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Share your in-field experiences: what worked and didn’t work, and what you learned. (THE INTERNET DOES NOT COUNT AS "IN-FIELD")
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Re: Salsifter Journal

Fri Dec 23, 2016 12:19 pm

23/12 -- Friday
Woke up around 130pm, just been at home all day
Did a few approaches in the super market
Been pushing up my "age limit" and getting myself more comfortable; I did not however push the interaction far.

Spent a lot of time rading "the Game" and a few other things...

Re: Salsifter Journal

Fri Dec 23, 2016 4:38 pm

I read that you were stepping out of the game. I actually recommend stepping out for a bit if your other areas in life are lacking. Doesn't hurt and it seems like you got the hang of things so you can get back on the horse whenever you feel good and ready. No worries bro, just go with your gut and devote your time to what needs to be attended to. I'm rooting for ya!

Re: Salsifter Journal

Sun Dec 25, 2016 10:37 pm

Merry Christmas Mr Assertive ;)

Yeah it's been excessively draining me recently, I'd rather forgo a few extra opportunities, days, or weeks in the game then end up loathing myself.

Hope you get up to some wicked shit over your holidays


At the very least I'm going to stop reading about PUA, stories, articles; and just do it naturally. There's like ... an information overload. All that was definitely getting to me.


OTOH a 13 year old family friend kid recently wanted me to help him out and take him out to go meet girls. Haha what does that say about me :P Christmas Eve was not conducive to his goals

Re: Salsifter Journal

Wed Dec 28, 2016 2:38 am

26/12, 27/12, 28/12

Went out on 26th and the city was empty; I wish I had gone out during the day it would have been a gold mine!

Am going to go out today (28th) and see how I go, around 430 or 5pm. Was hoping to get out by 2pm but oh well.

Re: Salsifter Journal

Wed Jan 11, 2017 7:08 am

Went on a little road trip, been spending more time, hanging out with same girl from last month. I told her I'd be inclined to be seeing other girls.

Have been working on completely eliminating procrastination from my life and
Have been cutting weight and training very seriously

Here's a few approaches which haven't yet fruited but I thought were mention worthy

10/1, Tuesday
I was going out to pick up an item in a suburb. After that I got back to my car and went round to do a U-turn. There was a lady heading in my direction on the opposite side of the road. By the time I did the u turn she was on my original side in her. I honked at her, waved and crossed the road to introduce myself. I told her we would be going for coffee and she left me her business card which I have texted and she then provided her personal number. I'm keen to see this get to a date.

I went out Salsa dancing and noticed an older lady, probably about 10-15 on me. At one point she was passing by and I pointed her and beaconed. She called me reckless and at this point my game took a very interesting route. "Is that a statement about my dancing or my personality" "well it was about your dancing but I guess it would probably be the same for your personality" "yeah you had that look on your eyes" (Idk how that came out) and she was a little confused but kept talking.

Afterwards I asked her to dance again but she wanted to go outside. Perfect chance to isolate. She didn't say yes or no so I repeated something like "you didn't answer whether you want another dance or not" (forcing a yes or no) answer

I let her go and went to get my stuff to go home. Didn't even think to push that. I then decided to go to her and she had just came back inside. We sat at a table having a glass of water and talked. I grabbed her hand to caress. Neutral signs, no moving away but no reciprocal engagement. I cut it off after about 5 seconds. Turns out she is from another city, I asked her how long she is staying so we could go out for a drink. She said something like "you are too young" and I said "are you insulting me?" with a slight smile (probably too serious) and again once or twice I made statements that said "you didn't answer the question" ... once she told me i was too young I said "yes but I'm reckless, you like reckless right" and I swear I got a slight smirk out of it...

but in reality the nerve endings in my brain were a little detached and not quite clicking in the correct places to get a pull; after not having done any game seriously over the past 3 weeks, thought it was definitely interesting to see the way my game had spread its roots in many directions and I felt a "glimpse" of game to come, and I could feel myself improving throughout the day rapidly, like a giraffe learning to take its first steps.

11/1 Wednesday
I was at a store buying a bit of stationary/pens the other day. A cute blonde working there was making eye contact with me. I held it a few times for a second or two, but didn't say anything. I tried to see if I could get her alone for a moment but decided it would be better to pop by another day. Today I parked up next door and went in and she was alone so I talked to her for 2 minutes. I felt an "invitation" just by her body language, and it seemed as if she was relieved I had come back to talk to her. I only made the conversation very brief and asked her when she would be finished to go or a coffee. 430pm, but has to go home. She asked me to leave her my number and I did and said "I hope to hear from you" ... on 2nd thoughts now I feel I should've also grabbed her number at the time.

Unfortunately due to diminished energy levels from my cut recently I haven't been as productive so going out as often I cannot justify. I just slept from about 6-730pm now before writing this.

Re: Salsifter Journal

Fri Jan 13, 2017 12:49 am

thought I'd check in
12/11 Thursday
Did a PR on squats, was completely drained and lacked motivation the rest of the day so I just bummed in my room literally ALL day. Jesus christ. Had the weather been good I told myself I'd go outside but I wasn't even too productive at home

13/11 Friday
Catching up on tasks I should have done yesterday, will be seeing same girl

Re: Salsifter Journal

Thu Jan 19, 2017 11:07 am

14/11 -- Saturday

I know I had that coffee date with the random girl from the car; but It never lead anywhere. I wasn't really attracted to her personality.

I know if I held out and tolerated and didn't try to pull her too early I may have been able to get a second date when she had more time and go for the pull; but ultimately it probably wouldn't even be worth it

Actually on second thoughts; I might try getting myself "talking about sex" earlier on and I might be able to see a sexy side in the woman I am with... Anyway, maybe I'll text her and see if she is kinky hehe.

15/11 - Sunday

Approached a few sets; wasn't super focused. Got a number from a girl with a bf and set up a date but she bailed.

16/11 -- Monday
Pretty sure nothing

17/11 -- Tuesday

Did an hour of wandering to meet girls; no success. Made like 6 sets and was blown all out. I should've gone out a few hours earlier (not 6.40pm, more like 4) esp when the weather was better. For fucks sake when will I pick good times for day game? ha

Danced with quite a few new girls. Asked one out and we set up a time.
(Texted her on Wednesday 18. She said she was working til 8pm? I said how about 830 or 9pm? No reply. Unfortunately she did text me weirdly phrased and I couldn't fully understand if she had a gig or was having a gig at 8pm, so I may have suggested an impossible tie. Anyway... fuck it)

18/11 -- Wednesday

Went to a free dance class, then I trained some parkour in the street. No real approaches. Met a girl at the dance class.

19/11 -- Thursday

Asked girl from dance class out when I saw her today. She said maybe.

Made like 6-7 approaches. One Supermarket MILF approach instantly rejecting me for my age. Finally met a girl in the park and we talked for a few minutes before I brought her out for tea. I then escalated the vibe, had my hand on her thigh and went for the mutual caress. She did it but then moved away quickly and continued talking.

We talked about interests and I told her i like to dance. A minute later i invited her to the other room to see something cool and kept it a surprise; then I started to dance with her. We were getting closer and more intimate; but like a horny bitch; I shot for the kiss a little too early. I then went for it again 5-10 minutes later and stole it. GIVE not TAKE ! Scoreboard : -1

The vibe was getting fun and I just wasn't able to maintain that sexual vibe while making things interesting. Sure we'd danced for like 10-15 minutes but to bring her back down into conversation I felt now was a little unfeasible. So we talked for another 5-10 and I invited her over to mine to dance. At that moment I was thinking "fuck I shouldn't have kissed her. It may have bumped my chances for a pull"

So I suggested we go down a quieter side street and practice with the music on my phone. We ended up coming across 2 other couples dancing (WTF?) but made our own spot. Throughout the whole time I just felt the tension fading. She had her lips centimeters away from mine but it never happened.

Later we joined them. We'd been there for probably an hour on the side street. We parted ways and I tried to kiss her but got the cheek. I made her evening "magical", but I felt like I could've made it more magical ;)

TAKEAWAY points : don't take, GIVE. The kiss, even if feasible; is not necessary, not until she's fully turned on anyway. Don't kill the vibe


I started to walk home and noticed a babe. She was catching the bus. I found my card and hopped on the bus. I scanned it but it was out of money (I specifically brought it along in case I need to hop on a bus stop to follow a babe a stop or two LOL), so I told the bus driver not to worry. He insisted I come on; so I went on for free. I sat near her and said hi; then it turns out it was one of those girls who had rejected me (probably multiple times) at university. I felt awkward and wanted to get off and just keep going home. But I had passed a stop or two in the other direction; and I was nearer to the social dancing.

So the way life draws me in; I pulled myself to the dance floor and made some social dances; practiced the things I had learnt last night. Asked that girl out.

I then made my way to the train station; spitting game as I strolled.

I was walking down the carts and noticed a girl so instantly hopped in that carriage. I talked to her but her English lacked. We spoke a little Spanish and I asked her out for coffee. She said no since she doesn't know her time schedules and is probably busy. I left her my contact details wishing I had actually gotten hers and hit her up periodically.

Got off the train and noticed some dude leaving too. I then approached him (and in my head talking to random dudes to share a laugh or befriend them is called "picking up dudes" ... You know you're deep into this game thing at this stage) and exchanged a short convo; I didn't learn much about him but he seemed young and lives down the road, so I exchanged numbers and might stop at his place (number 3 house) some time.

Re: Salsifter Journal

Fri Jan 27, 2017 1:09 pm


Wow shit I forgot to post!

I've spent so much time out / picking up and not really sussed anything tangible like a date or a pull; but OTOH I have genuinely been learning HEAPS, which I am thankful as fuck for.

I'll skip 20-26 since it's way out of my memory

27/1 -- Friday

Went out around 3-330pm. Did about 10-12 direct approaches by 6pm before I was tired as fuck. May have sussed a date for tomorrow and got a girls number with potential hang this weekend, though I'm not gunning on it.

I also stayed in set after a few girls told me they had boyfriends, some another 10-15 minutes later. I did get one's number to hang out, another girl I didn't explicitly offer to exchange details so I kinda fucked myself there cause she seems cool. Also I don't give a fuck if they have boyfriends, I will go there.

I did a few night time approaches on the street, even going direct to a girl infront of her friends. I've nailed it down and I'm pretty smooth (last week I said "hey guys i think you're friend her is very cute" then turned to her) and I'm pretty much nailing the intro.

So I started going to bars, I promised myself I would work on my night game, in venues not just on street. I promised myself really really hard.

20/1 -- Bars (recalling)
went to a bar, bought coffee, approached one set. Nothing. Quiet bar of girls, ego bruised. Got ebook and read.

later went to another bar and approached one set of 3 girls, ended up escalating with the MILF (damn I'm getting confident escalating in these non date settings, and with others around, and with older women! something I would not be able to pull off 2-3 months ago!), she rejected me. I was predominantly social; just trying to be comfortable approaching in bars... after such a long time.


again in bars after my 10 day approaches.
I went to one sat with girls, started talking. I felt a little awkwardness and had a quick flash back to the past where I would just freeze up and leave or feel awkward. Now I just kept talking and talking randomly not letting myself be in my mind; and it turned out a little better. No real success.

I went to another bar (actually club) and hit on one girl, but I was really up for conversations.

Walked down the street hit on a chick and she said "what do you have to offer" this is where my sexual frame was not en pointe) I hesitated for like 15 seconds then said "how do you like being pinned against the wall and taken from behind" and she told me I wasn't that type of guy. Anyway in my mind I was like "maybe maybe not but that's the guy I wanna be" so we ended up going to a bar and she was probably a little drunk. Anyway I've never bought random girls drinks in bars; but I did this time for the reference.

She told me not to be such a hard ass for buying a drink. I listened to her a little and she said "but I'll still let you fuck me" and we talked briefly about how many girls I had fucked "about 15" and how many girlfriends I had "none" at that point she's like you must be really fucked up etc etc being 21 no gf etc etc, and I admitted to her I had been seeing a girl for the last 2 months.

At that point she went cold on me and moved her leg away from my hand etc so it was clearly going haywire. We had a little pointless debate about how I'm doing bad things to women etc etc and she went to go get a cigarette at the nearby table.

Letting things unfold in front of me and not judging them I joined and start socialising with the guys. She wanted to fuck someone and I presumed it was not going to be me. She went off to dance and I chilled for a few minutes and caught a good eye of the girls around the bar. I went and approached a group of 3 directly.

I was pretty proud of my courage, (which feels so natural now in these last 2-3 night sessions), knowing a few months ago my psyche would have crumbled. All this was going well. I just ended up being social and being a little kino-y with the girls but I didn't really escalate it far. And then I remembered in all this learning experience in doing bar game; that I didn't really take into consideration logistics. Oh well.

I had still felt very chill and natural socialising with these classy females and I felt like I was winning the friends over.

At moments I had to remind myself man-woman interactions are normal (such as when I had my arm around the girl); I thought to myself "but aren't her friends watching" and all I told myself was "yes, and it doesn't matter"

so these 3 Danish woman were leaving city tomorrow, and I was glad to meet some classy, intelligent, confident and (1 pretty physically attractive) woman, even though I didn't pull.

I felt like I was re-learning the whole process of game, previously being really uncomfortable in such a night time setting; but at like a 20x speed, I could just feel myself getting more comfortable every minute a laugh was shared or a smile had; and I'm sure I'll be pulling consistently on a weekly basis in the near future.

At one point the original girl came over and she said "oh talking to these girls" but my body was just on overload I did not give my mind any attention to react so I pretty much ignored her; instead of stopping to think for the best choice I just acted.

The only thing I regretted was not inviting the 3 women over; perhaps a small chance; but it is kind of bullshit to have the belief "everything is possible" and then you go into this situation, consider inviting them over but then telling yourself "it's not gonna happen"

The other mistakes I made I cannot regret, for they are lessons learnt.

I will be a great seducer.

My endurance is vastly improving; I was in set for most of the 6 hour total session; boy was that long. Previously I'd never really done more than 3-4 hours. I learnt heaps, pulled none and only feel more encouraged, clearer and quite happy

Re: Salsifter Journal

Fri Feb 10, 2017 11:17 am

up to Now :

I went out with a wing; didn't achieve much. It was interesting hearing about his mindset and seeing how he smoothly opened sets. He was more about having fun.

I also went out with some guys; it's given me an actual insight in having fun trolling and not being super serious.

Thought I'd post a few sets :

3 Swedish girls, 3 of us

Open set asking them what they're doing (massage) ask if we can get one. The other 2 guys troll a little. Some highlight points :

I got us all to put our hands in the middle of the circle and say 3 2 1 (...) ( like a cheer) and wing1 AK says "to getting laid tonight" <-- sexual comment

I also told on of the girls I train power lifting .So I squatted her, she squatted me. Later I benched her and dropped her on my chest for a quick hug. Later I held her on my bicep/shoulder and then spanked her.

I was too concerned about logistics and thinking it's either tonight or never (leaving in 2 days) anyway I had a friend coming over to mine tonight...

I don't know what happened bbut we didn't even attempt to pull them and we sat for a good 40 minutes. 1 girl was hot, 1 girl was hot but had a bf overseas, 1 was uh not too hot.

We were all each focusing on one girl.

It was really beautiful experience...

... All my physical escalation is now 100% effortless and 100% confident.

I messaged my wing DK and told him, we must pull every single outing.

Yesterday (9/2)

Opened a few sets. Warmed up on a grandma/girl couple. These days the mom and girl or family sets are warm ups haha.

I opened a 7 set and addressed 1 girl saying I thought she was cute. I think my opener was dynamite, good and getting them all hooked. However I need to make sure to focus on the group a little more and then go for the isolation. If I have 6 girls standing around and I'm talking to one 90% predominantly... well it ain't going in my favour. My wing was nearby , CK, but he said he wanted to let me do it alone. All good

I opened another girl in a small parkish area a couple hundred metres away. Talked for 5 minutes, she said I was deep haha. I also started escalating. I asked when her lunch break was over (30 minutes) so I said "just enough time to get a coffee" and I said it assertively and led...

Funny after we got the coffee we sat nearby down and I noticed the girl from the 7 set eyeing me up for a moment tee hee.

Left 30 minutes later got her number and said to go for a hike on some Sunday (her free days) however I don't remember what she said whether she can do this Sunday or not. I texted her today (10/2 but no reply)

I opened a few more sets; one Asian girl whose number I got and I went for another insta date but no success -- so hopefully on Sunday a game of pool in the afternoon. Got her number.

Opened a few more sets; asked where the bathrooms (I emulated and believed in my own spontaneity) chatted and got to know about the woman and her interests. Said she should come dancing in a few hours; but she's not keen. Got her number to go for coffee; hopefully on Saturday... Texted her 10.2 but no reply as of today. Will flick one tomorrow when I go out. She told me she only went along cause it was spontaneous etc etc; and same in her text. She also asked me if it was a dare, I said no.

My reactions weren't on the 0.5 second level so I missed opening a set about 20 seconds later around the corner haha, I should've though. I'm going to turn my 0.5 second reactions back on.

Went to the toilet opened another girl....... and here goes... whole set lasts 3-4 hours

Talked to her she's from America, I opened direct. We chattered and I convinced to come play pool (even though it's hot and sunny I would't mind chilling inside for a while) so we play and I start saying subtle sexual things like "the way you swear in every sentence is kinda hot" and god finally the sexual talk is improving haha slowly but it is! we sat down and talked on the couch, played a little game with pen and paper. I picked her up physically. She also told me it is difficult to pick me up, but I said I'll do it anyway and laughed...

we went to a park played a bit of cards. She let me kino like hands on hips, thighs, calves, even her bare feet. God damn she was a little feisty and in touch with her masculine side (slightly tom boyish and a deep voice) but she was gorgeous and still incredibly feminine.

We walked to my car then and I drove her to the beach. We bought some snacks sat down and chilled I played a bit of guitar. She was impressed with my whole effort picking her up but she didn't accept my pulls. I pulled multiple times but she wasn't having it.

It was sunset and I was driving her home. We got in the car and I said "so E----- , it's been a nice day but I want the adventure to continue. I want to take you home and smooch the shit out of you, through you against my bed and (something something...)... I want to fuck you (and I said this part quite awkwardly haha) and she laughed and said "don't say i want to fuck you" ... now I think it was a little poor game in my delivery; not necessarily the "i want to fuck you" but that I didn't put my full heart into it... what I meant to say was "i want to take you home smooch the shit out of you through you against my bed and fuck your brains out" ....


Drove her home and I knew it was over, and at this stage I couldn't help but break it to her that I was out approaching girls yadda yadda so I spent the next 20 minutes talking to her telling her about my picking up "career" haha; kinda killing the vibe, but meh no fucks given. I had to tell at least one girl about how I like to pick up.

I told her it was cool she didn't wanna come over etc etc, but I was a little sad for some reason. Anyway I took her home we talked in my car at the front of the hostel and parted ways. Take care girl! Added her on facebook incase I go to the states lul.

What did I learn ?

Emulate spontaneity if necessary. Make it spontaneous even if you're out to pick up girls.

I felt the whole set lacked a bit of vulnerability. I'm not sharing enough emotional details, I was more surface. That's okay; but I need to strike the balance. I used to be more emotional but I seem to be lacking that a little, I'll make sure to add in elements. I know how to

My physical escalation was interesting -- holding hands touch her thighs, caressing her hand, touching her neck; but it never really felt mutual (like it did on insta date #1 from today) and it kinda reached a point where I had to slow it down big time. Maybe cause I escalate so fast now days? lol

I should keep working on my sexual comments making sure I have a unmistakable sexual flavour. There are 2 outcome with me; because I am sexual : we will end up having sex, or one of us will walk away.

3 numbers to follow up, a long ass set with this American girl who has left the city now and a pocketful full of experience and knowledge from the day.

Here's something I might try next time : instead of asking her to come over I will grab her hand and say "let's go back to mine"

Re: Salsifter Journal

Tue Mar 21, 2017 12:38 pm

22/3 -- Tuesday

Salsifter's trying to get back into business in terms of writing these reports. He's been busy getting laid with 2 girls and approaching women with not much success. Been approaching tons and it's just been shit over the last 3-4 weeks (after a really good 4 weeks or so)

I laid 3 girls in february; none in January, especially after new year it had been pretty quiet.
None in March, I spent a good 2 weeks feeling a little drained / under the weather when uni started, following a streak of bad luck in terms of getting dates/lays in the first week of March and last week of feb.

I had 2 weeks in a row where I had 4 dates sussed (1 new each time, 3 repeat)

My self esteem also took a little hit as some of my lifts dropped big time during my cut; though Salsifter is eating like a pig now and his lifts are going up and so is his game and testosterone.

I've approached maybe 10-15 girls in the first 2 weeks of uni on campus which is pretty chill. I've been getting to uni late, been tired; and I've been finding cute girls unattractive recently.

However I'm not getting laid enough so I did an exercise where I sat at the library and I would just look at cute girls that I would normally approach but haven't been recently and kept saying "yes, yes I would" "yes" etc.

I've also been getting emotional pains from all the rejections being on campus in the past years but I am telling myself to be present. I also feel like my training hasn't reached it's norm yet and therefore I don't quite feel normal.

I have a coffee meeting with one girl tomorrow. She was telling me she doesn't want a date; so I texted her saying I was seeing other girls anyway.

back into it


Opened a few girls on campus. 3 girls no success.
Sat in a coffee shop reading drinking tea; opened a 28yo American girl; hit on her after a couple minutes got a little sexual; but it turns out my logistics aren't en point. Leaving tomorrow at 11am means leaving the house at 630; not ;EAVING THE HOUSE at 11 as I discovered when I tried to bounce her; so she left at 9pm and went home. We had a great connection and she was sexy, so I was disappointed. Well disappointed that I didn't know what I was doing.

My goal is to just lay more girls from uni, at least 1-2 a month. I haven't laid a single girl I've approached at Uni that actually goes there in the past 2 years but my game has increased very much over the summer, and my game has improved HEAPS since about last September; most of which has been time off actually.

Re: Salsifter Journal

Wed Mar 22, 2017 10:32 pm

22-3 Tuesday

Approached another girl directly on campus. She left me her number saying keen to meet up but texts me next day saying wants to "focus on uni" ... ah

Went out with other girl for coffee and a little walk. It was pretty chill. She's laid back and passionate; I'd love to get kinky with her or even just get to know her. I felt pretty sharp, confident and aware of my surroundings and the moment. What could I have improved? Maybe I should've asked her an extra question or two about herself over the course of the hour; or maybe I could've formed a little inside joke, yep that would've been good...

Had a date with the regular girl from December; I don't have a good feeling about it continuing much further...
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