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Hi everyone! I am Leor and I had been reading this forum for a while now and have decided to start writing about my game. This post will serve as both my introduction and my diary for in-field game. I will start by saying that I am a 24yo guy from Spain living in Napoli, Italy. I didn't kiss any girl until I was 18 and the first girl I kissed became my girlfriend for 4 years, so when we broke up I realized I was a 22yo guy with a lot of knowledge on how to treat a woman and be a boyfriend but with zero experience in attracting women. So I started reading books about pick-up, specially Mystery, and watching videos of him and other PUAs. At the beggining, even if I had the knowledge, I had a lot of problems with approach anxiety and I found it very hard to approach girls I didn't know, so I didn't have a lot of success.

This changed a lot when I met this greek girl, I will call her L. She was very beautiful and I liked her a lot, but I was totally unable to generate any attraction in her. Which actually was for the best, because we have since become very good friends and I have learnt a lot of pick-up thanks to her. It is really interesting to have as a friend a girl who is so open to talk about sexuality and attraction, and who gives you insight into the girl's perspective. Also, she has even taught me to dance a little bit, so she really has improved me a lot :lol:

I still am not in the point I would like to reach with my game, since I still have problems with approach anxiety in some cases, and I think too much before kiss closing and not pull the trigger (although in the last months I have become an impulsive motherfucker :lol:). My strong point is that, when I start a conversation and reach a hooking point, I am very good at having an interesting conversation and generating attraction, and physically escalating from there.

So I will start my Diary by telling the story of a night that happened some months ago but I think reflects my game style perfectly. I was back in Spain for a week to visit family and friends, and L (she lives there so we see each other every now and then) told me she was meeting with some of our common friends (we have a very international group, which is quite interesting, but she is the only decent girl) for a drink in a bar and some clubbing. So I joined them, and as I arrived I was surprised to see there was another pretty girl with them. She was a blonde HB7, pretty eyes. I am not that much into blondes but she was cute, so I thought I might as well give it a try.

Turns out she was another greek girl that L had met 2 weeks ago and had invited to join us. Since I was the last to arrive, I was able to read the whole situation easily. The other 3 guys (total AFCs) were paying a lot of attention to the girl, and she was clearly enjoying the attention but not interested in any of them. So I decided to do the complete opposite. I had not seen these people in 3 months so when I arrived I hugged them all, specially L, and introduced myself to HB7. Immediately I started telling the guys about my first months in Napoli, introducing a couple nice stories to make them laugh. All the while I talked looking at my friends but not at the HB7. At a certain point she tried to make a comment in the middle of my story and I just ignored her. I did this because I knew that she was trying to gain back the attention, since she had been the center of the attention before I arrived and wanted the attention back to her. So I denied this by ignoring her and continuing my story, demonstrating high value. After I finish my story I negged the HB7 a couple times about things she said (things like "L, I don't think I like this girl...." or "HB7, you are my 5th favourite greek girl. I only know L and you, but you are definitely the 5th", always with the cocky-funny tone).

After a while I separated from the group with L and we sat on a couch. A weird thing with L is that we are always very very physical with each other, with a lot of hugging, kisses on the cheek and general touching. This tends to confuse people into thinking we are together but we don't give a fuck, and actually it helps me up my value having a beautiful girl touching me all the time. So I was talking with L on the couch and at a certain point she left to go to the bathroom. In that moment, HB7 came over to talk to me. I gave her room on the couch, and even if it was a small couch and there were 3 chairs in front, she sat with me, so we were basically leg to leg (IOI). We started talking and she started making a looooot of questions about me (IOI).

One thing that is very important is this: once a girl is already attracted to you, she will try to build rapport with you, and they normally do that by asking a lot of questions to get to know you. In that moment you have already finished the attraction phase, and it is important to realise that, because if you keep working on DHVing and conveying high value, you might come off as too cocky or over-confident and she may actually lose interest in you. So I toned down my cockery, even if I teased her every now and then, but I basically told her about me, honestly, and in turn asked her to tell me about herself.

While I did that, I was quick to establish a strong frame in which I am a very touchy person and continuously escalate phyisically. In this case, it helps me that the HB7 has seen me with L, because my frame is congruent with what she has already seen. So in the first 2 minutes I high-five her 2 or 3 times, every time she says something funny or something I like, every time holding her hand a little longer. She responds well, so I escalate further, and in around 4 minutes I have my arm around her and she is leaning into me (IOI). I keep repeating Mystery's motto "Lean back, lean back, lean back" to myself.

Another nice trick I have for reading a girl's comfort is to go speak at her ear and then lean back away from her while mantaining the same low tone in my voice. If she is comfortable with being close to me she will lean into me when I lean back, if she is not she will stay in her place.

So the interaction in the sofa lasts about 10 minutes, and after that, L comes over and I include her in the conversation, so I don't have more 1on1 interaction with HB7 until we leave the bar to go dancing. In the 10-minute walk until the club, the two girls are talking alone (about me :P) and I am with my friends ignoring them. When we get to the club, L comes and says:

L: Hey, my friend says she really likes you!
Leor: I know 8)

I basically repeat the whole routine I have done in the bar: I start by dancing with L, very close and grinding as we usually do. This is very good because she is an excellent dancer and she makes me look a lot better than I actually am. Also, dancing with this beautiful girl ups my value again and establishes a frame. Then I stay a while with the guys talking and doing stupid things. In about 10 minutes, HB7 comes over and says:

HB7: Hey I saw you dance with L and you are a good dancer!
Leor: Actually I am not, but since you are so polite you may teach me.

From this, I read her vibe while dancing and it is very clear she is down to close. So I start my typical dancing kiss close routine. First I spin her a couple times, grinding a little bit. Latin music is very good for that if you have a little sense of rythm. Then I pull my reading move. Since I have already spinned her, she expects that, so the next time I stop her mid-spin, with her back to me, and get very close to her, grinding and approaching my lips to her neck. This surprises her, and if she is attracted, arouses her. If she grinds back and stays like that for a while, I know it is on. In this case I was not able to finish my routine because the HB7 actually launched herself at me and kiss closed me :lol:

So the party continues with me making out twith the HB7 and L going around dancing with some random dudes. At a certain point, my 3 AFC friends (who had not approached a single girl) decide to go home, so I am left alone with the two girls. Then they play a particular song that I always (ALWAYS) dance with L. It is kind of an inside joke/ritual. We have danced that song together so many times we almost have a coreo, and we look fucking amazing dancing it :P So she comes over and steals me from HB7 to dance the song, but after the song she keeps dancing with me and I see a different intensity in her and how she touches me. I was stupid here and I should have pulled the trigger, but I thought that I could mess up things with two girls in one second, so I did nothing. I didn't care about the HB7, but L is a long-time friend, and I felt I might make a big mistake by misunderstanding her intentions, so I did nothing...

Anyway, the rest of the night was very fun, with me making out with HB7 and ocasionally dancing with L. This made HB7 want me more and become more bold (I fingered her in the dance flor :lol:) and made L be even more sexual, so at no moment in the night was I bored. Around 5 the party ended so we left. And in the street came the best moment of the night: while we walked I had my arm around HB7's shoulders, and L came to me and hugged me, so I put my other arm around her. So there I was, a guy who a year before was unable to attract a single girl, having his arms around two beautiful girls. Actually a guy walked by and said "There are some lucky motherfuckers in this world". That feeling alone was worth all the reading and practice I could make.

So we get to L's place and she says if we want to come up for a last drink. I know L, and by reading her I realised that if we went up she may go for the threesome. My mind was going crazy, and then...

HB7: I don't think so, I am tired so I think I will go home.

My balls dropped to the floor. From a possible threesome to not f* closing in one sentence. I couldn't be that lucky in the end. In this moment I made the second mistake. I tried to go away with HB7 and convince her to bring me to her place (I stay at my parent's place in Spain) instead of sending her packing, going up to L's place and fucking her until sunrise. They say you learn from mistakes, but I doubt I will have this chance again with L, it felt like a one-time opportunity. Whatever.

So the night didn't exactly end up in the best possible way, but it was a really fun night. I will try to post some other field report in the next week, I will be glad to receive any comment or advice from the more experienced guys in how I could have pulled the threesome.

Thanks for reading! :)


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