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PostPosted: Mon Jul 10, 2017 2:07 am 
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salsifter wrote:
(to write about)
hot choc finish calibration
jumping the gun on the umbrella set
being egotistical about approach

damn 2 weeks no post! Anyway I'll quickly write about thse

Hot choc finish calibration -- about the insta date I had, I noticed she was finishing her drink and had a little nerves going about her. Plus the conversation was quite sexual. I should gone for the quick pull and bounced her.

Jumping the gun on the umbrella set -- honestly can't remember what this was about. Probably something about raising objections too much, ones she probably wasn't even thinking

Being egotistical about approach -- I opened a woman while I was in the pizza store waiting for a pizza. She was in her car. I remember saying some shit about "how often do you get approached while in a car" or something like that. Basically, I was being an arrogant motherfucker and feeling entitled simply for approaching a woman, which most guys don't do.

 Post subject: Re: Salsifter Journal
PostPosted: Mon Jul 10, 2017 3:06 am 
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Okay, what else for the last 3 weeks? I'll make a quick summary of some dates, some pulls, and some outings


27/6 -- brought an Asian girl home
Quick tea date, getting comfort, invited her for a drive somewhere, then back to mine.

I put a blindfold on her in my driveway and made her guess what was in my room etc. I threw her on the bed etc. I then fumbled around looking to put on music or something and she took it off, probably a little weary. Should just kept escalating.
No worries. Later we are cuddling / kissing etc; and I keep escalating. She tells me she doesn't do hook-ups. Stop for a few minutes and re-initiate. Bring her hand towards my cock. She stops and tells me there's something I need to know about her. She doesn't believe in sex before marriage.

At that point I took it seriously and stopped. Kissed a little more but took her home soon after. Offered to hang out as friends

Bad: Not too much really. Coulda been more smooth with that blindfold.

5/7 -- Wednesday

Met girl at 2pm. I opened her last week in a clothing store and got her to leave and walk me to my car. We chilled for about 15-20 minutes. Got her number.

Okay we met up and I said I parked my car in a quick park again. I stopped to get us takeaway coffees and we drove off to the beach. Walked, held hands etc then I invited her over. Listened to a song and started kissing on the second.

Got her shirt off and sucked on them Korean tits. Didn't let me go for the pussy. Stuck around for an hour and a half and I offered her a ride home.


to improve: a couple days later I read an eBook suggesting to go for the pants before the shirt, panties come off easier if no shirt is on. Wasn't super passionate nor super horny.
Needs more exchange of emotion rather that information

semi-bad? : I gave her a chocolate bar that I bought at the super market. This + me suggesting too many plans (like 2, maybe 3?) for us to hang out again could possibly come off as a little needy. I didn't actually give her the chocolate bar but her English isn't perfect and she probably interpreted it that way.

We were meant to meet up 2 days later but she texted saying she couldn't. She replies slow as fuck, taking a whole day or more to get back to me. Hopefully meeting up this week. My text game isn't real sharp, it's pretty much 95% logistics, should be adding an emotional spike here and there; or at least try it out. Get those good emotions flowing in again.

9/7 -- Sunday

Went Salsa dancing. This one is quite a unique situatin so read on.

I bumped into a girl I hadn't seen in a year. She was quite attracted to me tonight from the offset, probably partially because i had gained a fair amount of muscle too. She was sexy as fuck and a very cool but slightly flamboyant and ditsy in personality.

We met a 1.5 or 2 years ago and kissed briefly. She started calling me out as a PUA etc and that I was building rapport then leading her elsewhere. All this magical insight. I wasn't able to take it further at the time, due to lack of experience, confidence or just lack of comfort between us. After that I was probably a little overbearing in my nature every time I bumped into her (of course i was simply doing the best that I knew) and she started to ignore the fuck out of me all of a sudden. I'm not sure if it was about 3-4 months later, or even a year later; and we were at another dance party where we just kinda locked eyes and she accepted my dance.

That same night we went out to a club and for dinner. I went to her house that night and we hung very briefly. A few days/week later we hung out once more and she started to go cold af. She blocked me on Facebook and called me an asshole after I messaged her a dance video, LOL.

A year passes and yesterday I bump into her unexpectedly. I go to say hi to my friend/acquaintance but she brushes in and takes it as a sign I am offering her attention. We warm up to each other over the next 30-60 minutes; and it seems she has no re-collection of when and where we had hung out, and she seems to be under the impression we are or were quite good friends. Hence the ditsy, silly aspect to her. I'm a little cautious around her as she seems to like me and then hate me after I see her...

Anyway I confidently invite her over to mine and she follows me in her car. We get home and I make her a quick bite and we go to my room.. I try to kiss her but she starts talking about her dating/love life. Against ditsy as fuck but I still like her. She's trying to friend-zone me but kinda wants me. I get closer and touch her / hold her and cuddle. Seems she doesn't want to kiss on the lips so I kiss her tummy, proceed to the neck. We are cuddling etc and eventually I get to her tits. The pussy is a no go...

I wasn't really that hard either. There were brief moments but they didn't last long. I rubbed her pussy through her jeans but nothing less clothed than that. Again she told me she felt bad for this dudes she went on a date with earlier in the week (18 vs 25 age LOL) while I am kissing her tits. She's a little confusing. I also told her I was a little skeptical about her but that I did like her.

She slept over and I was edgy as fuck, could not sleep. Didn't lift nor did I exert my mind, and I was kinda used to going to bed at 4am not fucking 12am. It was very hard for me to lay in bed in peace without the feeling of some serious exertion. I got to sleep around 630 and got up at 1130. She left around 545 and I asked her to meet up later in the week for a bush walk or just to hang out if not. I left her my number.

This girl sounds a little bit like a player, but she's pretty confusing so I can't tell. She was also calling me a player and a fuck-boy herself. I denied it initially but didn't want to fall into the boyfriend-zone so when we discussed fuck-boys and players I made her a little doubtful. If you're reading this somehow, I am a player; in a positive, not a negative way. Also funny how she called me a "game-expert"

Some point in the morning I told her she was beautiful, and I dunno, there was something so pure and heartful about expressing that.

I genuinely could not tell if this girl liked and desired me; was just curious about who I was and what sort of game I had or whether she was just looking for attention and validation. Hopefully she texts me and we'll see how it goes, would be nice to see her again, hang out and bang and connect more; but OTOH she seems rather unpredictable so I'm not concerned with investing energy into her.

What did I do well? Leading her back to mine and going for that first kiss was a little intimidating just knowing how the girl has responded to me in the past, so I did well.

What could I have done? I want to do the pin to wall kiss upon entering my room. It wasn't possible due to her carrying food in the room.
LOGISTICS - I should also get a fucking better heater or a second one, it takes 3 hours to warm up the room in winter and it's still cold. Honestly should have done this a month ago.

What else? At times I was a little uncomfortable opening up with her and having deeper conversation. I felt desire for her, emotional and sexual; but not without some internal resistance. I didn't feel as super smooth as I normally do, but I'm not really fussed about it, it was a really unique experience.
Being edgy while she was asleep. It was just the luck of the draw, but me hopping in and out of bed to eat, to read, to drink water, to cough etc could also be a turn off to her. Quit masturbating.

Last 3 girls over it's been sexual stuff but no sexing The 2 before that led nowhere. FML lol, this is tragic

Other outings:
Date with a girl I street approached a week later. She had a bf lmao. She does powerlifting a little so I offered to give her some advice / train her a little. I would really really love to train someone, doesn't matter who, as long as they are physically capable.

Tinder date that same night, brought girl for a drive to the beach at night. Was hugging her a little from behind, went for a kiss. Next time I will time the kiss better so that I am looking into her eyes. Fuck it, in fact, next time I'm just gonna for the neck if I'm in that position. I took her home and she's declined to see me again. I did talk about lots of weird shit and sound like a bit of a loner, I don't know why I was in that state.

^^^ possibly something to do with the fact I've been reading heaps of tinder game on Facebook, and I fell under the impression no social pics = no life. I don't wtf went on, but I must've tried to manifest that. That or it was just a weird date.

Did 25 approaches one day, 10 numbers (1 facebook 9 numbers) met up with 2 of the girls, about 8 of them I was keen on, 1 other had a bf 1 was a lesbian so I actually never hit them up afterwards. I was fucking disappointed about that MILF texting me back say she wanted to meet but then never got back to me and now it's been burnt to the ground. Fuck, I was really keen on that MILF, like the last one... FUCK!

Very good endurance, did about 20 approaches in less than 3 hours, on a week day. Never really gone above 15. Kept myself quite alert and enthusiastic. Good thing I've been working on my self esteem.

I got a number at the gym the other night from another MILF, but I'm not too hopeful for that one. I got a few more numbers recently, Indonesian girl, German girl, French girl; 1 was more solidified as we hung out for about 20 minutes; but yeah I'm not really hopeful for any of them so I'll just go out and meet more girls in a day or two.
Actually I did take the French girl for a coffee and a drive the other day, and I feel she may be keen to meet again, though I'm not sure how sexually comfortable she is. She was resistant to me putting my arm around her lower back, but then so again was the one last night initially yet she came home with me.

Did see a poster about a guy doing some sort of seminar on approaching members of opposite sex, am gonna call him up today and see if we can get in touch.

Haven't been attending night game recently either due to exams. Fuck!
Did go out a few days ago and I felt pretty shy and awkward initially. I just bumped into different friends and spent time with each of them. I did have one solid opportunity to approach a cute looking confident looking girl who was smoking with her friends outside, but I bailed at that point in order to get into the bar. FUCK! I worked on my winging with one of my mates, he was a little drunk; but I was just focused on being the best goddamn wing I could be and get the girl's friend to get out of the way and dance with me.

Most of the night was just easing back into night game and not taking myself too seriously. I'm FUCKING ADAMANT RESULTS WILL COME. I will make it LIFE OR DEATH that I go out and do some night game every fucking friday or Saturday. LIFE OR DEATH. I was improving heaps for about 4-5 weeks prior to my exam period but then killed the momentum a little


I also read "How to make Girls chase" and "Mind Power"

Squats have been up to 385lb 10x3 (175kg). Going to hit 180kg soon as. Going to hit that 500lb squat soon as fuck too, I should be capable of an easy 450lb squat right now.
Lifted pretty much 21 out of the last 23 days; even did 2 session once. Hence why I wanted to train last night when the girl was over...
Hardly been spending any time playing guitar though, been so fucking hard to find the time and balance it in..

I also took a week off meditation during my exams, and it ended up being about 3 weeks and I haven't gotten in to the routine of doing it daily yet. This of course will be sorted immediately

I also decided to start masturbating again. That and extreme training and maybe my dick hasn't been as hard lately. It's kind of weird, cause I'm under the impression jerking off has relaxed me a little which has helped me pull; but on the other hand perhaps the change in my natural behaviour may have made it a little harder to translate those pulls into actual sex with girls. Anyway, I am also giving that up too. I thought I could masturbate every other day or only once a day; but I've been unable to keep that promise to myself in that last 10 days; so I'm just gonna go cold turkey. I was staying at home the other day to read and I just ended up jerking repeatedly since I wasn't out.

I've also deactivated my facebook. Actually crack up, I added a girl on the train and her bf messaged me saying to leave her alone. Dafaq is the chick's problem? But yeah it's just an energy drain and using it is pretty much only mental masturbation; all I do is to message friends about lifting and chicks.. -.-

Also a little disappointed in a 1 out of 5 phone number to meet turn out. I'm gonna focus relentlessly on improving that ratio to 1 out of 3 at least, using my srs MIND POWERS

# Bullshit over.

 Post subject: Re: Salsifter Journal
PostPosted: Wed Jul 19, 2017 3:11 pm 
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Mon-Fri didn't approach any girls, took a deload week ;)
Fri - report to post
Sat - Didn't go out
Sun - some DG, however no fruits (1 number, gonna hit her up again and see how it goes, failed to get a response yet)
Mon - some DG I think. Shit weather. Late at night. Not too many sets.. Nothing
Tue - wanted to game! didnt get time! Had a date ! Need to write about this
Wed - a few more sets, 1 number. Nothing worth writing yet.

(I write this at 6am about 5 days so bear with the shitty writing)

So I didn't talk to any girls Mon-Fri
Didn't even really leave my house all week except for to lift
Went to choir at 5.30
Hung out with girl from choir for a few hours, checked out a salsa party but it was dead for me
Wandered around, hit up a house party with a bunch of acquaintances; left very shortly after
Funny timing cause I was gonna go to my car and look for parties to crash

I am very fucked from all the training I've been doing and I barely feel alive
Went to a few clubs/bars; getting myself to open 1-2 girls per venue; so I got to about 5 or 6 in total, I wasn't really forcing myself
Made a new buddy, guy who said he recognised me from high school

Anyway, was walking to my car to call it a night, and literally 10 metres from my car some redhead sheila is walking and I jog up to her briefly and say hi
"Hey what are you up to"
"Oh I'm going to get food ... wrong way blah blah"
"blah blah blah... I'm going home, would you like to come home with me?"
"I love how straight up you are. I'm not gonna come home with you but we could do something else"
"Yeah let's go get fooed"

and she hops into my car immiediately without me even gesturing or saying!

we drive around and she gets a slice of pizza. I presume that she's vegeterian, find out she's Peruvian (same name as a peruvian chick I got with) raised in Canada
likes to dance etc I quickly seed a "favourite place" question (not even neccesary to do this imo, but it doesn't hurt) and we go for a drive there
I'm thinking quick comfort then take her home ASAP. Logistics aren't in my favour to bring her back home, but we make out etc in my car

And suddenly my sexual confidence comes back to me. A few recent failures, a "taking confidence for granted" in general attitude, and jerking off probably
decreased that confidence in my up til this point. I tell her that she's being turned on and that she wants to fuck me. I tell her to kiss my neck ...
I don't remember doing that with the last 2 girls, and it reminded me of the pulling days of Nov-Feb where I was smooth af.

She tells me she hates me, I tell her that hating me is good, cause it makes for better sex. Unfortunately she's on my period, (6am I'm sorry i write it like that)
and says sex is not possible and she won't suck me off. Maybe she took it out when she went to pee, I'm not sure; but I told her to take her pants off when she came back
to my car so I could feel her legs. I told her I wanted to be inside her. Eventually she resigned and we fucked in the car, uncomfortably.

I never came and it was difficult to stay hard in such a position. I also found out that front isn't that good for fucking. I'm glad I tried it, even though it wasn't
ideal, cause now i won't have to wonder what the front is like. I should also clean my fucking car so the back is tidier... and those bananas don't rot!

anyway the bitch didn't even offer me a bite from her pizza!

Blood sweat and tears and pussy period juice pops up onto my hand after sex

all in all, I'm faithful that I'll see her in a few days for dancing, and we'll make proper love. She's only here for 3 more weeks.

Sexually confident
Pushed myself to go out alone
Bonded with some cool dude
Opened sets despite tired af and not feeling it
I WARMED UP when I felt I wasn't capable of jumping into it. I simply said "fuck it I'll just go get rejected on purpose to feel more comfortable approaching"
and it tremendously tremendously helps
I persisted with the girl in my car cause she was quite resistant to sex
Told sex stories / fetishes etc to arouse her sexual mind
Didn't display signs of neediness (good!)
Step/move back to let her make a move

Could improve:
Coulda talked a little less at times and been a little more smooth at other times by not looking or laughing weirdly
(I laugh heaps. I think it's cause I'm tired)
Get into pick-up mode faster.
Get more comfortable picking up in clubs as well.
Get more comfortable opening a girl who is with a group in a club. Ths one is pretty hard for me here. Bars tend to be easier
Making use of frames from pitch anything?

Okay, now TUESDAY

Met up with the same girl. Took her to salsa, vibe between us wasn't high.
Midway through she told me that she didn't feel like hooking up tonight and that we weren't gonna have sex. I was trying to re-route logistics and see if I could get a chance to be alone with her for any other reason, ie to hang out and chat, watch a movie or play a board game; and use that chance to get in her in the mood. You can't say you're not in the mood for the rest of the night just cause you're not in the mood now!
I was a little logical and a little sexual. I just decided to leave after that. I probably would've stayed for another 2-3 dances since I had felt a little drained anyway.

She said had I taken her out for a quiet drink it may end happen, but the salsa was just too chaotic and loud and of course we're not at the same skill level.

Anyway here were my key fuck-ups:

TOO GAMEY and not straight up!

We were going to meet in the CBD but I suggested I pick her up and I did. Well I tried to use that opportunity to pull her before we go out; but something went on. I think it's cause I SERIOUSLY overthought it beforehand. I wasn't able to get her back in. As we were driving away she said you could've just texted me that.

Honestly, I don't know what the fuck happened.. Probably not straight up enough. Honestly it bothered me a little

I didn't even fucking MAKEOUT with her when she hopped in my car! Fucking awesome way to set up a friendly vibe and fuck it up

I won't even both taking out a girl like that without a strong emotional connection. I thought Salsa would make a connection, but honestly I shouldn't have mentioned it. Should have kept quiet, met up for a drink at her place and fucked her again (though I did agree to Salsa before I fucked her lol).

Then fuck a girl multiple times, like 3 times, before considering taking her out.

I did my UTMOST to be non reactive. Infact I was quite non reactive but deep down I felt like I was on fire. I was really looking to this date and to getting laid, I dunno; it was really on my mind non stop; not having been laid properly in about 2-3 months and then having fucked her. When I left the bar i was literally on FIRE fucking raging. I went for a 6 plate (260kg/573lb) deadlift that night around 1am; didn't break it past my knees though.

the BAD thing was that had I kept a COOL HEAD, I could've gone to the girl I had agreed with to go for a cup of tea from the week previous, me and her were meant to go tonight. FUCK I only realised this an hour later. CONSIDER YOUR POSSIBILITIES! A cool head and maybe I could've pulled elsewhere even!

I met another girl briefly in the park at 1130 and we had a quick instadate, I just wanted to get the bailing Peruvian chick off my mind.

Lots of mental energy invested in this girl tonight. Too horny too excited, no other options.

Good things : perfect blend of banter and flirting, not talking too much, being enthusiastic in the dancing, giving her some space at the bar to dance with others and enjoy herself, didn't feel I displayed too much neediness externally; although internally I still felt lingers of it (that's bad, but the good list needed to be bulked up)

Needless to say, I cried for like an hour afterwards. If you're reading this, Miss S from Peru, I was crying cause of experiencing lots of failures recently and this stacked on top. Not cause of this rejection.


1 number. Bumped into Peruvian chick on the street while I was chatting up another girl nonchalantly. Lol. Exchanged greetings.

Donated plasma.
Feeling more resilient, stronger and more determined than ever. Feeling hungrier with the weights and for the girls. Willing to push myself to new levels of discomfort again, far beyond yesterday. I experienced a serious personality change this afternoon. Despite feeling like shit last night, I still feel waaay more confident about going out alone and pulling.

Opened a boy-girl set in McDonalds. Good job.
Was very self amusing and laughing the whole 60-80 mins I was out

Started adding in 100 pull ups and 10x10 calf raises (at 100kg minimum) to my DAILY routine. I'm going to

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