to fill my reality with beautiful empathetic women.

What I am doing well : letting go.
How I could improve : let go of my ego. accept I can and I should let it go at times..

Looking forward to seeing girl from Saturday, she text me saying next week. I've been thinking about her for a few days ha. Did I mention she has a bf?

From wed and thu: another thing I DID WELL was
Upon parting I was way more at ease and almost completely non needy. I wasn't like "so... see you next week?" nah I just kinda let it all go. I felt smoother. Not as smooth as possible, but a definite major improvement from many "okay this is the end of the first date so goodbye" partings I've done.

step by step. Inch by inch. Take the fucking inches and it's life or death.

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 02, 2017 1:36 pm 
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2/6 -- Friday

Really just turning turning pick up mode on LOW during the next 3-4 weeks while I study.

I was driving and noticed a beautiful woman walking. I drove a few hundred metres more then decided to come back did a U pulled over and approached her.

We stood in the middle of the road (the turning lane which you do not drive in) because she was crossing; I shook her hand and held it for a few minutes. Asked her out and she said she'd love to.

Being on LOW mode I didn't wanna hang around for 10 minutes and talk to her, despite I normally would. I talked for 2-3 minutes in the middle of the road only. Good thing I noticed was that despite what I do or don't say I simply vibe with girl on my energy (and our energies). I'll text her she seemed really keen!

Everything was just so brilliant and confident. I wasn't fazed that we were standing on the road or anything. And then I wasn't fazed when I wasn't even making smooth conversation! I just knew that our energies were syncing so I literally said "I have to go study, but I would like to go out for a drink with you" bleh.

She seems about 12-15 years older than me by first impression. Though I only saw her without her sunglasses for a few moments.

Talked to another girl at uni for about 5-10 minutes while I was mixing my protein shake. Got her number.

Girl I was meant to meet up with on campus today bailed on me in advance, but she arranged to meet me at 1645 on Sunday and even apologised. Better

Didn't even bring my phone with me today, so I said that I'll text them tomorrow. I got home at 10pm but I'm not going to keep my word and not text til tomorrow.

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 04, 2017 8:34 am 
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4/6 -- Sunday

True Desire vs. Goal seeking

I ask myself what is true desire and authenticity vs goal seeking, and doing something in order to get laid. Ie escalating with my date tonight; was I being authentic or goal seeking to get laid? I’m pretty confident I was following my desire, but nonetheless the way the girl bursted out makes me feel like I could invite this philosophy into my experiences for now.

Met this girl at campus, exchanged numbers quickly. She bailed on friday but quickly suggested we meet up today, so we did.

Sat down drank coffee, I had my arm around her etc we talked for an hour. I invited her to go for a walk or a drive. At that point she shrivels up and then says “ well I don’t really know you” despite me feeling the date was going quite well at that point. I get a little reactive and mentioned that she’s closed off, and she kinda mumbles something about wanting to go. I ask her to clarify if she wants to go now or she’s simply not interested in seeing me again. I can’t really judge what she says exactly, but her actions seem to suggest she’s not interested. She tells me she’ll pay for the coffee gets up and leaves.

I follow her 15 seconds later to the bar and confirm she is paying. We walk out and I asked her if I made her feel uncomfortable. She says “yeah kind of” and keeps abrupting. We get to the entrance and I say thank you, enjoy your night; feeling dumbfucked.

I go for a quick walk, text a few mates telling them about this, go to my car and eventually am about to leave when another chick walks past. So I quickly knock on my window, honk at her and just get out and follow her 30 metres. We have a quick instant date at a bar she is going to and she tells me about how she was hit by a car last night. I feel she enjoys the company and I definitely enjoy talking to her in hopes of making her feel a bit more of a human after what happened. She drinks her beer in less than 10 minutes, so I ask her to go back to hers and share some wine I have. She says no but we exchange facebook.

I wonder wtf was going through this girls head? She was really sweet up til that point, and didn’t offer resistance to my touch, nor did I notice any signs of being uncalibrated. I felt like I triggered something in her. Seems like the one ANOMALY where the girl gets really reactive because you ask her to bounce, whereas most girls would at least be chill about it (or take your offer :D )

I’m glad she paid for the coffee though, her storming out like that, rude, blah.

I did make a mistake in reacting myself, however. When I acknowledged that she had closed up and changed, I was only adding fuel to the fire. When I felt her vibe change instantly after I suggested the walk or drive; I then wanted to ask her to go for a game of pool instead, which perhaps I could’ve done IMMEDIATELY to quickly redirect her mind (maybe it could’ve worked, who knows). But it was already too late by then.

OTOH maybe I could’ve suggested pool first rather than a drive, but honestly; I can’t hold myself in that present moment accountable for her response, I was just being chill and easy going, and the situation was quite similar like Wed/Thu dates this week, in which the girls enthusiastically tagged along for the ride.

So back to the original topic; was I goal seeking or following my desire and being authentic? Am I often goal seeking or just being authentic in most of my daily interactions; or do I feel I have a pretty good balance between the two? I’d say I’ve got a good balance. However, I’ll let this question simmer and allow my behaviour to permeate to whatever is most natural and suitable.

5 meet-ups + 1 insta date this week. Not bad for consistency. Phenomenal.

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 05, 2017 3:25 pm 
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5/6 -- Monday

Had a date with a Swedish girl from campus at 8pm. She's 25.
I went to the exact same cafe as last night sat in the exact same spot and start talking. This time I made sure to give the girl about a meter of space. I didn't even put my arm around her.

I did initially invite her to go for a drive and asked if she would prefer that or a cafe. So cafe

We walked out to go play darts but there was no dart place open (haha cracked me up)

We went to another bar and she bought me a drink. It was pretty mentally challenging talking to this girl as she was really testing me by asking some deep questions. She was saying she doesn't like small talk, and her topics were deeper than what most girls talk about. That or I just felt a very serious vibe from her. Political discussions spiritual discussions. She asked me what sort of drinks I like and I could fuck all describe my preference. She asked me about my vision etc.

She also mentioned that "it's awkward" a few times, so maybe she wasn't really super comfortable with the whole date-escalation thing. I told her she should let me know if I'm too close in her space and she said she would. I asked her to go for a drive again but she didn't. So we talked maybe another 10-15 or so and I said "let's go for a walk. We can go for a drive if you like otherwise (... we can call it a night) " and this point she's already answering and asking me if I'm okay to drive (after 1 drink) so my voice kinda died down as I finished the sentence... Why the fuck am I writing all this pointless crap?

Anyway we went, got there, held hands and had a beautiful kiss. I invited her over and she didn't accept so I drove her back and had a quick make out. I was so turned on by the way she gave me her tongue! sexy as fuck.

Her being awkward did make me feel a little awkward and uncomfortable at times, like her pushing/asking for pointless details. I dunno if she was just testing me or If I feel a little tired and slow tonight. The first cafe was chill, the bar was a little tedious, and the lookout was quite nice too.

She called me intense and strange many times. When I was about to kiss her I was thinking "should I kiss her" and in those 3 or so seconds she said "you're being intense!" so I just pashed her csause I knew i fucking wanted to. I thought I could be a cunning maestro and invite her over without kissing her cause it might be easier to pull yada yada something I read online. First date bang recipe. Actually maybe I SHOULD do that. It was just, in that moment it felt so wrong NOT to kiss her. ahhh

same bullshit different day

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6/6 -- Tuesday
Nothing really, opened a girl or two on campus
Got one facebook though she hasn't accept
Texted 2 of the girls I went out with from last week. Both are busy

7/6 -- Wednesday
Texted the girl I went out with on Monday. She replied saying not interested in another date.
I replied saying all good, but can I borrow you or 5 minutes on campus so you can give me some insight in some challenge/experience I've been having. Then I'm gonna get her to give me game advice.

I cried a little when she text back saying not keen. Cried because I felt frustrated, from all the energy and heart I've been putting in and not getting out what I want. The good thing at this stage it is IMPOSSIBLE to quit, I physically nor emotionally CANNOT quit nor turn back. Thankfully I am the point where I learn and progress almost effortlessly, and I automatically push myself without trying. I am also having way more fun. Thank for a) learning effortlessly b) automatically pushing myself c) having more fun d) gaming effortlessly. COMMIT to this SHIT man. GO out MORE NIGHTTIME

It's also fascinating seeing signs of my physical frustration. My neck keeps turning away from my studies and stares at every chick, or even FOOTSTEP that walks by. I stare at every girls bum I walk past. I'm sure this will fade. Day 7 of no fap when I wake up... I will get to 60 days this time. No fapping even if you have blue balls.

Opened a girl in the supermarket. Married.
Opened 2 more on campus. Went direct on one. Should've used a statement of empathy "I know this is pretty direct" she was wearing tight fucking clothes you could see her tits through the top and i wanted to RAVAGE

Sat in a cafe for a cup of coffee and noticed a group of 3 girls. Sat across them maybe 5 metres and started studying. Noticed that one of the girls was one I had opened last week. So I called her on the phone and then cut it of when she didn't answer. She said "oh its a missed call!" and then started telling her friends the story of how I had approached in the library. I sat for about 3-5 minutes there listening and even looked at her in the eyes but she didn't notice. I walked the couple of metres over, clapped and announced myself. All 3 of them were fucking surprised! 2 of them left so I was with the original girl and she was giving me (partially horrible) advice, partially decent though not useful!

Join the yoga club
Go out and get smashed and try your luck
A coffee on campus would be better, I don't really know you for a drink.


I asked her out again so I'll text her next week but fuck it, no hope there.

Ended up going out for about 1-2 hours by myself. Thankfully I've been eating 5k calories a day so I spent a shit load of time on the shitter and I started my night out with a nice shit in the bathrooms. I went to 2 clubs and danced. First club I approached one group but the guy said they were from out of town so I kinda left. That and the girls were not giving me any attention, probably 2 couples.

Next club I hesitated a little to get the right timing / be direct on the first woman. She was hot af. I followed her out to the courtyard thingie and just spat more game. Shes also from out of town, so I wasn't fucking interested. I left telling myself it was all good and that it'll all fall into place.

Approached 2 girls and talked for 30 seconds but left -- wasn't into them. Was mainly just dancing by myself and with rands. After maybe 15 minutes it started to get busier -- around 1230am. A girl smiled at me and I smiled back but didn't open cause she was with a guy and I didn't wanna waste my time.

I stood half a metre away back to back and waited, wondering whether to go back to the 2 girls originally or open this one. I just chilled for a few minutes nothing really going on and realised i should talk to the smile girl. Effort 3/10. I tapped her on the shoulder said hi and to dance but she didn't. I somehow grabbed her friend really smoothly and spun her and danced and some chit. ooh maybe the friend was a little hotter.

Anyway smooth transition into dancing with the first girl and she's French. quickly pull her out after a song for fresh air and I'm sitting right next to her spitting my game. My lighter was stuck in my pocket so I never got it out on time to light that bitches cig! We sat for time length of 2 cigs so maybe 20 minutes.

Compliance test -- kino and dance; -- come outside with me -- give me a few puffs off her ciggie butt.

She was giving me spiritual advice not to "intellectually understand the moment" but to "feel the moment"... apparently I understand it but do not feel it. I don't disagree with her, but I AM feeling the moment (on a day to day basis more and more). Take all my possessions, clothes, connections and home from me and you bet you're fucking ass in a week I would be strolling around as confident as ever...

Asked her to go for a walk, asked for number nope nope. Goodbye and I am bouncing from the club to go home. 3.10am , time to meditate and play guitar...


What I did good : positive self talk, everything was effortless, had some fun dancing, kept opening, was high energy, moved the girl got physical, made sexual talk about 3 somes and fucking girls / fucking guys. To be honest!! and fuck I only notice this now; I should've added in some sex story or increased the sexuality! Why did I move the energy backwards -- I said "what's something crazy you've done" and then I totally brought the conversation down when I could've should've pumped it harder and spoke SEXUALLY.

Not fear. That was me a year ago. I just didn't respond to the moment appropriately

Be grateful for your struggles. See the growth in your struggle. I remind myself of the people in Auschwitz and what they would've felt for years and years. If they can survive and thrive after going through this, I can take on any fucking challenge.

Did a 527.5 total today -> 185/112.5/230. I really fucked around and did reasonable volume today, and I feel relatively fresh, 527.5 is not a true total max.
Attempted 195, fail. Definitely had 190, coach says i would have done 195 had I not gone way deeper than necessary! I definitely had more than 230 on the deadlift. Let's say I was being strategic today then 195/115/240 = 550. On comp day? I'm sure I could get 5kg more of my bench press with in the next week, it's flying up. Add in another week of 5k cal eating and we could be looking at 200/120/250 or more...

4 hours of average quality study.
There are so many game texts I want to read and inner / self development books... Enough to fill 50-100 hours of reading and note taking, not to mention all the action to synergise it.

Was driving home and rapping about game. Might as well spit game to spit game?

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7pm tea date with girl from choir.
745pm walk around night market for 5 minutes. Open 2 older woman.
They invite me in bar. Sit down, put my hand on her thigh. She moves it away. Do some light kino but not sure what it implies

What I could've improved on : I wasn't sure if the woman was married or had a partner of sort. She told me she had a 20yo son. I should've been straight up
genuine and asked "so you are single?"

830pm ish approached a girl sitting in a group. I should hang around that bar there, easy to open sets and it's sociable.
Girl has bf. Hung around with the group but I didn't like them. I find it fucking hard to genuine like most people to be honest.
They invited me to go to the next bar. I didn't wanna go with them so I said no. I wanted to go home

I eventually get to my car after opening a few more sets including some girls in McDonalds.

1030pm I try to go home but it's not possible. The gravitational pull to go into town is too strong. So I go to some club, dance with some random drunk chick.
Some of my wings bump into me there. I have to leave cause i feel hot. Walk around, end up going to more and more bars.

by 1130pm I fucking crashed and felt like I was dying and really wanted to go home. But I simply couldn't. Like physically I could not get myself
to my car and turn on the engine to leave. So I stayed out for another 2 hours, not really wanting to be out either.

It was kinda like being stuck in two places at once. I wanted to let go and leave but letting go was half leave go home as you're desire is null;
and maybe 52% was stay out and keep going 1 more set 1 more set. The last girl I approached I said "hey, I just want to make sure I talk to 1 more women before
I leave" and she accepted that and anyway shit's fucked as

What I did good: stayed out longer than I wanted to, to ensure I am following through and achieving my goal no matter what it takes
those early sets with the Milf, the first bar set were really good and smooth.
Positive talk always, never said bad things about myself
Pulling the girl into isolation, even though it failed I was taking initiative and not pussying
Asked the last woman to come home with me before I finally went home.

What I could do-and-see how it goes:
Dance more, escalate more on the dance floor as opposed to isolating her in the smoking/outdoor area. Pump her up consistently and then pull.

What I will work on: capturing the group as a whole could be interesting (as opposed to just chatting to the guy or girl next to me),
I mean I can do this but if I really focused on it? ie story telling

Making sure I step by step my escalation when necessary as opposed to skipping a few steps (be more sexual is not the issue anymore, I am sexual enough)
CONNECT more.e

My mind naturally pesters me about failure. The positive outweights the negative, but I tell ya the negative I do experience is PAINFUL.
I tell that voice to GET THE FUCK OUT AND DIE

Last 2 hours of the night were pretty fucking painful.

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Field report 14.6

Meet up with a***** around 1015pm. FIrst time he has come out with me. We went for a 10 minutes walk then to a club, another club, a bar; and I ended up going back to the original club.

First club -- used some gesture to open a girl and we started dancing. A* wasn’t getting in on it so I grabbed his hand and joined their hands together. That was good, getting my student involved in the action and not giving them a chance to say no.

Later got into a group of girls dancing. I wanted him to join but he wasn’t taking the initiative and I looked at him and nodded my head in the direction, but since he didn’t take any action I didn’t push it any further.

One of the girls was pretty cute, sassy and confident but they left. Nothing happened. What did I want to do / what could I have done? I am not sure to be honest.

I could probably calm down my dancing and not be hyper active all night. But apart from hyper activity not much else.

We went to the 2nd club; the only other one really going on a Wednesday. Danced a little, I tried to get into some sets unsuccesfully. Tbh I don’t really enjoy the vibe as much in that club. I guess it’s going to be my challenge to keep going there and FIND A WAY to get into the clique and pull.

We left and went to a quiet chill bar. We sat there talking for about 20 minutes talking about one of his past relationships. I think I asked him to approach the girls sitting at the adjacent table but he didn’t. So I went up to them and said hi; just socially, and we sat down with them. Chatted for maybe 20-30 minutes (it’s hard to tell time in game sometimes…); I was letting him do most of the work. I hinted at myself that I am a little wild by the cops knocking on my window at the lookout story; though I didn’t give the details why.

They had finished their drinks and we our soda water, and I asked one of the two to come play pool. I then start asking them to go clubbing but cut it off when I processed that she was going home. Anyway we left the bar together and said goodbye at the entrance/exit.

What should I have done? Asked for the girl’s fucking number.

Me and A walked back to my car and he left. I stayed in the first club for another 30 minutes.

One hot group with one girl I had glimpsed at last night for 20 minutes. At first I was like “this girl slutty as” but then I reframed my perception “this girl wild as”. I joined into their clique for a second as she and her friend were pulling fingers at each other. The wild af girl then put her middle finger against my face. I soon after my finger in her lips.

A couple minutes later I tried to re-open by asking how many people she lifts a day -- turns me on for multiple reasons -- but she and her crew were leaving.

She was actually pretty intimidating with that confidence and her arms *looked* bigger than mine lmao.

I danced with another beautiful woman, but it didn’t go anywhere.

I tried dancing with some chicks in a group but not much. I went to the outdoor area and saw them outside on the street chilling. I convinced them I could squat them. So I went on the street; ended up squatting one chick on each bicep ATG and the bouncer went mental at me. He let me back in but with a warning “this is a night club not a playground or a gym”. I stayed for another 20 minutes and left, a little tired of this high energy bullshit. I wanna just go to a bar sit the fuck down with my ice water and seduce.

Went home

Did well by being spontaneous with the finger pulling and sticking my finger in her mouth. I did well by getting Alex to dance with that girl by joining their hands together. I did well by opening those chicks in the bar, this shit is gonna be so easy and fun when I’m alone.

I did good by observing the difference in atmosphere. In a lower energy place like that bar you can’t really just bounce around if you’re getting blown out everywhere. But if you’re making good vibes and you leave of your own accord, THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER. I think I pull this pretty off at some of the bars on Party St #2, I’ll open, stay and socialise and If I don’t like the set I’ll bounce my ass elsewhere to another cove. That way I have like a base and it’s clear I’m giving good vibes :D

Made some observations about how to wing randoms. Ie some guy standing next to me really spoke me up “wow can he lift haven’t you seen videos of him” haha I was thinking legend. I’m sure after all these little experiences I’ll be a much better wing myself.

One other thing -- decided to take a break from no fap for at least 2-4 weeks. It’s just causing me pain with no real direction at the moment. I’m probably gonna get back into it soon enough though, but having that sexual calmness is just NECESSARY at the moment, necessary for focus and concentration. I’m already sexual as fuck and fapping will calm that down a little and help me control it. I should also be able to focus a bit more in studies / my dreams; because I won’t have the URGE to glance my eyes and my mind around every 2 seconds, instead just every 2 minutes (or better yet every 2 hrs :D )

Have started practicing an even higher degree of gratitude in my life; every morning when I wake up. I’ve come to realise that I am grateful for somethings; but there’s a lot more to be grateful for than I have been up to now. Thus I will work on that. I also want to start spending a few minutes visualising this subcutaneous cyst disappearing so that I kick some fucking ass with front squats.


Opened a few sets on campus. One was pretty babe, she likes to lift (squat) and play contact sports; and she was dancing. Haha fucking babe.

Powerlifting comp in 2 days; all that aggression channelled inside me is just going to EXPLODDDDDE on the day.

Because of the comp; not sure if I’ll be able to make out this weekend; but I’ll definitely be going out 2-3 x weekly after my exams (night game) and I’ll also day a day game session once a week on sunny day. I’ll have to listen to music and improve my singing while I’m wandering around DGing - hopefully i have some new friends as I aspire with this.

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16.6 -- Friday

Went out for about 2 hrs this afternoon. It was a nice change vs going out at night + I can't go out tonight anyway. First hour was pretty dead but then I remembered this one spot I went to and it was pretty good a few months back (only been there once or twice)

So I hung around and sung to improve my singing and for fun; always be doing something better than meeting women. And I opened a few sets in the park. It was kinda a place people just walk through to pass through. I could open girls literally 30 seconds one after the other. Pretty much all the girls were on their headphones, but I just point and signal them to take it out and ask them what they're listening to and ask if I can listen. It always works.

One gave me her number and suggested late next week; a second one gave me her number and agreed on Tuesday and said it was a dare. I've been working on my text game so I said "enjoy your hot stretches ;)" cause she's going to hot yoga. A next one she asked me to get coffee cause she was in a hurry, so I left her my number; fourth one I didn't wanna approach cause I wanted to get to campus but I ended up doing it and she also took my number. She asked me if I approach lots of women on the street and I just nodded yeah and then she said it's your thing? "yes"

The second girl also asked me if it was a dare; I said "this is not a dare, this is a lifestyle"

It seems night game and fapping recently has improved my vibe HEAPS!

What i did well : when I went out I didn't chase at all.
I was chasey during this first interaction when I took out my dog for a walk around the block; seeing 1 hot women in 2 weeks where I live lol; anyway I was being chasey as fuck with the way I talked. The good thing was that I realised and it was consciously aware of it as I was doing so it was kinda like
"salsifter you're chasing you do realise?" and I zone out from my thoughts and afterwards I was thinking "good man! you took notice this time. eliminate that"

Another thing I did well: my perception is changing for the better. My mindset and words were congruent when the yoga girl asked me If I just hang around and chat up women I said "no, that would be a waste of time. I'm chilling, improving my singing and if a girl walks by I talk to her" [that way I'm bettering myself, living my dreams and meeting girls...]

I was quite genuine and humble

Could've persisted / pushed one of the girls a little harder; she was the one who seemed the most emotionally appealing to me.

Bumped into a girl I went out with 2 weeks ago and we chatted and I made her walk me to my car.

One day I will jokingly answer "what do I do? I do this" "no like what do you do for work" ... "and how do you know this isn't what I do for work?" with the knowledge that my answer is serious :D

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18.6 -- Sunday

Didn’t go out last night as I had a powerlifting comp in the day and I was pretty tired, not your usual day, so I let myself make an excuse and not go out. Also I was meant to study but just ended up playing guitar and working on my tinder game.

Went out opened approached heaps of women. First 2 felt really fluid in really really sparkling and presented. Ended the day with about 2 numbers after 3 hrs. Winter dg sucks.

Some chick was parallel parking behind me as I was on my phone in my car and I honked at her and rolled the window for her to come down. She told me she does dance school and I told her to dance and got a Salsa song on my phone out. I think it took her a moment to process what was going on because she changed her mind, and started video recording me leaning against my car. I asked her out and she said “if you find me” and left to do her stuff. I left her a note with my number and “if you are bold and dare for an adventure or a dance” number …

Off to campus at 6.30pm now and starting study 24 hours later than anticipated….

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20/6 -- Tuesday

Exam. Opened a girl in library. Fb-close, not too sure about it though.
Walk + approaches; heaps of blow-outs. Felt like I was tired and it was my vibe.
Hooked a girl at the park but I wasn't really attracted to her. I think that park is a brilliant place to meet women I'll spend more time there! We went for a coffee.

I half felt like I was wasting my time cause I wasn't into her; but i was making good practice on my seductive vibe --- I listened to 60 yoc audios for the first time, got through about 3 hours of listening yesterday thankfully. It's all stuff I pretty much know but it's being reinforced and I really spent time just being seductive.

I got her number and we parted ways, and 2 minutes later I met a girl at the pedestrian crossing, quickly I kissed her hand, soon my arm is around her, and 5 minutes later we kissed. I could see her lips bouncing like she is ready for a kiss, but I initially went for the cheek "it's too early to kiss" in my head. And mid way through I moved towards her lips. I could feel she sensed the 5% unease in my initial hesitation, so it was literally just a 1/2 second peck. What I did well

- I had my arm around her neck at the end
- I told her we were going to go out (not asked) and I said yes and put out my phone when she "are we?"

What I could've should've done:

- I said we were going to get together for a night out. I should've asked her to meet tonight (I already told her I was going to the gym then home, so I didn't wanna back out of that); however I should have said "I'm gonna go to the gym, but instead of going home let's meet up" I really should have gone for the same night close. Alternatively I could have said "yo leave your stuff and I'll go to the gym later tonight, let's go back into town"

I kissed her literally infront of her house. However she is only visiting from another city for 2 weeks. I wanna get this level of game CONSISTENTLY and with LOCALS. I WILL.

- when I know I'm not into the girl, bounce. Next time I will do this. I was just playing it safe cause my date flaked on me a few hours in advance and I wasn't hooking any other girls in the last hour. She was sweet though but I honesty cbf with this shit, I wanna hot girl; if she's hot and sweet even better. I'm just not that into the interaction if I don't find the girl attractive. Fuck.

- I also thought I freaked a girl out and she didn't catch my approach, like I just came to close to her from the side/behind, cause she crossed the road right away and pretty much ignored me. However after a moment I processed this and she kept swaying left and right along the foot path, probably not too focused where she was walking and she probably interpreted the moment as that she had bumped into me and that I was probably putting my hand out to signal to her to move / not walk into me; rather than stop. I know it's a really minor detail but these things add up, I missed out possibly for this reason.

Wow how many possibly and probably did I use in that? haha!

Night game needs work. Man I'm on a facebook group and after 3 years these guys are pulling like 100 girls. 2 years of consistent pick up; quite serious about it over the last year and I feel I am either not learning at the speed or I was doing something wrong. No room for dat, just room to move forward. Good thing I am going out now and reading materaials.

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Took same guy out briefly. I got 3 numbers on the street. Opened some girls in a bar as we walked past.
No reply from any of the numbers. Girls at the bar one gave me her number saying she'd be keen on Salsa dancing. We talked for about 30 minutes or so. Fake number... They like fucking ran off when they left..
Didn't learn anything. Should've gone for the hand caress. I made an excuse justifying that we were in a group and not 1 on 1


1-2 more numbers, no replies

Friday,Sat -- Nothing

Sunday 25/6

Another number, an insta date with an insta model. Went for the hand caress awkwardly. When she told me she was in Thailand for a boob job I should've told her to show me later. Good thing : I was rather non - reactive the whole time. Cool, what do you do as an insta model. Cool. How many followers? 400k? nice
I wasn't impressed or anything, just interested. She told me I was the boldest guy in Wellington and that guys in NZ don't approach her where as they do in the states. Got her number but I'm not too hopeful about it going down. I'll flick her a text in a few days and suggest "you me and a bottle of wine"

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(to write about)
hot choc finish calibration
jumping the gun on the umbrella set
being egotistical about approach

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